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As an elder of the Ji Tribe, Chen Xiang was responsible for all the affairs of the Ji Tribe. When someone came to make trouble, he would definitely take action, he was already prepared to take action. www.xstxt.org

There were more than fifty Wolf Knights, and they were all skilled warriors. In addition to the wolves they rode, their overall strength was not weak.

And out of the thousands of people in Ji Tribe, there were only a hundred who were comparable to these wolf-riding warriors. If they were to fight, the casualties would be very heavy.

"Ji Ding, I never thought that you would really be back! I came to see you today. " A middle-aged man riding a giant wolf came out, holding a long blade and pointing it at Ji Ding.

Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan were both surprised. They thought that these Wolf Knights knew that they had killed more than ten Wolf Knights earlier.

"Even if you want to find me, you have to follow the rules. To barge in here so casually is a violation of the rules. No matter what your goal is, I will treat you as an enemy." After Ji Ding finished speaking, the warriors of the Ji Tribe immediately surrounded the Wolf Knights.

Ji Ding did not care what the other party's intentions were, in short, this method made him extremely angry, and he also decided to strengthen his defense. The great door of Ji Tribe was actually smashed open by someone just like that.

"I've come to find you to propose for my son! My son is the number one young warrior of our Zhou clan. He is too strong in all aspects. When he took a few women, he was tortured to death in his bed! And in our entire clan, only Ji Ding's daughter is a female warrior, and even more so the daughter of the clan leader, she is an extremely good match for my son. " The middle-aged man said, "If you agree, I will give you two hundred thousand kilograms of beast meat as compensation for invading your place."

"And the following … I will give you another one million catties of beast meat. "

"Wishful thinking!" Ji Yuelan scoffed, "Your son is not a human at all, just let him mess with the beasts!"

To be able to torture a woman to death in her bed, the women here all felt a kind of pain. It could be seen how brutal the son of the Zhou clan leader was to women!

"Zhou Lie, leave two hundred thousand kilograms of beast meat and you can go back. Our daughter says that she won't marry anyone!"

How could Ji Ding not know what Ji Yuelan was thinking at the moment? Even if he was blind, he could still tell the feelings Ji Yuelan had towards Chen Xiang.

Zhou Lie was the leader of the Zhou Clan and was extremely powerful. Today, he had brought a group of people to propose marriage, and the conditions he offered were extremely generous, to be rejected. This made him extremely angry, but for his son, he suppressed the anger in his heart.

"Ji Ding, I am only doing this to continue my bloodline. Amongst so many tribes, only your powerful daughter can take on the burden of my son. You need to be clear that after all these years, your Ji Tribe has become much weaker under the command of Ji Yun. Are you sure your Ji Tribe can beat us? " Zhou Lie said, his voice full of threat.

Finished, Zhou Lie bellowed, only hearing waves of wolf howls coming from outside the Ji Tribe.

"We have two thousand Wolf Knights outside, but your Ji Tribe only has five thousand soldiers, and your warriors only have two thousand. So, there are only a few hundred strong enough warriors."

"Don't tell me you want to sacrifice the entire Ji Tribe for your daughter?" After Zhou Lie finished speaking, he looked at the young warriors around him. "These young brats, will all be killed because of this."

Ji Ding clenched his fist. This was indeed a big problem for him.

"Zhou Lie, even if our Ji Tribe is destroyed, we will still kill all of you invaders. No matter how strong your Zhou Clan is, without you as the Clan Leader, we will be utterly defeated."

Many warriors gripped their spears tightly. As long as Ji Ding gave the order, they would immediately attack.

"Clan leader Zhou, your son is too weak to be worthy of Yue Lan." Chen Xiang suddenly said.

"Are you the elder of the Ji Tribe? There are only so many ways for someone from another realm to defeat Ji Yun. I'm not afraid of you. " Zhou Lie sneered: "You only know how to win people's hearts. I am very clear about your situation in the Ji Clan.

Chen Xiang's Storage bag s and such had already been distributed to many warriors. Many people in many tribes knew about it and were very envious of it.

"That's what you think! That's right, let's return to the topic just now. I said that your son is too weak to be worthy of Yue Lan. As the Great Elder of Ji Tribe, I also have a say in Yue Lan's marriage. " Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Yue Lan is an outstanding female warrior of our Ji Tribe, she is also recognized as the number one female warrior by many tribes. You have admitted this yourself, so her requirements are very high."

"What right do you have to say that my son is not worthy of her? My son is recognized as the number one young warrior among many clans, and is very compatible with her, isn't he? " Zhou Lie pointed his blade at Chen Xiang: "Tell me, in the end, what do I need to do to be worthy of Yue Lan?"

"At least he's stronger than me." Chen Xiang said.

"Stronger than you? Do I have to fight you? " Zhou Lie raised his eyebrows. Since Chen Xiang was able to kill Ji Yun, his strength was definitely not weak.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"You have a lot of tricks up your sleeves. When Ji Yun fought with you that day, he probably wasn't prepared for it, and might not be in his own state anymore either! Moreover, to be able to see a person's strength is not only based on their strength, but also their intelligence and other abilities. " Zhou Lie thought for a bit, and when he said those words, it was clear that he did not want his son to fight with Chen Xiang anymore.

Ji Yuelan was very clear about Chen Xiang's strength, so she was not worried, but she was secretly happy, because Chen Xiang was standing up for her.

"Then how do you think we should compete?" Chen Xiang said.

"You have been here for quite some time. You should know how important animal meat is to us tribes! If you want to compete, then compete in terms of the speed at which you obtain the beast meat, and even more so, obtain it all by yourself. " Zhou Lie said, "The reason my son is publicly recognized as number one is because he has hunted a lot of savage beasts."

"No problem." Chen Xiang nodded, "Let's just compete in this... But before we begin, you have to leave behind two hundred thousand kilograms of beast meat as compensation. After all, you have invaded our Ji Tribe. "

"Exactly, if you don't compensate me, then don't even think about walking out of here." Ji Ding also said loudly, on this point, they definitely could not back down, if not they would be terrified.

Zhou Lie snorted angrily, and then roared loudly. A few giant elephants dragged a few large carts of beast meat inside.

Ji Ding walked over and stored it in his storage ring. This made Zhou Lie's eyes burn with envy.

"Now, can we talk about the compet.i.tion!" Zhou Lie said: "My son will definitely be stronger than you!"

"You'll know if you want to compete. Anyone can say it." Chen Xiang laughed: "Your son is definitely here, why don't we start today, how about it?"

"Hunting beast?" Zhou Lie said: "That won't do, you have that storage ring, my son can't compare to you!"

How about this, your Zhou tribe has a great reputation. You can mobilize the other tribes to build a beast battle arena, and then you can go catch some powerful savage beasts with the other clan leaders. Then, your son and I can compete with the savage beasts in the battleground. Chen Xiang said.

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