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"It's hard to say! This place is called Primitive Land, and can be said to be the initial state of Natural Law World and Heavenly Evil World. The reason why I didn't think that it would be sealed away and preserved is because I'm worried that after Natural Law World and Heavenly Evil World are destroyed, this world will still be able to continue on. " Yuan Feng said.

"Then how long has this world existed for?" Chen Xiang felt that not too long ago, because Ji Yuelan had mentioned it before that she was still very young.

"It's hard to say. There are no laws of time here. Even the people here sometimes pa.s.s by in a daze or die from generations. In short, it's hard to say what the situation is inside here. It's best to leave here quickly." Yuan Feng said: "I heard that there will be situations where the world will be destroyed. That means once the humans here have evolved to a certain degree, it will be easier to trigger the big destructive formation."

"Then this place will be destroyed by powerful forces, and then from a new seed, life will flourish once more. The purpose is to ensure that this place is in a primitive state of disappearance! "

Ji Yuelan had said it before, it seemed like Ji Yuelan and the rest of the humans would gradually leave the Primal Chaos Dimension. At that time, as long as they managed to trigger the array inside, they would be able to recreate it.

"According to my observations, the humans here know that they live in the Primitive Land. This means that they will reach a certain level very soon. They will be able to evolve very soon and understand how to refine pills." Yuan Feng said: "Of course, the reason they evolved so quickly is mainly because there are people from other realms like us here who are constantly here, and the primitive people here are extremely skilled in learning."

Chen Xiang had a deep understanding of this, Ji Yuelan's learning ability was extremely fast, and was extremely easy to learn as well. If he stayed with for a little longer, he would definitely be able to learn even more things.

"Then how do we leave?" Chen Xiang's words caused Yuan Feng to sink into silence, and even he himself did not know how to get out.

"What about you? Do you have any plans? " Yuan Feng's smell.

"Of course there are. I intend to take a look at the most dangerous place. It is said that there is an extremely powerful savage beast in the most dangerous place. I think that it is the source of energy inside, which is why powerful beasts are born." Chen Xiang said: "But I need to become stronger before I can go, otherwise it will be very dangerous."

"That isn't a bad idea. The savage beasts here are extremely powerful as well. I met some before, and it took me much effort before I managed to kill them." Yuan Feng nodded his head: "So, you still have to continue refining pills, right?"

"That's for sure. If I become stronger here, it would be much easier to deal with those guys when I'm outside."

Right now, there was the Heavenly Evil World outside. This was an existence even more threatening than the Black Hairs Human.

"Alright, I will continue to inquire about Yuan Xin's whereabouts. I will be staying in the Zhou Tribe for some time. If you find anything, you can tell me!" If I find out, I'll tell you. " Yuan Feng said.

"En, that's right. If you can obtain the beast core of a Barbarian Beast in the Zhou Tribe, give it to me. If you don't see me, you can give it to Yue Lan." Chen Xiang said: "Those beast cores are of great use to me, I'm still planning to go out to hunt some of them."

Yuan Feng said: "You have to be careful, this is the Primitive Land, it retains many species, with the current level of evolution of humans, the rate of evolution of the beasts here is faster than humans!"

"And I also found out, that the humans in this place appeared a little later, maybe there are stronger human races hidden inside, it's just that we haven't found out, the Primitive Land is also very vast."

Chen Xiang had also thought about this question before. He had also asked Ji Yuelan, but Ji Yuelan didn't really understand this, so many tribes often sent people to explore, but many of them had yet to return. Furthermore, they could not travel too far, it would be extremely dangerous for them if they went out alone, and if a group of people went out, it would be a huge loss to the tribe if all of them died.

In other words, the tribes in this region do not understand this Primitive Land!

After Chen Xiang and Yuan Feng finished their secret conversation, Ji Yuelan rushed over with a rare bright smile on her face.

"What is it? Why are you laughing so happily?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"My father has always been in contact with clan leader Jiang when he returned." Ji Yuelan said, there was indeed nothing more happy than to see his own father again.

The valiant Ji Yuelan was now like a little girl.

"Chen Xiang, you are the Clan Leader. Can you announce to the entire clan that I am giving him the position of Clan Chief? My father is much stronger than me, it would be better if he could become the Clan Chief." Ji Yuelan said.

There was no problem with that, and he could trust Ji Yuelan. He was going to meet her father with Ji Yuelan right now.

Ji Yuelan's father was Ji Ding, a middle-aged man whose face was covered in a beard. He was very straightforward, Chen Xiang had only chatted with him for a short while and felt that he was a good person.

At this time, Chen Xiang also called the warriors of the Ji Tribe over and told them the truth. The reason why Ji Yun lost was because he used poison.

and Ji Yuelan were father and daughter, and the position of Patriarch was designated by the elders. As long as they were not bad people, and possessed sufficient strength, they would all agree.

After this matter was settled, Ji Yuelan was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang.

"Yue Lan, I want to go out and hunt beasts. I need that kind of beast core. Are you coming with me?" Ji Yuelan asked, Ji Yuelan's strength was also not bad, if he had her help, it would be much easier for him.

"What is it?" Ji Yuelan had wanted to go out to hunt beasts with Chen Xiang long ago.

"The sooner the better. I'll go tomorrow!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Right now, your father is the Patriarch, under his management, the beast meat will definitely be very abundant, you don't have to worry about the children not eating anything."

"Alright, I'll go with you tomorrow!" Ji Yuelan nodded.

… ….

The next day, when Chen Xiang just woke up, he heard loud noises. He quickly got up and saw Ji Yuelan walking out from a stone room as he frowned.

"Something has happened, hurry up and go out to take a look." Ji Yuelan said: "In a situation like this, there would normally be people coming here to cause trouble."

Ji Yuelan quickly walked out of the cave, and when he arrived outside, he saw many strong wolf-riding men!

Seeing this scene, Chen Xiang thought of the Zhou Clan Warriors that he and Ji Yuelan had killed before.

"People of the Zhou Tribe, you barged into our Ji Tribe. This is equivalent to attacking our Ji Tribe. If you don't compensate us, none of you will leave today." Ji Ding said angrily as he walked out.

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