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After Chen Xiang ate the Taoist Emperor Dan, the medicinal power was surprisingly gentle, he had thought that pills that strengthened the body would be tyrannical like this.

This was a Dijie Dan that had gone through three Crash s, so this pill had a Spirit G.o.d, it could quickly refine itself, and display all of its effects.

Taoist Emperor Dan s had fused with the beast cores of the savage beasts here, and the beast cores had the ability to strengthen the physical body. Now, Chen Xiang could feel that power flowing through his entire body, fusing into his blood, bones and flesh.

"The speed of enhancement is very obvious!" Chen Xiang could feel an itchy feeling in his muscles. After fusing with that power, he would quickly absorb the Primitive Tao Power s from the Primordial Profound Gate, and increase his physical body by another step.

"The effect is very good, looks like the Primitive Tao Power in this Primitive Land has its own unique features. The beasts here have been absorbed for many years, and the beast cores that have been formed contain this kind of power that can strengthen the body."

Chen Xiang had seen how strong the beasts here were before, especially the claws. They were extremely sharp, so he did not want to hurt them earlier.

Chen Xiang spent a day of time to finally refine this Taoist Emperor Dan. He only felt that his body was visibly strengthening, and it wasn't just a pill that could make his body suddenly become extremely strong.

"Seems like I need at least 100 pills before my body can make a breakthrough. I need even more beast cores like that."

Chen Xiang only had a little more than ten beast cores now, who knew if the giant wolves he killed still existed.

Only a sufficiently powerful savage beast would possess such a pill.

He did not continue to refine Taoist Emperor Dan. He planned to get a hundred beast cores and then refine them in one go.

Right now, he was concocting a Primordial Dao Pill, he wanted to continue to train more of the Tao profound Door to become a Divine Law Mysterious Gate so that he could use more of the Primitive Tao Power when the time comes.

A few days later, Chen Xiang consumed a lot of primordial dao pills, and was then created by a Tao profound Door. Right now, he was at the sixth level of Dao Shi realm!

A dimensional profound gate, a flame profound gate, and eight primordial profound gates; these were his training goals for the Dao Shi realm!

"Even though I have four primitive profound gates, the Primitive Tao Power inside could not be completely released due to the restriction of my fleshly body. I still have a long way to go before I can raise my fleshly body."

Chen Xiang thought, this road must be very b.u.mpy, to be able to endure the Primitive Tao Power released by his eight Primordial Profound Gates and pa.s.s through the tenth layer of the profound entrances, the strength of the body must be unimaginable.

"After cultivating to the tenth stage of the Dao Shi realm, I will go out to hunt beasts." Chen Xiang continued to refine pills and eat at the same time. Unknowingly, a month had pa.s.sed and he had also cultivated to the tenth level of the Dao Shi realm.

Chen Xiang walked out of the underground secret room. Ji Yuelan was in the middle of discussing something with a few warriors in the hall. When she saw Chen Xiang coming out, she asked those warriors to wait a bit before pulling Chen Xiang into a secret room.

"You're finally out! You've been in seclusion for so long!" Ji Yuelan said.

"This can be considered fast. In my time, I've tried it over thousands of years and tens of thousands of years." Chen Xiang laughed: What's the matter?

"Yes, I have some information that might be of help to you." Ji Yuelan said. Right now, she was already the tribe leader of this tribe, so she would often meet with the other tribe leaders.

"Oh? "What is it!" Chen Xiang was actually very interested in this.

"Next door, in the Jiang Clan, there is another foreign cultivator. He is an old man who arrived here about the same time as you!" Chief Jiang told me that the old man was looking for a young man! I didn't say that you are here, but I'm worried that the old man is your enemy. " Ji Yuelan was still extremely careful in this kind of matter.

"Do you have a portrait of that old man?" Chen Xiang asked, he felt that the old man should be the Natural Law Divine Spirit Yuan Feng.

"No, do you have any enemies of the old man?" Ji Yuelan asked.

"I did fall in with two friends, and one of them was an old man. It should have been him." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, I'll take you to the Jiang Clan." Ji Yuelan said.

Regarding Chen Xiang, Ji Yuelan was extremely concerned. After all, Chen Xiang had helped her a lot.

"No need, get someone to send a message to the Jiang Clan, tell them that Chen Xiang is here, and that old man will come over himself." Chen Xiang laughed.

Ji Yuelan followed Chen Xiang's instructions and in less than half a day, Yuan Feng and the Jiang Clan Patriarch already ran over.

After all, Yuan Feng was a cunning old fox. Seeing that he had gotten along so well with the Jiang Clan Chief, Yuan Feng knew that he must have used some tricks in the Jiang Clan.

After finding Yuan Feng, Chen Xiang was also happy, and so was Yuan Feng. When he saw Chen Xiang, he started laughing heartily.

"As expected of your luck, if you don't have the Dao G.o.d gold body, you won't die. I'm worried that you won't be able to take it!" When he pa.s.sed through the Heavenly Evil Abyss, the tearing force had caused him extreme pain, so he was worried about Chen Xiang.

"Speak from the inside!" Chen Xiang brought Yuan Feng to his underground secret room.

Yuan Feng chuckled: "Kid, your luck with women is always not shallow. When you came here, I was already seduced by you to this kind of woman."

"You've been a Natural Law Divine Spirit for so long, have you never hooked up with a female G.o.d?" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"There are indeed a few decent ones in the Natural Law Divine Spirit, but they are all despicable. Now, they have been killed by Yuan Xin and I … … Oh right, there's still one more Heaven Poison Divine Spirit that hasn't died. We can't deal with this woman. " Yuan Feng thought of Du Xiaoling and couldn't help but feel fear.

"Don't try to harm Elder Sister Xiao Ling, she has treated me well." Chen Xiang anxiously said.

"Really? You hooked up with her? " Yuan Feng was shocked.

"No, I just have a good relationship with her and she's a good friend. She even gave me a lot of poisons, but they were all used up by me. I used those poisons to kill two Strong of Divine Wasteland s earlier." Chen Xiang said.

Yuan Feng could immediately guess that Du Xiaoling must have gotten rid of the Natural Law Divine Lord's restraints with Chen Xiang's help, which was why he treated Chen Xiang so well. Just like how he treated Chen Xiang right now, he treated him really well, and he felt extremely grateful whenever he thought about it.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. Where's Eldest Brother Yuan Xin?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know. I was looking for him too. At that time, we were separated." Yuan Feng sighed: "I never thought that this place would actually exist."

Chen Xiang did not know much about the Primitive Land, but hearing Yuan Feng's words, he knew that Yuan Feng definitely knew a lot.

"What kind of c.r.a.ppy place is this? Can we still go back? " Chen Xiang asked, this had puzzled him for a long time.

Yuan Feng did not answer, but was thinking about something. Chen Xiang was not in a hurry either, he was a Natural Law Divine Spirit before, so he had a lot of things to think about.

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