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Ji Yun was shocked upon hearing Chen Xiang's words. He did not know how strong this man was, even though he looked weak, he had many good things with him. In particular, those storage rings made him want to obtain them all.

"That's right, but when you challenge me, you need to give twenty thousand kilograms of beast meat to my Ji Tribe. Only then will you have the qualifications to challenge me." Ji Yun calmed down and said.

To many of the warriors of the tribe, it was not easy to weigh twenty thousand kilograms of beast meat.

"Alright, no problem." Chen Xiang immediately agreed.

… ….

The matter of stealing the ring was over. Although many warriors had their doubts and doubts about the chief, their strength was not as strong as him. Even if they worked together, it would still be difficult for them to win against the chief, not to mention that the grandson of the chief was also very strong.

When Ji Yuelan and Chen Xiang returned to the cave, they started to slaughter the huge bears, wanting to collect twenty thousand kilograms of beast meat.

"We have to win. Otherwise, the beast meat will go to the Patriarch and his descendants. Their family has been using up a lot of the beast meat for many years, so their strength is constantly increasing." Ji Yuelan said.

"Your father defeated him back then. Maybe he secretly did something." Chen Xiang said: "It's just that you guys did not see it, how could this guy defeat your father so openly?"

Chen Xiang could tell from Ji Yuelan's character that she was not bad, and this must be because of her father's influence.

"I don't know. Only when I find my father can I ask, and I don't know if he's still alive." Ji Yuelan also sighed.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan slaughtered seven huge bears and obtained twenty thousand kilograms of beast meat. Chen Xiang also obtained seven beast cores.

On the second day, Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan went to the small plaza in the middle of the tribe where twenty thousand kilograms of beast meat were placed. At this time, the entire tribe knew that Chen Xiang was going to challenge their Clan Chief.

When Ji Yun arrived and saw the beast meat, he secretly cursed Ji Yuelan and Chen Xiang. He never thought that these two people would hide so much beast meat.

"I'm very strong. If we were to fight in here, it would definitely cause quite a bit of damage. There's a flat land not far away from here. Let's go there and fight." Ji Yun was still very confident in himself, and shouted out without showing any signs of weakness.

If he won, he would be able to obtain twenty thousand kilograms of beast meat, and if he could drive Chen Xiang, the foreign cultivator, away, he would also gain a lot of prestige.

Ji Yun and the others were walking in front, and Ji Yuelan was currently very nervous, holding onto Chen Xiang so tightly that he was sweating profusely. Chen Xiang held onto her tightly, and laughed: "Relax, it's fine, even if we lose, it's not a big deal."

"If you lose, you must leave the Ji Tribe." Ji Yuelan said in a low voice.

"It's fine. I can live in a random cave outside. Moreover, I can do it nearby. You can find me anytime." Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't talk about that, I haven't lost yet."

When they arrived outside the tribe, everyone was watching from afar. Quite a few warriors knew that their chief was very strong. When the battle was going to be fierce, there would be quite a bit of noise. If they were too close, they would be affected.

"If you become an elder, do you want Ji Yuelan to be your Patriarch?" Ji Yun asked.

"That's right." Chen Xiang nodded.

"Since that's the case, if you lose, Ji Yuelan and you will have to leave our Ji Tribe." Ji Yun laughed sinisterly.

"Why?" Chen Xiang looked at Ji Yuelan, who was not far away. Ji Yuelan's face was ice-cold, she was very angry, Ji Yun obviously wanted to kick her out.

"Because you are together. According to the rules, losers are not allowed to enter the tribe." Ji Yun said: "I'm ready, let's begin."

Ji Yun was very sinister, he said that it had begun, and it really had begun. He had worked his way over in the blink of an eye, and as expected of a clan leader, he did not lack strength, and was also very strong. He was not far from Chen Xiang to begin with, but now, he was in front of him as if he had teleported.

Before Chen Xiang could react, his chest was struck a few times by Ji Yun before he was sent flying by the impact.

"This old fox." Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. Without specifying the rules, it began.

After Chen Xiang was sent flying, he immediately flew over, jumping over from afar with his feet already aimed at Chen Xiang's head. His speed was extremely fast, and when he flew over, it was like a flash of black light.

Chen Xiang had already suffered two punches, his body was already in pain, but now that the other party was quickly chasing after him, he was still moving at a terrifying speed.


Chen Xiang's head was kicked, he had a splitting headache, he did not expect the Clan Chief's speed to be so fast, and furthermore, the quality of his body was extremely good, something he could not compare with.

Chen Xiang was kicked in the head, hitting the stones on the ground, causing many of the stones to shatter.

"You lost." Ji Yun yelled as he leapt onto Chen Xiang's body. Then, he suddenly descended, and when he fell from the sky, he produced an even stronger force.

Chen Xiang looked at Ji Yun who had fallen from the sky and sneered in his heart. Although falling from the sky had a very strong force of impact, his speed was not very fast, and was not even as fast as running on the ground.

In the air, it was equivalent to a target. Chen Xiang endured the pain and activated the Primitive Tao Power in his body, combining it with the flame dao energy released by the Fire Profound Gate.

"Sixth floor of the Devil Subduing Method." Chen Xiang seized the opportunity and suddenly punched at the bottom of Ji Yun's feet.


The two forces clashed, and Chen Xiang who was lying on the ground immediately sank deep into the ground. The stiff stone ground around him also cracked and crumbled as a wave of energy rushed in all directions.

Ji Yun was also sent flying by Chen Xiang's punch. When he flew back, his body was still wreathed in flames and Chen Xiang had just used the Meteor immortal power to increase his strength.

The six consecutive sounds were extremely shocking, and the sounds were still echoing in the sky. As for Ji Yun who was sent flying by Chen Xiang's fist, fell to the ground with his entire body burning in flames, and was completely charred black.

"I'm going to kill you." Ji Yun roared, one of his legs had cracked, all the bones in his body had been shattered by Chen Xiang's punch.

Chen Xiang laid on the ground and climbed back up with much difficulty. He was also heavily injured, he never thought that the bodies of the humans in this place could be this strong.

The warriors of Ji Tribe were all surprised to see their Clan Chief being so powerful, because they rarely saw their Clan Chief take action. Chen Xiang's strength had also shocked them, to actually be able to cause such heavy injuries to their Clan Chief.

Although Ji Yun had crippled one of his legs, relying on his other leg, he could actually fly over at a relatively fast speed, and punch towards Chen Xiang who had just crawled up.

Chen Xiang's face was struck hard, his head smashing into the ground, causing his entire body to roll over. What made Chen Xiang surprised was, when the fist struck him, it actually produced some black granules, which brought about a stench.

"It's poison. This guy used poison." Chen Xiang was astonished in his heart. Back then, when Ji Yun beat Ji Yuelan's father, he had indeed used a certain method.

"You're dead for sure, hahaha …" Ji Yun laughed sinisterly and walked towards Chen Xiang.

This time, Ji Yun walked over to him. He thought that if Chen Xiang was poisoned, he would not be able to hold on for long, and in order to scare the clan, he planned to ravage Chen Xiang to death slowly.

However, Chen Xiang was prepared for it this time, so when Ji Yun stomped his foot on Chen Xiang's chest, he only felt like he stepped on empty air. As if his foot stepped on air, it penetrated through Chen Xiang's body and stepped on a rock.

Chen Xiang had wanted to use the Cloud Sky Elephant earlier, but the opponent's speed had always been very fast, so he had only condensed a bit of Dao power before being dispersed.

And just now, Ji Yun had given him time.

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