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All of the warriors in Ji Tribe were looking for Chen Xiang, they had to obey the Patriarch's orders, because the Patriarch's strength was very strong, they all respected and respected the strong. Although they felt that it wasn't good for the Patriarch to catch Ji Yuelan like this, they had no choice.

Chen Xiang, who had transformed into a small bug, carefully entered the cave that the Patriarch was in, right in the middle of the Ji Tribe.

Ji Yuelan was imprisoned inside, and not long after he entered, he heard Ji Yuelan cursing.

"Ji Yun, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you shameless fellow, don't think that everyone in the clan will believe you. Did you know, your prestige has already dropped?"

When Chen Xiang heard Ji Yuelan's angry voice, he immediately went over, only to see Ji Yuelan being locked up in a big cage, the cage was made of beast bones, and all the beast bones were the same, even though Ji Yuelan had a lot of strength, but they could not open it.

Ji Yun was not here, so he could not hear his voice.

"Moon Mist." Chen Xiang whispered to Ji Yuelan.

Ji Yuelan heard Chen Xiang's voice resounding in his head, and was slightly startled, asking anxiously: "Where are you, they went to capture you, are you alright?"

"It's fine, those guys can't do anything to me." Chen Xiang laughed and turned into his human form.

Ji Yuelan had seen a small bug just now, but she never thought that it was Chen Xiang who changed into it. She was once again witnessing Chen Xiang's miraculous abilities.

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword and easily cut open the cage. Although the beast bones were stiff, it was nothing to the Heavenly magic sword.

"Yue Lan, let's go. We just have to stay far away from Ji Tribe." Chen Xiang said.

"No, if I leave, the children here will be miserable. All along, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ji Yun has always wanted to kill some of the children so that they wouldn't have to bear the burden." Ji Yuelan shook his head.

"Okay, kill Ji Yun." Chen Xiang had never seen Ji Yun before, so he did not know how strong he was.

Ji Yun was mainly worried that I would become stronger than him, all because of my carelessness. He did not hide the storage ring well, and when he saw that I had a storage ring, he was worried that I would rely on it to hunt more beasts. Ji Yuelan said: "That's why he has always restricted the growth of soldiers, worried of threatening his position as Clan Leader."

"Because as long as you have sufficient strength to challenge him and defeat him, you can become the clan head. Right now, his strength is very strong, so I cannot win against him. I might not be able to. "

"Let's give it a try first. If you can't win, then run." Chen Xiang said, he was not worried at all, these primitive people did not understand array formations, if he wanted to run, it would be a piece of cake.

Are you sure? Although you are not someone from the Ji Tribe, you can still challenge him. Ji Yuelan said.

"I've never seen your Patriarch before, but seeing how worried he is that his position will be taken by the younger generation, he shouldn't be any powerful individual. He must have a r.e.t.a.r.ded mentality." Chen Xiang laughed: "Come, let's go and challenge him."

Right now, the entire tribe was searching for Chen Xiang, but they didn't expect that Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan would actually come out of the Patriarch's cave, so many warriors immediately surrounded them.

Chen Xiang saw Ji Yun. He was a middle-aged man, just like the other men here, both tall and muscular.

Ji Yun was besieged by more than ten warriors, not only did he run away, he even quietly went into his cave and released Ji Yuelan.

"Clan leader, the storage ring was given to Ji Yuelan by me." Chen Xiang said: "You misunderstood her."

"Then where did my storage ring go? My storage ring just disappeared and now it's in her hand. If she didn't steal it, then who did?" Ji Yun's voice was loud, at this time, the people of the tribe all surrounded them. They all knew that the patriarch had a very magical ring that could store many things inside.

All the warriors in the tribe glared at Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan. They all hated thieves, especially those who stole precious things from their clan leaders.

Under their glares, Chen Xiang suddenly took out a bunch of storage rings and said: "Clan Leader, I have a lot of these storage rings! Since Ji Yuelan saved me, why not I give one to her?"

She thought that these things were very precious, she did not expect Chen Xiang to be able to take out a large handful of these items so casually.

Ji Yun and the others were stunned. All of these storage rings were actually in the hands of one person.

"Of course, I don't only have a storage ring, I also have a Storage bag." With that, Chen Xiang took out many more Storage bag.

"Storage bracelet, storage necklace, storage belt, storage earring... I have them all. " He took them out one by one, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

All of these things were acc.u.mulated over the years by Chen Xiang, and these things were not precious things in the first place.

"Now everyone believes that I gave it to Ji Yuelan. Patriarch, you must have misunderstood, there is someone else who stole your storage ring." Chen Xiang said.

With that, Chen Xiang gave Ji Yuelan a Spatial Necklace. "This necklace is very suitable for you, very beautiful."

Ji Yun was speechless, he had purposely kept the storage ring on purpose in order to frame Ji Yuelan, and had even thought that Chen Xiang was infatuated with Ji Yuelan's beauty, which was why he gave the precious storage ring to Ji Yuelan.

"Patriarch, it was you who put away the storage ring and purposely framed me, right?" Ji Yuelan said, now that everyone believed her, it was her turn to counterattack.

"No, I really lost my ring." Ji Yun was actually extremely calm as he promptly said, "Looks like I really have misunderstood. Yue Lan, you have contributed so much to our tribe over the years, so you definitely aren't the one who is stealing things. I have wrongly blamed you."

"Hmph. Who stole it? The ones that can only go near you are your descendants. Don't tell me they stole it? The thief must definitely find it and then behead it." Ji Yuelan was very angry.

"Right, grab it and chop it off." a soldier shouted.

"Behead him." The other warriors also shouted, causing Ji Yun's forehead to perspire.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Clan leader, perhaps you were the one who was hiding here. If it's really like this, then we need to behead him."

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm the clan leader, how could I do that? Right, this is a matter within our clan, don't meddle in it." Ji Yun glared at Chen Xiang. It was all because of Chen Xiang that his plan failed.

At this time, Ji Yun's descendants were also staring at Chen Xiang in anger. Those few descendants of his should know quite a lot of things.

"Patriarch, I want to challenge you." Chen Xiang suddenly said: "Yue Lan said, your Ji Tribe allows outsiders to challenge me, once I defeat you, I can become an elder of the Ji Tribe, and also nominate a warrior from the Ji Tribe as the clan leader, right?"

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