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If he had enough strength, it would be best if he could beat his opponent. Ji Yuelan did not think that she and Chen Xiang could defeat his opponent together.

Therefore, she decided to compromise, but did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly make a move, which made her surprised. www.xstxt.org

"Don't even think about leaving today!" said coldly. The Six Realms mirrors had suddenly become very big under his control, and the ten odd people in front of him were all on top of the Six Realms mirrors's mirror.

This was the first time they had ever seen something like this.

"Go back and tell the family head!" A big sized man shouted, just as he finished speaking, they suddenly spun, and the Six Realms mirrors's killing array activated.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang came to the side of the Six Realms mirrors, and pressed on the circular shaped stage with one hand, he continuously transferred Primitive Tao Power.

The Primitive Tao Power was extremely powerful, causing the killing array of the Six Realms mirrors to be extremely terrifying. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed out of the bright mirror of the Six Realms mirrors, striking the giant wolves and humans on it, causing them to continuously howl.

Chen Xiang pulled the Nine-Layered Sky Divine Bow, and the flame profound door in his body opened wide. Flaming Dao Energy surged out, pa.s.sing through the ten layers of profound doors and condensing into a flame arrow.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang aimed at one of them and an arrow shot out. An intense flame burst out and burnt that person to ashes.

Seeing this, Ji Yuelan immediately threw out his spear to kill the st.u.r.dy men …

In just a short while, all of these dozens of warriors from the Zhou Tribe were killed by Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan! Those huge wolves were also killed.

"The meat of these giant wolves should be pretty good. It's all carefully fed." Chen Xiang walked over, kicked one of the wolves, then set fire to all of their corpses.

Ji Yuelan let out a long sigh. Just now, when he killed all those bears, she was extremely nervous, and not long after, he had actually killed the Zhou Clan warriors who were much stronger than those bears.

"You really aren't weak!" At this time, Ji Yuelan had a lot of faith in Chen Xiang. She had indeed underestimated Chen Xiang, and did not expect him to be so powerful.

"Today was such a bountiful day!" Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "These guys were all killed by us, from the looks of it, no one should know!"

"I don't think so. I just noticed that there's no one around here." Ji Yuelan hurriedly hid the corpses of the huge wolves and cleaned up the area.

"We can go back now!" Ji Yuelan said: "I only handed in one bear to complete the mission, I didn't expect it to be so early."

Right now, she had surpa.s.sed the limits of her abilities. Eleven bears and a dozen giant wolves. This was truly a great harvest! It was also her biggest gain in history.

Chen Xiang looked at the depths of the stone mountain and said: "Let's go in there for a look after a while. If there really is a strong savage beast inside, then there might be something hidden inside."

To be able to give birth to a powerful savage beast here meant that there was a certain level of power that allowed a savage beast to be strong and numerous.

"Alright, let's head back first. Maybe there will be people coming over later." Ji Yuelan said, as long as no one saw her and Chen Xiang killing those people, she did not need to worry.

They only left for a short while, but they already reaped a lot. When they returned, many people thought that they didn't manage to hunt anything.

Inside Ji Yuelan's cave, she was peeling off the skin of a Giant Bear. She kept these skin for herself, so she only needed to give the meat to the tribe.

"This bear's meat has more than seven hundred pounds." After Ji Yuelan finished his work, he said: "I never thought that these bears would actually condense gems!"

"Gem?" Chen Xiang walked over to take a look. It was a fist-sized, transparent, and extremely st.u.r.dy transparent pearl.

This was obviously the beast core of a savage beast!

"This is good stuff!" Chen Xiang took it and looked at it. It contained a large amount of Primitive Tao Power, and this kind of Primitive Tao Power was very different from the ones he was familiar with.

"Kill all the bears. Give me the beast cores if you have them." Chen Xiang said: "I have great use for it!"

"This is called a beast core? What's the use? I only know that this is usually used for decoration. " Ji Yuelan said.

"It can make me stronger." Chen Xiang said. He was only at the fifth stage of Dao Shi realm.

In addition, he still had to cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body!

This beast core contained a type of Primitive Tao Power that could strengthen the body, which was why the beasts here were so strong.

He intended to refine this beast core together with the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan. This way, he would not only have the ability to strengthen his body, but also cultivate the Primordial Profound Gate.

Ji Yuelan had a storage ring, which could store more things. Right now, she could only take three thousand kilograms of meat to hand over.

Inside the cave, Chen Xiang was holding onto the beast core and absorbing the Primitive Tao Power inside it. The moment that type of Primitive Tao Power entered his body, it immediately burrowed into his muscles and tendons, providing them with a strange type of power, strengthening his body.

"There is indeed a type of power that can strengthen the body very quickly. If I were to use alchemy to refine this power, it would be even more obvious." Chen Xiang kept the Beast Pill. He planned to make Ji Yuelan create a secret room for him to concoct pills when Ji Yuelan comes back.

They waited for Ji Yuelan to return. Instead, they waited for a large group of strong men to break in.

"What are you guys doing?" Seeing the stance of this group of people, Chen Xiang knew that something was amiss.

"Come and catch you!" One of the men said and immediately rushed forward.

Chen Xiang anxiously dodged, the stone room in the cave was very small, with the exit blocked, it would not be easy to escape.

"Where's Ji Yuelan?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously: Why are you capturing me?

"Because Ji Yuelan stole the Patriarch's storage ring, she said that you gave it to her, so the Patriarch thinks that you and Ji Yuelan stole his things, he wants to capture you two!" After the big man finished speaking, the other big men also rushed forward.

Just as they were walking over, Chen Xiang suddenly jumped, in an instant turning into a small rock, and borrowed the force of the jump to jump out of the cave.

These people were all savages in Chen Xiang's eyes. Although they were powerful, if he were to run, these savages would not be able to do anything to him.

"Yue Lan was actually captured, I gave her a storage ring, I really harmed her!" Chen Xiang also thought about how precious that storage ring was. In this Primal world, such a thing was considered a treasure.

As Ji Yuelan had said before, with this storage ring, it would make it much easier for her to hunt wild beasts. As long as she killed the wild beast, she could get close to it and collect it before escaping.

"As long as you are a human, you will always have a greedy heart." As long as you are a human, you will always have a greedy heart. Chen Xiang sighed in his heart: "The human heart is evil!"

He turned into a bug crawling on the ground. He wanted to turn into a bug, but the world couldn't fly, so he didn't try.

"Save Yue Lan first!" Chen Xiang never thought that such a thing would happen so suddenly, and had even messed up his plans.

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