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When Ji Yuelan heard that she was going to be the bait, she looked at Chen Xiang like she was crazy.

"No, you will only die. You have never seen those bears before, so you don't know how powerful they are." Ji Yuelan said: "Many warriors from our tribes have died here."

"I want to go back quickly!" Chen Xiang wanted to hurry back to the tribe to refine pills. He said, "Yue Lan, believe in me, nothing will happen to you!"

With that, Chen Xiang rushed over. Ji Yuelan did not expect that, just as she wanted to go out and stop Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's voice suddenly came from her mind.

"Yue Lan, don't move. Just wait for the attack." Yue Lan was extremely shocked that Chen Xiang's voice could actually appear in her mind. This was a pretty good technique.

Just as she was in a daze, Chen Xiang had already neared the bear cave, and she could only choose to believe in Chen Xiang. If not, she would go over again to save Chen Xiang.

"This guy only knows how to mess around." Ji Yuelan held her spear tightly, staring at the bear hole, her hearing was good, and she could already hear the sound of running from the bear hole.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the mouth of the bear cave, he discovered that the cave was very big, and there was the sound of running from inside.

"It's out!" Chen Xiang was shocked, he only saw a large black figure suddenly appear. The bear that weighed a few thousand kilograms was very big, but its speed was so fast that it made people tongue-tied.

"d.a.m.n it, this guy is even faster than that leopard!" Chen Xiang was very surprised, but what made him even more shocked was, there were more than five or six bears that suddenly ran out.


A roar shook the heavens and the earth, and then, with a bang, a bear fell down, making Chen Xiang even more surprised. In that moment, Ji Yuelan shot a bear in the distance!

Chen Xiang was running in a certain direction while being chased by a few bears. Seeing this, Ji Yuelan, who was in the distance, became extremely worried and immediately chased after the bear that she killed, not caring about it at all. Furthermore, he even started to shout loudly, attracting the attention of Chen Xiang's bears.

"Be careful, they're going to shoot spikes out of their mouths!" Ji Yuelan shouted.

Chen Xiang also heard the dull roars of the bears. He immediately used the Heavenly spirit kunfu's Cloud and Cloud Constellation to turn his body into mist.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Suddenly, a wave of sharp thorns covered the sky and pierced Chen Xiang. Ji Yuelan gritted his teeth, and said in his heart: "It's over!"

At the same time, Ji Yuelan was also in danger, and a few more bears ran out from the bear hole.

Just when she thought that Chen Xiang was done for, she saw Chen Xiang strangely approach those few bears from behind.

"Sword wing tiger, come out!" Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors, and shone it onto the ground: "Don't fly, just use your sword to stab these guys to death!"

In a flash, the Sword wing tiger suddenly appeared. The Sword wing tiger's body was much bigger than these bears, and it was not weak either. Especially since he had a pair of mystical sword wings on his body.

Chen Xiang released the Sword wing tiger, then took out an arrow and pulled it all over his bow. He injected the Primitive Tao Power into the divine bow and shot it at the giant bear behind Ji Yuelan.


The bowstring vibrated. The sharp arrow shot out like a beam of light, piercing through a bear's head!

Ji Yuelan's movements were also extremely fast, flashing towards a bear like lightning, and thrusting his spear towards the giant bear that was about to open its mouth and shoot spikes.

When the Sword wing tiger came out, its sword wings flapped, and countless divine swords flew out. In an instant, those bears that were much smaller than him were speared like hedgehogs.

Chen Xiang's second arrow had already shot out, and with the activation of the Primitive Tao Power, the Nine-Soaring Divine Bow, under the power of the Primitive Tao Power, produced a very strong force. Not only did it pierce through the bear's head, it even flew into the distance and pierced deeply into the mountain.

Ji Yuelan had also killed two huge bears, and she could have been nervous just now. After all, she was at the bear cave entrance, but under such a tense and dangerous situation, her potential had also exploded.

Six Sword wing tiger were killed, six were killed, two were killed by Chen Xiang and three were killed by Ji Yuelan. And this all happened in a very short period of time.

"What is this thing …" Ji Yuelan took a few deep breaths, then looked at the Sword wing tiger and said. The golden giant tiger had a pair of huge sword wings, making it look mighty and holy. This was the first time she had seen this kind of thing, and also the first time she felt that beasts could look so good.

"The guy I subdued!" laughed, the Sword wing tiger kept the swords he released, and then entered the Six Realms mirrors's body.

Ji Yuelan originally wanted to ask something, but his expression suddenly changed: "Someone is truly coming closer! Put the bear's body away! "

Chen Xiang was the quickest one, and he immediately sent all of the bears that the Sword wing tiger killed back into the Storage magic treasure. Moreover, Ji Yuelan had just put away the three-headed bear, yet there were already more than ten groups of muscular men riding on giant black wolves!

When the battle just broke out, the cries of the dozen or so bears were so loud that they shook the earth and moved far away, attracting the attention of people.

"Isn't this Ji Tribe's Ji Yuelan? Oh, there's a Storage magic treasure inside, must be a gift from this foreign land! " When they arrived, they just happened to see Ji Yuelan keep the bear's corpse into his storage ring.

Ji Yuelan's face was extremely solemn, it was obvious that she was afraid of these people.

"Let's go!" Ji Yuelan pulled Chen Xiang, and just as he was about to run away, he was stopped by a few st.u.r.dy men riding wolves in front of them.

"What do you want? "Your Zhou clan is also a big clan!" Ji Yuelan shouted in anger.

"Leave the bears, rings, and weapons behind, and you can leave." The leader of the strong men said, "This place is the territory of our Zhou Tribe. Hunting beasts here is equivalent to offending our Zhou Tribe. I am already very polite that I didn't kill you."

"What right do you have to say that we are from your Zhou clan?" Ji Yuelan held his pike tightly, these people were obviously s.n.a.t.c.hing something away from him.

"With just my blade, don't talk nonsense. Do you want to give it to me?" The brawny man's expression was ferocious, shouting loudly, "I shouted three times, kill if you don't give us the chance!"

Ji Yuelan clenched his teeth...

"One... Two... "Three …"

"I …" Just as Ji Yuelan shouted out, he felt a wave of heat coming towards him, only to see the st.u.r.dy man's head and chest pierced through by a flame.

Ji Yuelan was startled, but immediately reacted, the spear in his hand immediately flew out, piercing through a big sized man's head.

"Are you crazy? He is the youngest son of the Zhou clan head. You're dead for sure!" Their opponent had already been scared stiff. They had never thought that Chen Xiang, this outsider, would be so powerful. With just a punch from him in the air, he killed their captain.

"Who knows, I'll kill all of you!" Chen Xiang said with a cold smile, but when he punched just now, he had already thrown a small Six Realms mirrors into the crowd.

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