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Ji Yuelan could understand why Chen Xiang wanted to go back. Although she brought Chen Xiang back with a purpose, she was not a selfish person, and Chen Xiang treated her very well. He even gifted her quite a few good things. Therefore, she had already decided just a moment ago to think of a way to help Chen Xiang return.

Chen Xiang slept in a corner. Even though it was only the ground, it was soft and comfortable with a furry beast skin. Although Ji Yuelan would usually fight and kill people, she would usually make her own cave very tidy, and Chen Xiang would also live very comfortably here.

When he woke up on the second day, Chen Xiang could smell the fragrant meat.

This was a very big challenge for Ji Yuelan, but she did not know if she could complete it. After all, this time it was just her and Chen Xiang, and she had an extremely professional team in the past. There were no problems, they also frequently completed missions in advance.

"The rules in the Ji Tribe are very strict, especially against me. If I don't hand in the beast meat when the time comes, they will let some of the children starve for a while. This is a punishment to my heart." Ji Yuelan's expression was stern.

"Don't they know you're hurt?" Chen Xiang frowned, this kind of punishment was indeed the most unbearable.

"They don't believe me. They're not like you who can see the wound in my heart. My previous injury was even worse, so I had to rest for a while. However, they don't believe me." Ji Yuelan handed over a plate of meat to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had only eaten two pieces, he only needed to consume a pill to be able to replenish his own consumption.

On the other hand, Ji Yuelan started to eat in big mouthfuls. In her opinion, the more she ate, the more she would eat the stronger she got, she was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang had healed her heart, making her unable to endure the sudden pain in her heart during battle. If there was that kind of pain during battle, it would be fatal for her.

After they finished eating, Ji Yuelan brought Chen Xiang out of her cave abode. When she brought Chen Xiang back earlier, it attracted many people's attention. But now that Ji Yuelan had donned the beautiful tight clothes that Chen Xiang had given her, it made people constantly praise him. It was indeed very beautiful.

"Do you want to take this weak chicken to the beasts? It would be better to hand him over to the chief, who will learn something from him. " A big sized man said as he looked disdainfully at Chen Xiang.

Ji Yuelan did not care about him, and said to Chen Xiang: "Let's go!"

After he finished speaking, Ji Yuelan started sprinting. Her speed was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, she was already more than three hundred meters away. Chen Xiang immediately caught up.

Although he couldn't use his spatial energy anymore, he was still fast enough to keep up with Ji Yuelan's footsteps.

"To be able to become so terrifying just by relying on physical strength … this is indeed incredible." Chen Xiang followed behind Ji Yuelan, secretly exclaiming in his heart. Right now, he was also channeling Primitive Tao Power into his limbs and bones, allowing his body to be more agile and strong.

She was considered a first-rate Warrior in the tribe, and in terms of speed, she was even faster than the other Warriors. Thus, Chen Xiang's current speed was no longer inferior to the Warriors in Ji Tribe.

"In the end, my physical body is not strong enough. If my physical body is strong enough, my Primordial Profound Gate will open at full strength, and I will need to use even more Primitive Tao Power s. My speed and strength will increase greatly, and I will need to refine more Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan." It would be difficult for Chen Xiang to catch up with him now, but Ji Yuelan was extremely relaxed.

Of course, if he were to use the power of s.p.a.ce, that would not be a problem at all.

After an hour, Ji Yuelan suddenly stopped, she and Chen Xiang were already far away from the tribe, and now that she had the storage ring that Chen Xiang gave her, even if she managed to hunt a lot of beasts, she could easily bring it back, and thinking about it, she felt much more at ease.

"Do you want to rest?" Ji Yuelan asked.

"No need!" Chen Xiang wasn't actually tired, but he felt that his own body was too weak. He had enough Primitive Tao Power, but he couldn't use it.

"Good, you are much stronger than I imagined. This is indeed a rare sight. Before, when I saw the humans from the other realms, they were all extremely weak." Ji Yuelan nodded at Chen Xiang: "Next, we will prepare to hunt beasts, and it's even a herd of beasts!"

"Yue Lan, you've discovered that there are beasts here?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, he did not notice anything along the way.

"Mm. There are about 10 bears in this mountain. Each one weighs at least 3000 to 4000 jins. We only need to kill one and we will be able to complete the mission." Ji Yuelan thought about it again and again, and felt that he had to hunt large sized beasts in order to complete the quest within ten days.

"Only one?" How could that be enough! Can't we just kill them all? " Chen Xiang laughed: "Since they are here!"

"The bears here aren't like those wolves. There are strong and weak beasts as well, not to mention that we're only two people right now." Ji Yuelan said: "To be able to kill one is already not bad!"

She and Chen Xiang attacked from afar and killed a bear. Then, she rushed over and put the corpse into her storage ring, then quickly escaped.

In the past, she didn't have a storage ring, so she would always carry it after killing it.

She told her thoughts to Chen Xiang, who said: "If that's the case, then I can kill all those bears in the distance too!"

"This won't do. Although those bears have large bodies, their speed is very fast. Also, some thorns will fly out from their mouths and fly over like rain. If they get hit, they will even die." Ji Yuelan said.

Chen Xiang did not feel anything, but he was extremely familiar with the beasts here, although they were strong, their brains were relatively simple.

"So it's like that!" Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and tested it out. He realized that the array formation inside could be used, but he didn't know if it could defend against beast attacks.

To his regret, the Six Realms mirrors could not fly as well.

After Ji Yuelan and Chen Xiang finished discussing, they brought Chen Xiang to the group of stone mountains in front of them. There were large and small stones on the stone mountains, making it easier to hide.

"Do you see that? That's a bear hole. This mountain is huge, and the beasts outside are relatively weaker, but they are very strong for us." Ji Yuelan lied on top of a big rock, tightly holding onto the spear in his hands, he looked at the bear hole, waiting for the bear to come out.

Chen Xiang also took out his Nine-Soaring Sky Divine Bow and waited!

"How long will it take?" Chen Xiang waited for an hour and felt that he was getting impatient.

"I don't know. It might take a few days. I've already prepared food for ten days. Don't worry." Ji Yuelan said.

"Shouldn't we just throw a piece of raw meat into the bear's mouth?" Chen Xiang said: "lure them out."

"It won't be that easy. These bears are very smart. If we do this, it will only raise their vigilance. When the time comes, it will be even harder to kill. Hunters need to be patient." Ji Yuelan instructed Chen Xiang.

"How about this, I'll go over and lure the bear out!" Chen Xiang said.

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