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When the person outside heard Ji Yuelan's tone, he immediately left. Ybdu.

"Can't I hand it in?" He had just eaten a lot of wolf meat, which made him feel a little guilty. Of course, Ji Yuelan had eaten more than him.

"No!" Beast meat is mainly used to raise children, and many children in the clan have lost their parents. Warriors like us need to hunt for beast meat for them to eat and raise them, so that they can also become warriors in the future! "Besides that, our clan has many heavily wounded warriors who have fought for our tribe before. Now, we have to support them as well."

Ji Yuelan said: "When I was young, I grew up eating other people's beast meat, so now is also the time for me to fulfill my obligations, this is a type of inheritance."

"You said before that your teammates were all injured, right? Are you hurt yourself? " Chen Xiang couldn't tell that Ji Yuelan was injured, but she looked very energetic.

"My teammates are more or less dead now, their bodies are the only thing left, their souls have been destroyed." Although Ji Yuelan was expressionless, a trace of sorrow flashed across his eyes.

"You met a strong beast?" Chen Xiang immediately knew that they must have met someone who knew how to use soul attacks. He guessed that the people here did not cultivate the Divine Sense Sea, so they did not know how to use their attributed power, and their soul defense was very weak as well.

"We don't have that kind of beast here. We've never met one before." Ji Yuelan nodded his head: "I was lucky, it was just that I was. .h.i.t in the body, I am pretty much recovered now, but my heart will hurt from time to time!"

Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye to look at her heart. Of course, his current appearance was as though he was staring at Ji Yuelan's chest.

Since Ji Yuelan had taken off her clothes for him to see just now, he naturally wouldn't have cared. He was only curious: "What are you looking at!"

"There's a crack in your heart!" Chen Xiang frowned: "There is a power that is preventing your heart from recovering, so the cracks in your heart are unable to heal."

"You can see it?" Ji Yuelan was very surprised, she anxiously asked: "Can you cure me?"

"I don't know yet, but it should be possible!" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, Ji Yuelan took off his clothes, and the item that suddenly popped out had a huge impact on Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately turned his head and said: "There is no need to take off your clothes, quickly put it on!"

Ji Yuelan anxiously put on the clothes, while Chen Xiang only had two fingers pressing on the location of Ji Yuelan's chest, then he used the Devouring magic kungfu to suck out the energy that was in her heart.

He was able to successfully suck it out, and the moment it was sucked out, Ji Yuelan also frowned in pain, but she did not scream out loud.

Her chest was moving up and down, obviously the pain had not subsided yet. At the same time, Chen Xiang also used his Dao heart Eye to observe and discovered that the wound on her heart was quickly healing.

"The recovery rate of the Primitive Tao Power is truly amazing!" Chen Xiang's body was severely injured earlier, but with the help of the Primitive Tao Power, it quickly recovered.

"Alright, how did you do it?" Ji Yuelan felt that this was extremely mystical, not only could Chen Xiang see the wound in her heart, he could even treat it for her.

She felt that she had really picked up a treasure.

"Tomorrow, I will go hunt beasts. Wait for me here for ten days. After I finish this month's mission, I will take you for a walk." Ji Yuelan said.

"I'll go with you!" Chen Xiang said: "I'm really not weak. Don't tell me you plan to go alone?"

Ji Yuelan had already lost her teammates, and she wouldn't be able to find any good teammates for a short period of time.

"Alright, but you have to listen to me when the time comes. I need a large amount of beast meat, so when you attack, you have to try to keep it safe." Ji Yuelan said.

The people here also gain strength mainly through the meat, which is their food.

Chen Xiang nodded, then walked out of the cave. She used the wolf's internal organs and some of its bad meat to exchange for some medicinal herbs to treat her injuries.

She gave Chen Xiang a lance and said, "You should know how to use this!"

Chen Xiang looked at the tip of the spear. It was indeed very sharp, he had seen it before.

"I use this!" Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword, and laughed: "This thing of mine is very powerful, you can make it into a bow and arrow for me."

"It isn't appropriate to use a bow to hunt a powerful savage beast. The skin of the savage beast is extremely thick, and the strength of the bow is insufficient." Ji Yuelan said.

The bow here may not have good materials, so it did not have enough bounce power. However, Chen Xiang's Nine-Soaring Divine Bow would not have to worry about this issue, as long as he had enough Dao power, the bounce power of the bow would be very strong.

But Ji Yuelan still listened to her, she had made more than 20 arrows for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang now knew how to deal with beasts. It would be best if they were attacking from afar, lying in ambush of beasts.

He had met the black panther before, so he knew that it was extremely dangerous to engage in close combat with a beast.

"Where is your bow?" Ji Yuelan said.

"This is my bow!" Chen Xiang raised the Heavenly magic sword in his hands and then, under his control, it became a Nine-Soaring Divine Bow. It flickered with a red light and looked extremely domineering.

"How amazing!" Ji Yuelan praised softly, saying, "Our Clan Chief and his descendants also have some strange beings' toys, the Clan Chief only has a ring that can hold many things. I heard about it from the wife of one of Clan Chief's sons when I was chatting with him last time, it is said that there is a need to learn how to use that ring."

"This is for you!" Chen Xiang took out a ring, a storage ring, Storage bag s, etc.

Although the spatial laws were restricted in this place, the Storage magic treasure still had its own spatial laws power, so it could be used.

Before, Ji Yuelan knew how to use his spirit sense to control his power to form a domain. It was when she was in the forest with Chen Xiang, in order to prevent others to hear their conversation.

Therefore, Ji Yuelan was already very familiar with the usage of spirit sense, she only needed Chen Xiang to teach her for a moment to understand how to use it.

At this time, Chen Xiang also saw a rare smile on her face, as she placed a lot of things into the cave.

"In the past, the foreign invaders we met were not as powerful as you. You seem to know everything. Do you have a high position in your world?" Ji Yuelan asked.

"Well... "It's hard to say my position, but in short, the world I live in is pretty good. However, there are always some things that come and cause trouble. I often fight with my enemies, and they are the ones who bring me here." Chen Xiang sighed.

"Don't worry. Since you can enter this place, you'll definitely be able to leave. I'll think of a way for you." Ji Yuelan patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, "Rest, we will set off for the wild beasts tomorrow."

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