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In Chen Xiang's world, clothes could be used for a lot of defense, especially that kind of soft armor that was refined. Not only was it comfortable to wear, it could also protect against attacks.

Chen Xiang made Chu Hongqing find a beautiful black colored skintight clothes for the girls to wear. This was also made by Xue Xianxian and the others using many superior materials.

"You should go to bed. These clothes are a bit strange. Although they look a bit small, they can be used to support the body. Moreover, it will be warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has a certain level of defense." The skin-tight set of clothes that Chen Xiang had taken out was indeed a little small, it was, after all, worn by Chu Hongqing.

This Ji Yuelan was as big as Chen Xiang, and he was slightly pet.i.te.

"How do I wear it?"

Ji Yuelan took it, and touched it, it was very soft and comfortable, and she could smell a faint fragrance from it. She liked the smell very much, and immediately liked this set of clothes, although she did not know if it looked good on her.

Chen Xiang took out another set of his, and it was a bit larger. He put on his pants and clothes respectively, and then used a beautiful belt to tie them around his waist.

Chen Xiang had always had a very handsome appearance, if he was serious and sorry, he would be very attractive to women.

"Do you understand now?" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he took out another pair of boots and gave it to her.

Ji Yuelan nodded his head and then very casually ripped off the beast skins around his chest and waist. This scared Chen Xiang to the point that his heart almost stopped beating.

Of course, if he did not see the other party being so generous, he would be too apologetic to Ji Yuelan, so he looked at Ji Yuelan with an unchanged expression.

"Oh right, I'll go wash myself first. Are you coming? Right by the river! " Ji Yuelan said, and then he wrapped himself around those two pieces of beast skins.

"This... Are you always so casual? " Chen Xiang caught his breath and laughed.

"No, I can show it to whoever I want. I just don't hate you." Ji Yuelan said very straightforwardly, "I thought you would turn around."

"If you want to take a bath, you don't need to go to the river. I can release water for you to take a bath." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he raised his hand high up into the air, and water flowed out of the center of his palm.

Ji Yuelan was startled, she was extremely surprised: "Didn't you say you know how to release flames? Fire and water are incompatible, but you can release both? "

"My flames are mainly used for fighting, and the water isn't that strong. This isn't a problem for me, so quickly wash up." Chen Xiang said.

Sure enough, Ji Yuelan immediately tore off the beast skin on her body. This time, Chen Xiang consciously turned his head around, and after Ji Yuelan had finished washing himself, Chen Xiang took out a large bath basin for her to soak in.

Ji Yuelan who was immersed in it enjoyed the feeling of closing his eyes, and said quietly: "You sure have a lot of tricks up your sleeves, I didn't save you for nothing!"

"I only treat you well because you were kind! Of course, if you don't attack me, I might not die. I'm not as weak as you think. " said. Previously, he had always been looked down upon by this woman, which made him a little unhappy in his heart.

Ji Yuelan did not say anything.

"Only the chief and his descendants can enjoy this. Only I, who usually have to go out to hunt for beasts, can continue to stay in the clan!" Ji Yuelan said, "Even if I were outside, I would still be in constant danger. Most of the experts from the other realms have all died."

After showering, Ji Yuelan wore the beautiful tight clothes that Chen Xiang had given her. She looked extremely "handsome" at the moment.

Of course, besides caring about the looks, Ji Yuelan was also very concerned about the defense that Chen Xiang mentioned. She tried out the spike on the wolf's back and was very surprised to see that the thin clothes weren't pierced through. She had always thought that only some kind of beast armor could do such a thing, but those armor were extremely stiff.

Chen Xiang was already roasting the meat, he also wanted to taste the beast meat.

After eating, he was sure that all the beasts here contained Primitive Tao Power! This proved his conjecture that the humans and beasts here all had very strong Primitive Tao Power s in their bodies, so even if they did not know how to release their elemental energy, their bodies were still very strong.

Chen Xiang didn't know what kind of world this was, the person who grew up in here actually had such a strong Primitive Tao Power.

"Yue Lan, what is your relationship with the Patriarch?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This is bad!" Ji Yuelan said: "What are you trying to do?"

"No …." I just want to ask you about this world. It's fine if you don't have a good relationship with him. " Chen Xiang said.

"You want to go back to your world?" Ji Yuelan saw through Chen Xiang's intention with a glance.

"Of course. I have very important things to do in my world." Chen Xiang sighed, he had somehow come to this place, and it made him very vexed.

"I know one thing, I heard my grandfather say before that the world we live in is the beginning of ten thousand worlds, the first form of all worlds. Our world will forever retain this state." Ji Yuelan said, "There are many foreign lands outside the sect. Initially, those foreign lands were like us, but later they evolved in all kinds of ways."

"Did your grandfather say how to leave this place?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, he himself also wanted to leave this world. He said this world had great restrictions on him." Ji Yuelan shook his head.

"What about your grandfather? Can you take me to see him? " Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"He's dead! He was originally the Patriarch of Ji Tribe, but after he died, my father lost in the fight for the Patriarch's position!" You must know that those who fight for the clan leader's position will not stay in the tribe if they lose the battle. They will leave for other places as well. Ji Yuelan said.

Ji Yuelan must have been ridiculed since he was young, for her father's defeat. But now, she seemed to have become powerful because of him, and received respect from others, so no one mentioned anything about her father anymore.

"Ji Yuelan, you need three thousand kilograms of beast meat this month. It's been twenty days and you haven't even handed over a kilogram of meat. Where are the wolves you hunted today?" A sound came from outside the stone door of the cave.

"I'm currently eating. Once I recuperate, I will definitely hand over three thousand beast meat within ten days." Ji Yuelan said impatiently.

It required three thousand kilograms of meat every month, which was not a small amount. But Ji Yuelan had not handed in the meat every 20 days, it must have been delayed because of some unknown reason. Chen Xiang guessed that she was injured because of her body, and she said earlier that everyone in her team was injured.

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