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Chen Xiang was secretly delighted. The reason why Ji Yuelan treated him so well was definitely because of his good looks. She was a woman, so she should have been wary of men, but right now, she was very close to Chen Xiang.

"Yue Lan, can you bring me back to your tribe like this?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can bring whoever I want. The tribe doesn't care." From Ji Yuelan's valiant att.i.tude, she should have quite a high position in the tribe.

Ji Yuelan carried the giant wolf on his shoulder. He was dressed in a wild attire and looked extremely fierce. Of course, Chen Xiang had met with such women before.

"I have a purpose in bringing you back to the tribe. If you are just a useless person, I will kick you out." Ji Yuelan said. She seemed to be able to see what Chen Xiang was thinking.

"Don't be so realistic, alright?" Chen Xiang immediately said: "What is his purpose? "Just tell me here. If I'm really useless, then you don't need to bring me back to the tribe."

Ji Yuelan said, "I know that those who come from outside this region can understand some strange things. For example, they can release flames, make water come out of thin air, and even freeze … Furthermore, they have something very magical. This thing is very small, but it can contain a lot of things. "

"This... "That's true. Could it be that in your eyes, this is magical?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised. The barbarians here did not know these methods, but they were so powerful.

"Do you set fire to it?" Ji Yuelan asked. She was very curious about this, since she was a very strong woman. If she could grasp this, it would make her stronger.

This kind of strong woman always liked to do things that others couldn't.

"Of course. It's easier for me than farting." Chen Xiang giggled: "Do you want me to set a fire right now for you to see!"

"Don't!" Ji Yuelan's beautiful eyes lit up, and said anxiously: "Wait until we return to the tribe, don't let anyone else know that you know how to set fires!"

Chen Xiang looked at the few people behind him, and said softly: "They are behind, they should have heard it already!"

"They can't hear. I have previously grasped a mystical technique that allows the power within my body to spill out and form a formless energy circle. Now, you and I are both in this energy circle, so our voices will not be transmitted out. "

Ji Yuelan's words piqued Chen Xiang's interest. "Did you learn this technique from someone from a foreign land?"

She didn't want others to know that Chen Xiang knew how to use fire. She was worried that Chen Xiang would get s.n.a.t.c.hed away, because she only hoped that Chen Xiang would teach her a lesson.

"Yes, but that person died later on. That guy was very stupid. In the tribe, he let many people know that he mastered many strange techniques and was eventually killed by someone." Ji Yuelan said.

"What else did you learn from him?" Chen Xiang was a little curious, just who would come here, could it be someone from the Heavenly Evil World?

That's it, it's not easy to learn either. This guy can release flames, but it's very complicated. I don't understand it at all, and he's also not very familiar with how to control flames. Ji Yuelan said.

Originally, Chen Xiang wanted to ask him a few things, but Ji Yuelan gave him a look to stop talking, because the few people behind him had already caught up, because he saw that they seemed to be talking, but he could not hear anything.

Just like this, without saying a word, Chen Xiang followed Ji Yuelan to her tribe, which was called Ji Tribe. There were thousands of people there, which was considered big, and they were all very st.u.r.dy!

The Ji Tribe was located inside a mountain, and lived in a cave. Ji Yuelan herself had a mountain, and this mountain only had her cave abode.

In the middle of the mountain was a very s.p.a.cious area, and that was the tribal market. There were many people who would go there to trade and trade.

"Yue Lan, I thought all the girls in your tribe were as strong as you. I just saw a few of them on the road and they were all very weak." Chen Xiang said.

"Although weak, they can still hunt!" "Of course, if you were to marry out and give birth to children, your strength would generally weaken. Those women you saw were all from other clans." Ji Yuelan said: "Female warriors like me are becoming fewer and fewer. Within the main clan, most of them choose to marry into the other clans at the age of fifteen, so right now, there are only a very small number of women in our tribe."

Chen Xiang nodded, "No wonder those girls I saw were a little different from you. They looked like they worshipped you!"

"As long as I'm strong, I can be like a man. As long as I'm strong, I'll be respected here!" I can marry a few women at any time if I want to. " Ji Yuelan took out a blade and killed the huge wolf.

"Marry a woman …" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it was funny, but he did not finish his sentence, this Ji Yuelan was indeed fierce.

"You'll set fire to it, won't you? Can you roast these meat? " Ji Yuelan had already sliced up the wolf meat, she was only cutting out a relatively tasty part.

"We'll eat these meat ourselves. The bones will make the soup, and I'll trade the rest for medicinal herbs. Some people like to eat organs." Ji Yuelan looked at the wolf skin that she peeled off and then threw it to the side. It seemed that she did not like the wolf skin.

"Yue Lan, do you want to wear clothes like this?" Chen Xiang looked at Ji Yuelan's fiery hot body. Although her current dressing was very pleasing to the eyes, Chen Xiang did not want too many people to see it.

Ji Yuelan only covered his chest and waist with two pieces of simple beast skins and wore the shoes made from beast tendon. It was very simple, he felt that those two pieces of cloth would fall if he was not careful.

"Not good at all!" Ji Yuelan looked at the grey and somewhat tattered clothes that Chen Xiang was wearing.

When Chen Xiang was sucked into the Heavenly Evil Abyss, his clothes were already torn.

"That's because my clothes are broken …" When Chen Xiang entered the tribe, he saw that the people inside were dressed in simple beast skins to cover some of their body parts.

"Do you have this black beast skin? Let me make you a set of clothes! " Chen Xiang said, he felt that the people here were too outdated, and did not know how to dress at all.

Ji Yuelan took out a large pile of this beast skin from a wooden bucket and threw it to Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang received it, he said: "I had thought that these beast skins were very tough, I didn't think they would be so fragile!"

Just now, he had used the Heavenly magic sword to slash it open.

"Don't tell me that clothes can also be used for defense?" Ji Yuelan asked very seriously. She seemed to know that there were many strange things about the people who came from another realm.

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