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Chen Xiang never thought that he would meet a human here, and it was even a woman. Although he did not see her face, but from her bouncy b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she seemed to be a beautiful woman.

Sure enough, the woman who brought him here had dark skin. She was only wearing a black cloth around her chest and waist, and there were a few pieces of muscles on her lower abdomen that were not too protruding, but were very beautiful. Her arms and powerful long legs looked even more muscular, and looked healthy and beautiful.

The woman had a head full of shoulder-length hair. Although her face was somewhat dark, it didn't affect her beauty. However, her beauty carried a bit of wildness and ruthlessness.

It was only then that Chen Xiang realised that what was wrapped around her chest and waist was not black cloth, but beast skin.

It was the skin of the black panther he had encountered earlier.

It was a Huntress, Chen Xiang was very sure that they were hunting.

"Idiot, what are you looking at?" The woman glared at Chen Xiang: "You almost ruined our good fortune, you are so weak, and yet you are running around everywhere. Are you tired of living?"

Chen Xiang didn't know what to say for a moment. When he was in the Sky Martial World, he wasn't weak at all, even if he had to face the Dao Zong realm, he still dared to fight.

So he thought he was pretty strong, but now he was told he was weak. But he thought about it, he didn't know much about this place, and the beasts here were really ferocious. He was scratched by a black panther before.

"What are you doing?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You'll know when you see it." The woman took out a long spear from the hole in the tree. Upon closer inspection, the tip of the spear looked like the fangs of a beast.

The claws of the beasts here were all very strong. When Chen Xiang was facing the black panther previously, his shoulder had been easily sliced off.

There was a weapon wrapped in leather stuck on the woman's waist. It was probably a short knife.

"My name is Chen Xiang, what's your name miss?" Chen Xiang asked softly, the woman immediately glared at him, signalling him not to make a sound.

The lady stood on the tree trunk and looked in a direction. Chen Xiang also looked in the direction in front of him.

"The wolf is still quite big." Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, there were still many sharp thorns on the wolf's back. He looked at the spear in the wild lady's hand, and saw that the thing on the spear was the sharp thorn on the wolf's back.

Chen Xiang was also holding his breath. There definitely wasn't just one wolf, wolf was a social type of beast.

As expected, there were several more nearby this wolf.

Just as Chen Xiang could see that she was lost in thought, a light breeze blew past. The girl had already thrown out the spear in her hands, and by the time he had reacted, the spear had already pierced the wolf's body.

As for the other Swordpoint Wolves, they all had a spear on them. There were others here as well, presumably companions of the woman.

"So powerful."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, the lady turned into a black shadow and ran towards the direction of the direwolf pack. Chen Xiang immediately looked over and in a few blinks of an eye, the lady had leapt from the tree to the wolf pack and pulled out her blade from behind her waist, then stabbed it into the wolf pack's head.

This reminded Chen Xiang of his youth when he was hunting beasts, it was just that it was not as fast as it was now.

"Their speed is close to teleportation. These people don't have any Dao energy on them, and their physical bodies are extremely powerful. Their physical bodies contain terrifying power, so what kind of existence are they?"

Chen Xiang used his Dao heart Eye to look at the few people in front of him. Like the girls, they immediately leapt towards the giant wolf as soon as their spears stabbed into them.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang had a lingering fear in his heart. He had almost ran towards the wolves earlier, and being entangled by those wolves, he did not know if he could beat them.

Chen Xiang jumped down from the tree, while the woman walked over with a wolf on her back. None of them had any Storage magic treasure s, so it seemed that they did not know how to refine them, and even the weapons they used were primitive.

"You are called Chen Xiang, who are you?" the woman asked.

"I am... I don't know why I'm here either. Chen Xiang had already seen that the humans here were all of the very primitive kind.

"Primitive Land." The woman continued in a low voice, "Come with me. You must have come from a foreign land. There were people like you in the past, but they didn't last long. The corpses of the weak like you were nothing to us."

Chen Xiang followed behind the lady and asked: "Do you want me to help you carry them?"

The woman said, "There's no need. If you're carrying it, you won't be able to run fast if you encounter any danger."

Since he was looked down upon so much, Chen Xiang started to feel displeased.

"Right, what's your name?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Ji Yuelan." She suddenly turned around and looked at the few brawny men behind her. "You should stay away from them from now on."

"Why?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If I hadn't suddenly brought you up the tree, you would have definitely continued walking forward. When that happens, you would have been attacked by those wolves, and those fellows would have attacked the wolf pack when they attacked you …" They don't care if you live or die. Maybe their spears will even pierce through your body. " Ji Yuelan's words made Chen Xiang frown deeply.

"It's not like this has never happened before. A weak chicken like you, if you're not careful, will be used by them as bait to lure beasts."

Chen Xiang was now certain that the other end of Heavenly Evil Abyss was this Primitive Land.

This Primitive Land did not look simple at all. Humans and beasts were very strong, but they were all in their most primitive stages.

"Could it be that the humans and beasts here all have Primitive Tao Power s in their bodies?" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of this, he had previously been unable to see the Primitive Tao Power when he was using the Dao heart Eye, so he felt that it was very possible.

"I'm not weak." Chen Xiang snorted: "Don't look down on me, I am just not familiar with this place. Once I become familiar with it, I will be able to easily hunt beasts."

The people here were all primitive, but he had mastered all sorts of methods to utilize his strength. This was his advantage, for example, he had used the Yin Yang Array to counter the black panther's pounce.

"Many of the foreign cultivators said so, but they all died later on." Ji Yuelan did not believe Chen Xiang's words: "If you don't want to die, follow me closely."

"Yue Lan, you're such a nice person." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I just don't want you to fall into the hands of those guys." Ji Yuelan said coldly.

"What, aren't they your companions?" Chen Xiang felt that it was strange, as he was extremely hostile towards the few men behind him.

"No, we are from the same tribe. I originally was part of another hunting team, but the rest of my team was injured and they were lacking one person so they a.s.signed me here. Fortunately, it was only this time." Ji Yuelan said.

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