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found it hard to believe that there was actually such a peaceful world inside the Heavenly Evil Abyss. If not for Chu Hongqing's voice, he would have thought that he was dreaming.

He was sure that he was not inside an array, because he could clearly see the composition of the dao energy inside it using the Dao heart Eye. If there really was an array, he would definitely be able to see that there was life energy flowing inside the flowers, plants and trees that he had seen.

"Where's Yuan Xin and Yuan Feng, the two Divine Spirits? Did they also fall into this world?" Chen Xiang only remembered that they were knocked far away by the flying discs.

When Chen Xiang came in, his entire body was in extreme pain, but it was already better. He tried to use it, but other than spatial energy, the rest were normal, he could still use the energy in his body.

In front of him was a forest. At this moment, he was walking into it. He only felt that the sunlight was fierce, and it would be much cooler if he entered the forest.

However, just as he was walking quickly towards the forest, he suddenly heard some sounds. It was a very soft sound, like a beast approaching him cautiously.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang immediately looked towards the direction of the voice. He could not use his spatial energy, and he could only use this method to be alert.

His perception was still very sharp. He could see things approaching him.

Just as he took out the Heavenly magic sword, a black shadow suddenly pounced on him.

"So fast." Chen Xiang was shocked. If it was the past, he could directly teleport to avoid it, but now he could only rely on his body's quick movements to avoid it.

Feeling something rushing towards him, he instinctively turned to the side to avoid it.

However, he still felt his body being touched by that thing, and a hint of coldness came from his left shoulder. He lowered his head and saw that there was actually a scratch there.

"What the h.e.l.l is this thing?" Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye to look, but he could not see anything.

He'd been hurt himself, and he couldn't believe it before he saw what it was.

He was certain that his body was still as strong as it was before. This could only mean that the claw of the thing that scratched him was very sharp, and it also possessed very strong power.

"Here it comes again." Chen Xiang was startled and hastily avoided the item. He originally wanted to use the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, but found that he was unable to do so.

The G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques was related to the power of the Time Laws, and now he realized that he couldn't even use the power of the Time Laws here.

The laws of s.p.a.ce and time were both restricted here.

This time, he avoided it. Moreover, he slashed out with his sword, but it did not hit the thing. He quickly retreated.

If he could not use his spatial power, then he would be unable to release his spatial sensing domain, and would be unable to clearly see anything around him. It had been a very long time since he had encountered such a strange object.

He used his spiritual sense to investigate and sense the Qi in his surroundings, but he did not succeed. That thing's concealment ability was extremely powerful.

Suddenly, he heard a faint sound. It was also at this time that a Yin Yang Array appeared beneath his feet. It quickly revolved, creating an extremely strong suction force, and all the flowers and plants around him were sucked into the Yin Yang Array, turning into powder.

As for the thing that was pouncing on them, it started to spin as soon as it entered the Taiji array's range.

Now, Chen Xiang could clearly see what that thing was. It was actually a black panther that looked to be extremely vigorous.

This leopard was not big, and its eyes were green. Although it had mixed in with the black skin, it looked extremely tough, and Chen Xiang could not understand why the leopard's pouncing speed was so terrifying.

After Chen Xiang saw the black panther clearly, he immediately controlled the Yin Yang Array to speed up the process of sucking the black panther over, wanting to hack it to death with a sword. Who knew that the black panther would jump out the Yin Yang Array without even taking two steps, who knew where this energy came from?

"This place is too strange. It's just a small leopard without any power, but it's actually so scary."

Chen Xiang looked at his own wound that was healing and felt a bit scared just thinking about it. He was certain that if this leopard were to go to Natural Law Divine Realm and meet an ordinary person at the tenth stage of the Dao Zong realm, it would only be possible to kill it.

The weeds here were very tall, and that leopard wasn't very big. It was easy to hide inside, and it wasn't easy for Chen Xiang to find that leopard either.

"Fly into the air." Chen Xiang used the Dao Energy in his body to help his body float. But just as he was floating, he felt a pressure suddenly smash down on him, causing him to land heavily on the ground.

"What's going on, I can't fly." Chen Xiang touched his b.u.t.t, it was hard to believe, the powerful dao energy in his body was unable to withstand the pressure.

"What a strange place." Chen Xiang then attempted to jump, all of a sudden he jumped very high, he was already prepared to deal with the sudden pressure, but after jumping down, he could not feel it at all.

"You can jump, but you can't fly." Chen Xiang was speechless, the black panther from before did not reappear, and he quickly rushed into the forest.

He previously thought that he wasn't weak and didn't need to worry about it here. However, after encountering that black panther, he wasn't as confident.

"What a d.a.m.ned place."

Chen Xiang went into the forest and cursed a few times in his heart before carefully walking forward. He carefully examined the ground and his surroundings but did not find any traces of beasts, so he was finally relieved.

"Don't tell me the beasts here are all like that black panther, their bodies are all very powerful, and they don't have any Dao energy in their bodies, so I am unable to see them using the Dao heart Eye." Chen Xiang guessed that since the black panther only knew how to pounce and attack, it did not use any Dao energy to attack from afar.

Previously, he had even thought of letting Chu Hongqing and the others bring those small dragons out for a walk.

He carefully walked in the forest for an hour. It had been a long time since he had felt so nervous. Even after an hour, he had only walked a little.

Suddenly, he felt a faint movement of air in his rear. With just this slight movement of air, he was able to determine that something was flying towards him at a very fast speed.

Just when he felt it, he felt his body suddenly lighten, and he was actually thrown away. He thought that he might be injured, but instead he felt his body being held by two soft objects. According to his many years of experience, he was immediately sure that it was a woman who was hugging.

With just a flash in front of his eyes, Chen Xiang arrived at a huge tree. As expected, it was a woman who was carrying him, and she was even jumping up a tree at an extremely fast speed.

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