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As for Natural Law Divine Spirit and the rest, they were restricted even more, and some of their power was even taken away, causing them to only have the cultivation of Dao Sovereigns.

"So, you guys are unable to level up?" Chen Xiang asked. Although the Natural Law Divine Spirit was useless, he had at least given him the World Creation Divine Well before. Therefore, Chen Xiang was fairly certain about the character of the Natural Law Divine Spirit.

"No, unless we can erase some of the imprints left by the G.o.d in our souls." Natural Law Divine Spirit shook his head.

"Do you need to use the Primitive Tao Power?" Chen Xiang asked.

Natural Law Divine Spirit was shocked: "Who told you this, Great Landlord? He doesn't seem to know about this either. At that time, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and the others will know.

"Why didn't they succeed?" Right now, Chen Xiang had a lot of Primitive Tao Power.

"The Primitive Tao Power is not enough, I need a lot." The Natural Law Divine Spirit said, "If I can remove those restrictions, I'll be able to live like a human."

Chen Xiang suddenly grabbed Natural Law Divine Spirit's arm, and injected a bit of Primitive Tao Power.

"This is …" This is the Yuanshen Dan, you can release the Primitive Tao Power, what exactly is going on? Natural Law Divine Spirit was shocked again.

"What do you think? I think I can help you remove those restrictions, but I need you to help me with something." Chen Xiang said.

"Speak. As long as I can do it, I will definitely do it." Natural Law Divine Spirit was ecstatic because he felt that he would be able to remove the restriction very soon.

"Alright, let me ask you first. Amongst all of these G.o.ds, who do you trust the most?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Earth's Core Divine Spirit, you should understand this guy's personality. He is a good person, and there are quite a few spirits who colluded with Evil G.o.d Mountain, only Earth's Core Divine Spirit and I did not partic.i.p.ate. The other G.o.ds all plan to help Evil G.o.d Mountain attack Natural Law Divine Realm." The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

"I can help you and the Earth's Core Divine Spirit remove that restriction, but I want you to kill the other G.o.ds. Chen Xiang said.

Earth's Core Divine Spirit was not bad, he had already helped Huo Lin build a secret realm in the Earth's Core.

"No problem, as long as you provide us with enough Primitive Tao Power, we will immediately act once we remove that restriction. Without the restriction, I don't have any more worries, because when we are created, we are not allowed to kill each other." The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

Chen Xiang took out two Primitive Tao Power Pills and said: "These are pills I refined using the Primitive Tao Power, I think it should be enough."

Natural Law Divine Spirit did not accept it, but said: "I will go find Earth's Core Divine Spirit, wait for me here."

Not long after Natural Law Divine Spirit left, he brought the Earth's Core Divine Spirit over. On the way, he had already told the Earth's Core Divine Spirit about this matter.

Of course the Earth's Core Divine Spirit was willing to get rid of the other G.o.ds, those G.o.ds were traitors in his eyes, he had wanted to take action since long ago, but due to the restrictions the Natural Law Divine Lord placed on them, he was unable to do so.

Natural Law Divine Spirit and Earth's Core Divine Spirit ate the pills he gave them and then entered the secret room to cultivate. He needed to control the Primitive Tao Power to erase the energy Natural Law Divine Lord left in his body.

While Chen Xiang was waiting outside, he was also concocting pills. He was only at the fifth level of Dao Shi realm, so he needed to hurry and level up.

He had to be ready for those guys right now.

Two days later, Natural Law Divine Spirit and Earth's Core Divine Spirit came out happily. One look was enough to tell that they had broken free from that restriction.

They were all deities, and were once the managers of this world. They definitely had quite a few good things on their hands, and now that they no longer had any restrictions, they could cultivate.

"Now we can go and attack. Let's get rid of that guy Lei. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has been shouting at me all day. I've been wanting to kill him for a long time." The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

Chen Xiang felt that it was funny, since the Natural Law Divine Spirit's heart was also very dark. After removing the restrictions, she would think about taking revenge.

"In the future, I will no longer be the Natural Law Divine Spirit. I am Yuan Feng." The Natural Law Divine Spirit replied, "This is the name I gave myself. I thought about it for a long time."

Natural Law Divine Spirit looked at Chen Xiang. He was very satisfied with this name.

"Nothing much, just an ordinary name." Chen Xiang laughed: "Why not use my surname?"

"I won't do it." Yuan Feng was very disappointed. Chen Xiang actually said that this name was very ordinary. He looked at Earth's Core Divine Spirit and said: "Your name?"

They didn't have a name, so of course they had to give it a name before turning back into a human.

Earth's Core Divine Spirit thought for a moment, then said: "Yuan Xin … … After all, you are our big brother, and the new means that I have started my life anew. "

"Right, when you get rid of those G.o.ds, remember to plunder all the things on their bodies." Chen Xiang said.

"I don't need you to teach me that, I understand." Yuan Feng laughed. Right now, he looked really happy, as if he had just come out from a prison.

The two of them were in a good mood and were in a good mood. If they took this opportunity to do something, they would definitely be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Chen Xiang was concocting pills here, waiting for them to return. Once he settled the matters here, he would return to the Natural Law Divine Realm, and at that time, he would bring Yuan Feng and Yuan Xin over to look for Long Jiuxiao.

"Great Landlord should be troubled by those restrictions right now. I'll give him two more pills, then help him when the time comes." thought, refining the Primitive Tao Power pills was relatively easy for him, but it could help the Great Landlord a lot.

In only half a day's time, Yuan Xin and Yuan Feng returned with faces full of smiles.

"So fast, did he fail?" Chen Xiang asked, just as he finished speaking, Yuan Xin threw him a lot of heads.

"This is a lightning G.o.d, this is a wind creature, this is an ice and snow G.o.d, this is a flame G.o.d …" Yuan Feng pointed to each and every head.

With that, he threw out another pile of things and said, "All of them are Heavenly artifact s, I'll give them to you."

"If you really want all of them, just give them to me. You don't need them." Chen Xiang looked at the messy, strange-looking Heavenly artifact and took a deep breath.

"We all do." Yuan Feng laughed.

Chen Xiang anxiously kept it all, although he had quite a number of them, but the more of these things, the better.

"If we still had the cultivation of the Dao G.o.ds, we would have definitely gone to the Evil G.o.d Mountain and flattened that place." Without the restriction that the Natural Law Divine Lord had placed on him, he looked much more domineering than before.

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