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"You, quickly cure me. The Sword wing tiger is yours, and from today onwards, you are my Evil Dragon Prince's brother." Evil Dragon Prince's voice trembled, he felt that he was powerless to resist the strong poison.

"Who do you think you are? Are you even worthy to be called my brother?" Chen Xiang sneered, and then slapped Evil Dragon Prince's evil and handsome face, unexpectedly producing some scales. The Heaven's Birth Poison had made his body extremely weak, as though it was made of mud.

"My father is the Evil Dragon Emperor and his master is the Evil G.o.d. If I die, you will not have a good ending." Evil Dragon Prince cried out in pain. The poison entered his body, making him wish he were dead.

"I'm so scared." Chen Xiang laughed as he cut off Evil Dragon Prince's arm, then stepped on the wound on his arm. The Evil Dragon Prince screamed again and again in pain.

At this time, Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly artifact of the Thunder G.o.d, which was also known as the "Five Thunder Blast."

Seeing the disk in Chen Xiang's hands, Evil Dragon Prince immediately understood that the person who s.n.a.t.c.hed the Dragon Clan Princess away was the person in front of him.

His heart was filled with hatred. This was all because he had grabbed hold of the Sword wing tiger and ecstatic it to the point that his head was about to faint. Otherwise, when he saw Chen Xiang, he would have already made his move.

"Just who are you?" The Evil Dragon Prince roared.

"The one who sent you on your way." Chen Xiang laughed as he activated the disk called the Five Thunder Roar. The disk floated above the Evil Dragon Prince and continued to rain down lightning, causing the Evil Dragon Prince to scream out in pain.

Evil Dragon Prince was a dragon after all, and the quality of his body was not bad.

When Chen Xiang saw that the Evil Dragon Prince had been ravaged to the point where he was about to turn into a dragon, he immediately went forward and used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search the memories in the Evil Dragon Prince's mind.

Very quickly, he got a lot of information about this world from the Evil Dragon Prince's mind, as well as some big plans for the future.

"This guy can't die for now. If he dies, then the trouble won't be small." After Chen Xiang found out about some things from the Evil Dragon Prince's memories, if the Evil Dragon Prince died, then whatever Evil Dragon Emperor would definitely go crazy.

He immediately extracted and sealed Evil Dragon Prince's soul inside a pearl. As long as Evil Dragon Prince's soul was not destroyed, the Pearl of Life that was connected to him would not shatter.

Chen Xiang often did this before.

He cleaned up the place, and had used most of his poison. It had indeed made things much easier for him, especially after he got rid of the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s.

When he planned to let the Sword wing tiger go, he found that the Sword wing tiger that was covered in wounds had already recovered.

Sword wing tiger's recovery ability was already strong, and the Evil Dragon Prince also valued this point, because they could obtain a large amount of divine swords from the Sword wing tiger.

"Well, you may go." Chen Xiang pulled open the net and said to the Sword wing tiger.

The Sword wing tiger growled at Chen Xiang twice, and then the tiger head rubbed against Chen Xiang, showing that it did not have any hostility towards Chen Xiang. This was a very intimate action.

"You want to follow me?" Chen Xiang laughed.

The Sword wing tiger nodded, this Sword wing tiger was also a rather peculiar beast, it could not transform into human form, and could not speak, nor did it send Chen Xiang a sound transmission.

"If you follow me, I might take your divine sword often." Chen Xiang patted the Sword wing tiger's head.

The Sword wing tiger growled, from the looks of it he was not opposed to Chen Xiang doing that.

Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and allowed it to enter the inner s.p.a.ce of the Six Realms mirrors. For the time being, he didn't dare to place the Sword wing tiger inside the You Yao Mountain Villa.

After leaving the mountain range, Chen Xiang flew high up in the sky towards the south of the city.

At the southern side of the city was a gigantic mountain that reached into the clouds. Chen Xiang followed the memories of the Evil Dragon Prince and headed towards one of the mountains.

This mountain was home to the most powerful deities here.

The entire mountain was enveloped by a powerful barrier, but it was not enough to stop Chen Xiang. He jumped in with a White Tiger, and then teleported to the top of the mountain.

At the top of the mountain there was a large house, and Chen Xiang was currently in the courtyard inside. He sat on a stone bench and played with a bird on the table, causing the bird to chirp non-stop.

A room's door suddenly opened, and an old man walked out. When he saw Chen Xiang in the courtyard, he could not help but scream.

This old man was Natural Law Divine Spirit.

Chen Xiang had seen this Natural Law Divine Spirit from the Evil Dragon Prince's memories. At that time, he was very surprised, he never thought that these G.o.ds would actually hide within this Heavenly Evil World.

They had known many things from the beginning, but they had concealed them.

"Shen … Chen Xiang, why are you here? Could it be that everything that happened was done by you? " The Natural Law Divine Spirit was surprised, and came to Chen Xiang's side.

"I did it. Quickly go and tell that lightning G.o.d that I injured his son." Chen Xiang laughed: "You are too terrible, you should have long guessed that I was the one who did it."

"I didn't expect you to come here." When Natural Law Divine Spirit looked at Chen Xiang, his eyes were evasive and he felt guilty.

"Don't be afraid of me, I understand your situation." Chen Xiang said: "You G.o.ds have weakened so much, it is not easy to be able to live a peaceful life here, you will definitely not be involved in other things."

"It's good that you understand. You also know that these matters are not something that I can control." Natural Law Divine Spirit sighed helplessly.

"But... You fellows are colluding with those evil forces in the Evil Dragon Prince, which is really something you shouldn't do. " Chen Xiang snorted, from the Evil Dragon Prince's memories, he knew that there were a few deities that served the Evil G.o.d Mountain.

"Things are rather complicated … Of course, I didn't do that sort of thing. " Natural Law Divine Spirit said: "I originally wanted to tell you, but right now, I also have no choice."

Natural Law Divine Spirit knew that he was unsatisfied in his heart, because once the evil forces entered the Natural Law Divine Realm, they would definitely carry out a ma.s.sacre. Although the evil forces might not be able to defeat the Natural Law Divine Realm, but even if they could not, there would still be heavy casualties.

"Is it because of Natural Law Divine Lord's restrictions?" asked. This was what Chen Xiang had learned from the Evil Dragon Prince's memories.

"Yes, although he did not control us, he did not allow me to do anything that went against him. We were abandoned by him now, and he weakened us because he was afraid that we would betray him in the future, just like the Great Landlord." The Natural Law Divine Spirit replied, "The restrictions he places on the Great Landlord are not very big, to the point where he is unable to retract the power of the Great Landlord. He can only restrict the entry of the Great Landlord, and limit the increase of the power of the Great Landlord."

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