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There were dozens of people from Evil Dragon Prince, and all of them were powerful, so Chen Xiang did not dare to rush over.

When the Sword wing tiger saw that humans were approaching, it did not immediately attack, but ran away. This Sword wing tiger was not stupid, it actually knew how to avoid these strong humans.

"Oh my G.o.d, he actually ran away." Chen Xiang was shocked, and quietly followed him. As long as he followed the Sword wing tiger, Evil Dragon Prince and the others would catch up sooner or later.

As expected, Evil Dragon Prince and the rest caught up very quickly. Sword wing tiger were extremely important to him, and since he had discovered them, he would definitely not give up.

"Quickly use a spirit formation to seal that guy up and prevent him from escaping." After Evil Dragon Prince finished speaking, a few people threw out a few formation plates, and then released a barrier, instantly enveloping a large area.

Chen Xiang was also trapped inside the enchantment, but the enchantment did not pose much of a threat to Chen Xiang, so he could easily escape. The enchantment of the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s from before made him afraid, but only those who knew the way of s.p.a.ce could lay it down.

The Sword wing tiger was sealed behind the barrier, so it was hard for them to escape. Right now, there was only one way left for them, and that was to fight to the death with these humans.

Of course, humans did not pose a big threat to the Sword wing tiger, what he was afraid of was that Evil Dragon. The dragon's aura was already capable of intimidating many beasts, let alone the Evil Dragon Prince with its dense Evil Qi.

Chen Xiang hid in the air and watched. He wanted to see the strength of this group of people, if they were too strong, he would need to change his plans.

"Do it." Evil Dragon Prince shouted and everyone immediately surrounded the Sword wing tiger. Then, they released their spirit energy that had pa.s.sed through the ten layers of profound doors, and smashed towards the Sword wing tiger from all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the Sword wing tiger was struck by many of the attacks. With a boom, waves of Qi undulated through the ground, causing the soil on the ground to turn over and over.

The Sword wing tiger was only a beast after all, so even though it was very strong, it could not withstand so many people attacking it. With the current injuries on its body and the destroyed wings, it was only the sword on top that fell to the ground. Those swords were very st.u.r.dy and were not damaged at all.

"Use the net." Evil Dragon Prince shouted as a large net fell down, trapping the Sword wing tiger within.

Chen Xiang had thought that Evil Dragon Prince and the others would fight with the Sword wing tiger, but who would have thought that they would be taken care of in such a short time.

"I really didn't expect these guys to be so powerful, taking care of the Sword wing tiger in one go." Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim in his heart, he had seen the strength of this Sword wing tiger before.

"We can't let them succeed." A plan immediately surfaced in Chen Xiang's mind, then returned to normal.

A person suddenly appeared inside the barrier, Evil Dragon Prince and the rest quickly noticed it, but because it was right above them, they immediately became cautious.

"Who are you?" A middle aged man shouted to Chen Xiang: "Come down."

When the middle aged man spoke, some people started attacking Chen Xiang, but they were all avoided by Chen Xiang.

Normally, if Chen Xiang was attacked like that, he would definitely beat him back without saying a word. But now that he had a plan, he could only endure it.

It was only when he reached the ground that the others stopped attacking him.

"I was also here to look for the Sword wing tiger. I have been following this Sword wing tiger all this time, but I never thought that it would be so popular, and actually be caught by you guys." Chen Xiang said, he did not reveal his true appearance, but rather took on the appearance of a middle-aged man.

"Sorry, the Sword wing tiger is mine now." Evil Dragon Prince's face turned cold: I'm in a good mood today, so I don't mind how sneaky you are, otherwise you would have already been killed by us.

Chen Xiang wasn't afraid though. He swept his eyes across the people behind Evil Dragon Prince and then said: "The Sword wing tiger is extremely useful to me. I don't know if this friend here will be able to cut it off.

Chen Xiang did not have many Profound Opening Fruits, so he was only testing the Evil Dragon Prince.

"Nope." Evil Dragon Prince was very determined.

"I will use the Heavenly artifact to exchange." Chen Xiang said again, and then took out his Six Realms mirrors, and then explained the uses of the Six Realms mirrors.

As long as they were hit by the mirror, their power would be reflected and they would have a strong defense. Just this point caused many people behind Evil Dragon Prince to reveal an expression of wanting to take advantage of them.

And when Chen Xiang said that Six Realms mirrors could easily copy formations, it made people exclaim repeatedly.

Chen Xiang had even demonstrated to copy the enchantment that they had set up using a few array discs, but the Six Realms mirrors had shined for an instant and copied it down.

"How about it? This is a good item." Chen Xiang laughed: "Do you want to trade?"

"No, you can leave, but leave this thing behind." The Evil Dragon Prince sneered, he felt that Chen Xiang was too naive, to actually come to negotiate with him, and take out such a good thing to show off.

This was exactly as Chen Xiang had expected. He had already kept the Six Realms mirrors.

"Hand it over and I'll let you leave this place alive." The other people had already surrounded Chen Xiang.

"You all … "How can you all do this." Chen Xiang pretended to be angry and purposely revealed a terrified expression.

"Are you giving or not?" A sword was already at Chen Xiang's neck.

"Here, I'll give it to you." Chen Xiang anxiously took out the Six Realms mirrors. The Six Realms mirrors had already been turned into a small mirror by Chen Xiang.

When Evil Dragon Prince took the Six Realms mirrors, he said: "You still haven't cut off all contact with this Heavenly artifact, looks like you can only destroy your soul."

With that, the Evil Dragon Prince was about to make his move, but the Six Realms mirrors in his hand suddenly grew big, he immediately looked at the mirror of the Six Realms mirrors, and saw that a black liquid suddenly surged out.

"Poisonous." The Evil Dragon Prince was terrified.


The Six Realms mirrors's mirror suddenly spewed out a large ball of black juice, scattering everywhere. The dozens of people nearby were drenched in the black venom.

As for the Sword wing tiger at the side, it was protected by Chen Xiang's spatial barrier. Although Chen Xiang himself was also in the rain, he was completely fine.

"Heaven's Divination. Who exactly are you? Only the Undead Divine Race has this kind of poison, and that much too." The Evil Dragon Prince's voice was filled with fear.

Chen Xiang did not answer him. Instead, he took his Heavenly magic sword and walked towards the people who were meditating to expel the poison.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Chen Xiang beheaded all those who were poisoned with the Sky Spill Poison, leaving behind the Evil Dragon Prince.

Even a Dao Sovereign Realm Xia Bailing couldn't do anything against this kind of poison, much less a tenth stage Evil Dragon Prince of the sect.

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