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"It's a very powerful beast, the feathers on its wings were made from swords, if these swords were here, they would grow back quickly. If one could get a Winged Sword Tiger, it would be equivalent to possessing many swords, able to provide a large group of extremely powerful swords."

Chen Xiang immediately thought of the evil blood warriors that had come out from the Dragon Blood Lake. The weapons in their hands were all very weak, if they were equipped with a large number of Divine Swords, their fighting strength would definitely increase by a lot. Ybdu.

Evil Dragon Prince caught the Blade Wing Tiger because of this matter.

After that person left, Chen Xiang began to plan on what to do tomorrow. He had only told that person that he wanted to curry favor with the Evil Dragon Prince, so he entrusted him with the task of investigating the movements of the Evil Dragon Prince.

Chen Xiang headed towards the mountain range overnight, and he was quite a distance away from the city, but he was still within the boundaries of the Divine Spirit Place.

"There are still ten days, I'm only at the third level of the Dao Shi realm. I need to break through as soon as possible and cultivate more profound entrances to the Ancient Code!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes, took out a few Primitive Tao Power s from the Primordial Profound Gate, and used them to refine a pellet.

Last time he used the Primitive Tao Power to refine pills, he only used that one strike to injure him heavily. This time, he did not dare to come!

"The two profound gates of law that I've previously trained in are the flame profound door and the spatial profound door, while the third is the primordial profound door!" Chen Xiang was considering the distribution of the ten rules and profound doors.

"The Primitive Tao Power should be able to strengthen the fire dao, I'll give it a try!"

After Chen Xiang released the fire dao energy, he added some Primitive Tao Power s. As expected, the fire dao energy suddenly increased by a lot!

"This way, all I need to do is to train and create a Mysterious s.p.a.ce Gate and a Mysterious Flaming Gate. The other eight will be to practice the Primordial Mysterious Gate." Chen Xiang tested using his spatial force. As long as he added a little Primitive Tao Power, his spatial force would increase.

This was the power of the Primitive Tao Power. It could actually strengthen the other dao powers of the Laws!

It was very easy for Chen Xiang to cultivate in the Primitive Tao Power. He could eat pills refined using the Primitive Tao Power, or he could absorb the Primitive Tao Power from the Primordial Profound Gate to temper those Tao profound Door s.

Right now, he planned to use two methods to refine pellets at the same time. One was to use the Primitive Tao Power of the profound laws to temper the Tao profound Door, and the other was to use the Primitive Tao Power to refine pellets.

The Dao Shi realm and the Dao Zong realm were relatively easy to cross over for Chen Xiang, especially the current Dao Shi realm. As long as he had enough attribute energy to guide his cultivation in the Tao profound Door, he would be able to refine a profound door with the Code very quickly.

Only by reaching the Dao G.o.d Realm quickly would Chen Xiang feel safe, especially when facing off against experts from the Divine Wasteland. He didn't have enough power, like how he almost turned into ashes before.

There was one more thing that was important to Chen Xiang, and that was to cultivate his own flesh. Otherwise, his Primitive Tao Power would not even be able to strengthen itself through the profound door!

He could barely pa.s.s through the first layer of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, let alone the tenth layer!

If he had a strong enough fleshly body to bear it, then the might of his Primitive Tao Power would be boundless!

"It seems that I have to cultivate to the Dao G.o.d gold body in order to be able to pa.s.s Tenfold Door."

When Chen Xiang thought about how his Primitive Tao Power was unable to strengthen itself through the profound door, he felt extremely unreconciled. It was equivalent to having a full body of strength, but he was worried that his body would break down after using it.

Chen Xiang had cultivated here for eight days, he had already cultivated up to two of the Ancient Code Mysterious Gates, both of them being Primal Daoists. At the moment, he was already at the fifth stage of the Dao Shi realm.

If it was anyone else, their power would not increase much no matter how fast the Dao Shi realm was raised. However, Chen Xiang was different, as all ten of his profound doors had been opened, the current him was restricted from having a strong physical body.

"Try opening the three ancient profound doors!" Chen Xiang had completely opened the three primordial profound gates. Three vast waves of Primitive Tao Power rushed out like a raging river and gathered together, causing his Divine Sense Sea to tremble.

"Very strong. It seems that even my physical body is unable to withstand it!" Just thinking about it, Chen Xiang felt that it was a little scary. If he could force the Primitive Tao Power through the ten levels of profound doors, it would definitely be very scary.

"They should be here in two days. I'll go find that Swordwing Tiger first!" Chen Xiang was also very interested in the Swordwing Tiger. To think that there would be such a bizarre beast type existence, that it could grow its own sword, just by thinking about it, he felt that it was very powerful.

This mountain range was very big, and there were many beasts. It was probably because the environment here was not bad, that was why it became Divine Spirit Place.

Chen Xiang had been searching here for two days already, but there were only some clues. He realized that there were some traces of sword thorns, and most of them had actually been pierced by many swords.

"There are no footprints left by a Swordwing Tiger!" Chen Xiang carefully checked the area, just as he was pondering, a black figure suddenly flashed past in the sky.

He raised his head to look around, but he did not see anything. As he looked around, he suddenly realized that there was a gigantic golden tiger in the distance.

When this giant golden tiger swept past the skies of a forest, it only flapped its wings once before exploding out with Sword Qi, crushing many of the huge trees below it.

"He seems to be looking for something. What a powerful attack power!" Chen Xiang was secretly shocked. He did not know if he would be able to handle the sword qi properly.

He used the Counter Power to conceal himself, so the Blade Winged Tiger did not see him. He kept a distance behind him, as long as he followed this Blade Winged Tiger, he would be able to meet the Evil Dragon Prince.

"I wonder what his strength is, to think that he would be so powerful!" Chen Xiang followed behind the Winged Sword Tiger, and along the way, they had already killed a few stronger beasts, but they were all killed by the sword qi released by the Winged Sword Tiger, and they were all far away.

Chen Xiang followed them for a long time before he suddenly saw a lot of people in the distance.

"Evil Dragon Prince!" Chen Xiang's heart trembled. The Evil Dragon Prince had indeed come, and they had even brought a large group of very strong youths. It seemed like they were all at the tenth level of the Dao Sect.

"I'm relieved now that there's no Dao Sovereign Realm cultivator." Chen Xiang planned to kill all of Evil Dragon Prince's people.

"Crown Prince, look, I didn't lie to you, right? There are Sword wing tiger in this mountain range!" One of them smiled and said, "We can begin now."

"Everyone, be careful. Sword wing tiger is not weak, and be careful of his sword qi. His sword qi is comparable to those of experts in the way of the sword." Evil Dragon Prince said. As a beast himself, he understood Sword wing tiger very well.

Chen Xiang who was hiding himself was sharpening his blade, preparing to take the opportunity to make his move. Right now, he wanted to see how Evil Dragon Prince and his group of people would capture the Sword wing tiger alive!

The Evil Dragon Prince would definitely not kill this precious Sword wing tiger, otherwise he would not be able to obtain an endless stream of divine swords from the Sword wing tiger.

The evil way did not know how to forge weapons or refine pills. They were very poor in terms of equipment, so Sword wing tiger s were very precious to them.

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