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Chen Xiang planned to walk outside Divine Spirit Place to check on the situation inside. Evil Dragon Prince had suffered greatly, and even the Thunder Cauldron had been injured by him, he did not know how it was currently.

The two Strong of Divine Wasteland s were not someone he could deal with, but he felt that he could still deal with someone at the level of the Evil Dragon Prince s.

As he was flying through the air, he suddenly saw two black dots below him!

Below was a green gra.s.sland, with two abrupt points that were easy to discover, and Chen Xiang's vision was very good, so he was able to immediately see that those two points were the Strong of Divine Wasteland that injured him earlier.

"They are actually here!" Could it be that they stopped halfway to cure the poison? " Chen Xiang was shocked, and was considering whether or not he should go down and take a look.

Because he had been severely injured by these two extremely strong fellows before, Chen Xiang felt a shadow in his heart, and was a little afraid.

"Go down and take a look. These two fellows have injured me. Right now, they are operating their martial arts to detoxify the poison. This is a good opportunity to kill them. I want to seize this opportunity!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath and decided to take a look.

When he went down, he saw that the expressions of the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s were not good.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling is really amazing, the poison they refined actually caused these two fellows to be half-dead." Chen Xiang was praise towards the two poisons in his heart, but he had used up all of them. He planned to look for Du Xiaoling for more after he returned.

"Big brother, what should we do? After being afflicted with both the Drunken Heaven Powder and the Heart Devouring Bone Poison, it would be difficult for him to cure them! Especially that Drunken Sky Powder, which paralyzes the soul, thus making it difficult to mobilize the Dao energy in the Divine Sense Sea. It took a lot of effort to mobilize some of it, but a lot of it was swallowed up by the Bone Devouring Poison, causing it to only be able to control a small amount of Dao energy to resist the poison. "

"You have to be patient. The poison has already been suppressed by me, if it was anyone else, they would have already become a pool of blood!" Just wait a few more days, and when the third and fourth brothers who went to Evil G.o.d Mountain come back, we will be saved. They can help us force out the poison. "

"What is the background of that guy?" There's actually such a poison, and the power of s.p.a.ce is being used extremely well! "

"I don't know, but we've investigated it clearly. This guy is definitely a scourge."

Chen Xiang secretly sneered when he heard their conversation, then took out his Heavenly magic sword and quickly rushed down.

"Not good, something is approaching." One of the middle aged men shouted in shock, Remember that right after he shouted, Chen Xiang chopped off his head.

He had to admit that these Strong of Divine Wasteland were indeed powerful, to the point where they could actually sense his approach.

Chen Xiang threw the head into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and burned it. The body that had lost its head did not have enough Dao Energy to resist the poison, so it quickly melted!

This was another body of the G.o.d level, but it was melted by the poison just like that.

"You stupid dog, you were so cool when you hit me!" Chen Xiang revealed his true form, grabbing onto the middle aged man's neck, he sneered: "It should be sent by the G.o.d of Heaven. b.a.s.t.a.r.ds like you, you always make a mess in this world!"

"You … You are Chen Xiang! " The middle aged man suddenly thought of this name, it was something that the people from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had mentioned to him before, because Chen Xiang knew about the Heavenly Alchemy, he had been more concerned about it previously, he had planned to look for Chen Xiang to obtain the Heavenly Alchemy from him in the future.

Thinking back to this matter, the middle aged man secretly regretted it a lot, because they should have recklessly killed Chen Xiang back then.

"Yo, you actually recognize me!" Chen Xiang immediately used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on him to look through his memories.

However, this time he didn't succeed. His opponent's soul had a special power protecting his memories.

"You want to check my memories? No way!" The middle-aged man grinned and said, "You're dead for sure. If you kill me, Master will definitely know. He can see everything through my eyes at any time."

"I'm not afraid of him!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he waved his sword and cut off the middle aged man's head.

Both heads were thrown into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, this was the head of the Strong of Divine Wasteland, the Divine Sense Sea contained a very vast amount of energy, he anxiously refined it, he wanted to preserve that power …

After two days of refinement, he had refined an energy ball the size of a watermelon. If he were to throw it out, it would result in a very violent explosion.

"The power that the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s have refined is definitely not small." Chen Xiang kept this thing, who knows when he would be able to use it.

He had already found out from those two just now what kind of Evil G.o.d Mountain the other two went to, and they wouldn't be able to return for a period of time.

So he could safely enter the Divine Spirit Place!

Not to mention the fact that the Evil Dragon Prince and the Thunder Cauldron had been robbed, the Thunder Cauldron had also been severely injured, and the Thunder G.o.d had also appeared here in a fit of rage.

However, Chen Xiang had not merged with it yet, because there was still the consciousness of the lightning G.o.d inside. He planned to wait for a while and erase the consciousness inside, then turn it into his own after.

Previously, when he went to take a look, the name of the plate was "Five Thunder Roar", it was a Heavenly artifact, and when used in battle, it could awaken a very strong Thunder power.

The Thunder Cauldron was heavily injured, especially his flesh, it was practically crippled, and would need a large amount of medicinal pellets to repair it.

"Long Run, do you know where the Evil G.o.d Mountain is?" Chen Xiang asked, that place sounded very evil.

"Of course I know. This is an extremely terrifying place, a place where many heavyweights of the evil sects go into seclusion to cultivate. I heard that there is an Evil G.o.d from there who specifically bestowed power to those heavyweights of the evil sects." Long Run who was inside the You Yao Mountain Villa answered.

"Then wouldn't it be dangerous inside?" Chen Xiang had originally planned to go over to take a look.

"Mn, it's very dangerous. Elder Brother Shen, don't take the risk." Long Run warned repeatedly. He already knew that Chen Xiang was an extremely bold guy.

was hiding inside an inn. He was currently inquiring about the location of the Evil Dragon Prince, and after a round of questioning, he finally found out where the Evil Dragon Prince was.

At night, when Chen Xiang was drinking in the tavern, a person suddenly came to his table, this person was specially to help Chen Xiang gather information.

Chen Xiang had s.n.a.t.c.hed a lot of Profound Opening Fruits from the lightning cauldron, so it was easy for him to find someone to help him with his work.

"One of the latest news is that Evil Dragon Prince will be leaving the city in ten days and hunting beasts with a group of heavyweight sons. This is because a Swordwing Tiger appeared in one of the mountain ranges within Divine Spirit Place!"

Chen Xiang opened a piece of paper, saw the contents inside, and nodded his head, then handed over a box to the man, which contained some Profound Opening Fruits.

"What is a Swordwing Tiger?" Chen Xiang asked.

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