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The Strong of Divine Wasteland that Chen Xiang was facing were all fierce like dragons and tigers, they were not half crippled like the one he killed previously!

"What's going on with these fellows? They actually chased me so closely? I used my full strength to teleport!" Chen Xiang quickly teleported away from the Divine Spirit Place but the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s behind were still in hot pursuit. They both used teleportation to chase after him.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that these two Strong of Divine Wasteland s were much stronger than the two Great Landlord s from before.

At this time, Chen Xiang and the two Strong of Divine Wasteland were engaged in a fierce chase in s.p.a.ce, causing him to feel extremely pressured, especially being unable to get rid of them no matter what. If the other party was only slightly stronger than him, he had nothing to worry about.

However, these two Strong of Divine Wasteland s were different from the others in the G.o.d level. Facing the pursuit of the two Rankers, it was already not bad for him to be able to run for so long.

"This is trouble, these fellows are all here to open the Gate of Heavenly Evil, they must be very skilled in using Spatial Force, now that they are eyeing us, it is not a good thing." Only now did Chen Xiang remember that the Strong of Divine Wasteland that came here was different from the three that were in the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt the surrounding s.p.a.ce tremble violently, in the midst of the intense trembling, Chen Xiang's speed suddenly slowed down by a lot!

"This is bad!" Chen Xiang suddenly felt a spatial ripple coming from the front, and a Strong of Divine Wasteland appeared in front of him.

Although he was attacked from the front and back, there were still some that he could move to the left and right. However, when he wanted to use the White Tiger to escape, he did not succeed.

The s.p.a.ce he was in had been sealed, and it was an extremely powerful seal.

The White Tiger Leap that Chen Xiang used was very strong. It could easily cross many strong barriers and had never failed before.

Two middle-aged men appeared in front of him. Although they were expressionless, their eyes revealed a trace of surprise.

"Who exactly are you? To actually be able to grasp such a powerful spatial law, allowing us two brothers to chase after it for so long. " A middle-aged man asked with a cold and solemn expression. When he spoke, his voice was very loud, giving off a very intimidating aura.

Chen Xiang was sweating profusely. Being surrounded by two Strong of Divine Wasteland s with no way out, this was a very dangerous situation, and he was trying to think of a way to escape, so he had already secretly released Drunken Sky.

Smelling the fragrance, the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s' faces changed. They clearly knew what poison it was!

"Drunken Sky Powder, you're courting death!" The middle-aged man who spoke just now was enraged, he instantly teleported behind Chen Xiang and fiercely smashed his palm at Chen Xiang's back.

Chen Xiang's chest suddenly exploded, and a b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared, allowing him to see his golden heart beating. The opponent only used a palm to make him lose his head, the difference in strength was too great.

"You … And there's also the Heart Devouring Bone Poison! "

The other middle aged man bellowed and struck a palm on Chen Xiang's head., who was already injured, had no time to defend at all, and after getting his head smashed in, he almost fainted.

Chen Xiang fell onto the ground, while at the same time, the two boxes on his body fell apart. The Drunken Sky Powder and the Heart Devouring Bone Poison were scattered all over.

The two Strong of Divine Wasteland s did not expect Chen Xiang to actually throw out so much poison just now. After one of them gave Chen Xiang a palm, they both inhaled quite a bit, because Chen Xiang had used his own body to release so much poison just now.

"Hurry up!" A middle aged man's expression changed, the poison aura was getting stronger and stronger, and Chen Xiang was severely injured, so the poison aura was strong, and he would not be able to live for long.

They were all infected by a lot of poison. This poison did not need to breathe, and as long as one touched it, they would be able to immediately seep into the body. Moreover, it would quickly spread, so they just got hit a little bit and they would have to be careful.

Chen Xiang lied on the ground. The poison that he had released just now was completely useless, because when the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s touched a bit of the poison, they had already started defending and used s.p.a.ce to separate themselves. However, it was able to scare them off.

"It's really dangerous, I was almost killed!" Chen Xiang was lying on the ground at the moment. Even though his chest had a large hole, his Mysterious Heart of Nine Suns was extremely strong and did not shatter due to the palm strike.

After lying on the ground for a while, he had recovered a bit. It was enough for him to stay awake and control the Primordial Profound Gate to release a large amount of Primitive Tao Power s.

The recovery power of the Primitive Tao Power was extremely strong, at the moment he had continuously taken it out from the Primordial Dao Gate, using it to repair his own wounds!

Of course, Divine Sense Sea was also severely injured, his head was. .h.i.t, and he directly struck Divine Sense Sea!

"Master, are you alright? Do you want us to leave?" Chu Hongqing asked. Just now, when Chen Xiang's head was. .h.i.t, the You Yao Mountain Villa was also shocked.

"It's not a big problem, please don't come out!" Chen Xiang had thrown out two boxes of strange poison just now.

If Chu Hongqing and the others came out, they would definitely be poisoned.

An hour later, Chen Xiang had only recovered a little, and the large hole in his chest had already been repaired, but he was still very weak.

The barrier that sealed him did not have the power of the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s to maintain it, and gradually dissipated as well!

Without the spirit formation that sealed him, he would be able to quickly leave this place. However, he would not be able to go too far.

Chen Xiang's body had already recovered quite a bit, and his Boundless Daoqi also had an extremely strong recovery power. Combined with the Primitive Tao Power, his self-healing speed was very fast.

Now that Chen Xiang was using the Primitive Tao Power to heal the Divine Sense Sea, his injuries were relatively severe. If he did not recover well, the power inside the Divine Sense Sea would be affected a lot.

After Chen Xiang left the place where he had been injured, he entered a cave to heal his injuries.

"This place should be safe. We can peacefully heal our injuries!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes as the Primitive Tao Power s continued to surge out from the Primordial Profound Gate. They swam around the Divine Sense Sea, infiltrated inside the Divine Sense Sea and healed his severely injured soul.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang opened his eyes, which were shining brightly.

"The Primitive Tao Power is so powerful!" Chen Xiang praised in his heart before stretching his waist. "I thought I was going to die!"

Once again escaping from death, Chen Xiang was finally relieved. He walked out of the cave, used the Counter Power to conceal himself, and then carefully flew in the air.

Right now, he did not dare to use his spatial energy. The two Strong of Divine Wasteland s used their spatial energy, so he could sense any kind of fluctuation.

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