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Seeing that the young man was startled, Chen Xiang secretly rejoiced in his heart. He then used his spatial energy to retrieve the Storage bag in the young man's hand.

This caused everyone to be shocked. Someone was actually so audacious to have done such a thing in a row. Not only did he s.n.a.t.c.h away the Dragon Clan Princess, he even took away another person's Profound Opening Fruit!

"Who did it, are you not afraid of our Evil Dragon race taking revenge on you?" A ma.s.s of black fog suddenly appeared on the auction stage, turning into a young man wearing a black robe. His face was filled with rage, and waves of evil aura leaked out from his face.

At this time, Chen Xiang also pretended to be shocked, and continued to discuss with the people beside him. As he expected, no one discovered that he was the one who did it.

Soon after, many experts from the divine towers arrived one after another. They were all sweating profusely because after such a thing happened, they did not have any clues at all, making them lose all their face. They were also very curious, because someone actually had this kind of method to quietly take away the Dragon Princess.

Especially the crystal ball that sealed the Dragon Clan's princess, that thing was extremely powerful. Previously, the Dragon Emperor s of the Dragon Clan were sealed inside, and were unable to leave, but now, they were easily taken away by someone from inside.

The Dragon Clan Princess entered the ring. Upon seeing Long Run, she immediately cried and threw herself into Long Run's embrace!

Long Run also never thought that he would actually be able to meet the Dragon Princess.

"Little sister, it's okay, don't cry!" Long Run actually called the Dragon Clan Princess Sister, it was clear that he was one of the descendants of the Dragon Emperor.

After that, Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Long Run, telling him how he could save his sister.

Although he had the blood of the Dragon Emperor, he did not have the vigor that the Dragon Emperor possessed. However, Long Run had inherited quite a bit of knowledge in this area, and he was very brave. It was obvious from the time he sacrificed himself to lure his enemies to protect the dragon.

"Everything is fine now, it seems like this Divine Spirit Place is not a safe place. I will bring you guys to a very safe place after a while." They were most suitable to go to the Heavenly Dragon City, there were many dragons there, and Long Jiuxiao would definitely not mind cultivating Long Run.

"Thank you, Elder Brother Shen!" Other than being grateful to Chen Xiang, Long Run could also not say anything else.

Chen Xiang planned to stay here, he had heard earlier that the Evil Dragon Prince stayed in the Divine Spirit Place for a long time, and stayed here for a long time.

At this moment, the people in the auction house were not allowed to leave because they were certain that the person who took the Dragon Clan's princess away was inside. Thus, they had to make a thorough examination of each and every one of them.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang sensed four powerful auras, his heart was startled: "It's Strong of Divine Wasteland!" He had killed a Strong of Divine Wasteland before, so he was very familiar with these auras.

Seven Rankers came from the Divine Wasteland. Two were already dead and one was with the Sacred Wasteland. Four of them were missing, while the Great Landlord guessed that they had gone into the Devil Wasteland to open the gates to the Evil Heaven Realm.

The four Strong of Divine Wasteland s that Chen Xiang had seen so far should be the ones who had opened the door to the Evil Heaven Realm. From the looks of it, they were also living in the Divine Spirit Place.

Chen Xiang was a little worried. After all, these four Strong of Divine Wasteland were all very powerful.

"Everyone, quiet down." A young man suddenly shouted, because the four Strong of Divine Wasteland s could not figure out who did it.

This young man was the person who had planned to buy Long Xiaolian's fruit. He had lost more than a hundred million Profound Opening Fruits, so it was impossible for him to not be angry right now.

When Chen Xiang chatted with others just now, he already knew who this young man was. This young man was called Lei Ding, and was rumored to be the descendant of a Thunder power cultivator from Divine Spirit Place.

Chen Xiang guessed that they were the descendants of the Thunder G.o.d and could tell at a glance that they were bad stuff. He had heard Du Xiaoling say before that some of the G.o.ds were also very evil and very selfish.

The G.o.ds and evil forces in the Divine Spirit Place were working together, this matter was extremely obvious, Chen Xiang was certain of it!

When the Lightning Cauldron shouted, everyone quieted down.

"I have a G.o.d Equipment which is especially effective against oaths. As long as everyone queue up and place their hands on this G.o.d Equipment and swear that you didn't do it yourself, you will be able to leave the venue." The Thunder Cauldron said as he took out a larger disk.

"They should be the descendants of the Thunder G.o.d. Only the Thunder G.o.d has this sort of thing!" Chen Xiang snickered in his heart, because when he swore the oath, many people would say that he was struck by lightning or something like that.

However, this divine artifact was not working properly right now, and the lightning G.o.d had returned it to his children!

Although everyone was unhappy, they had no choice. After all, the Evil Dragon Prince and the Thunder Prince's things had been stolen, so even if they were unwilling, they had to wait in line obediently.

This auction was very bad for many people. After they swore in the queue, many people quickly left and found a place to complain to others.

Chen Xiang's seat was pretty close to the front, so he was also in front. He carefully looked at that black disc, and didn't know if it was really what the Thunder Cauldron said.

The four Strong of Divine Wasteland s were all around him, guarding him. Furthermore, they had released an extremely strange barrier, causing Chen Xiang to not know if he could escape or not.

"Calm down!" There were still more than ten people in front, but Chen Xiang started to channel his Dao Energy secretly, and prepared to use his second hand.

"This thing should be a Heavenly artifact!" Chen Xiang stared at the disk.

Now it was his turn. He placed his palm on the disk and swore … Just as he was speaking halfway, he felt a strong wave of Thunder power condensing within the disk. He was immediately shocked in his heart.

However, before he could finish his sentence, the disc showed a very stable performance and the Lightning Cauldron didn't notice it either.

"This thing is still gathering energy. I think if I let go of it, I'll have a chance to attack me!" Chen Xiang was a little anxious, and he mumbled his oath when he said it.

Just as he finished speaking, he made a decision!

"Mine!" He immediately moved the disk that was about to explode into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and at the same time, threw out a palm strike towards the Lightning Cauldron with lightning speed.

His palm landed on the Thunder Cauldron's chest, but a b.l.o.o.d.y mist erupted from the Thunder Cauldron's back, causing his entire back to tremble. The force of the attack, on the other hand, did not diminish at all, and after striking out, a very strong undulation burst out.


The Divine Spirit Tower violently shook for a moment and then collapsed!

The four Strong of Divine Wasteland s and Evil Dragon Prince were also shocked. They didn't even have time to react before the lightning cauldron was severely injured and the divine tower collapsed!

Chen Xiang had already teleported away, but he was being chased closely by the two Strong of Divine Wasteland s.

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