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Under Long Run's guidance, Chen Xiang used teleportation to quickly arrive outside of Divine Spirit Place!

"This place has a very powerful barrier!" Chen Xiang only had to be outside to feel the strong force of the barrier in front of him. The force of expulsion was so strong that no one dared to get close to him.

"Yes, that enchantment was created later on. Before the evil dragon race ran amuck, there was no such enchantment at all, and once they set up that enchantment, the evil dragon race would come out. I wonder if they had anything to do with it." Long Run didn't have any good impression of the Divine Spirit Place.

Chen Xiang could guess a few things, but this matter was too complicated, and it would be difficult for him to tell Long Run that he allowed Long Run to enter You Yao Mountain Villa, hence he had suffered some heavy injuries before, and needed to rest.

Long Run had told him before that he did not need to force his way in. There was a door that he could go through, but when he went in, someone would question him, and they would even ask him for some things to enter.

Chen Xiang would definitely not enter from the door, he immediately used a White Tiger Leap to enter the Divine Spirit Place, and was not discovered by anyone.

After entering, he found that it was still a forest, but the Spirit Dao Qi did not contain any Evil Spirit Qi, this was what Long Run said, using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang could see that it was not as dark as before.

"Divine Spirit Place? Could it be that the people here are all the same as Natural Law Divine Spirit? " Chen Xiang thought, after all the two worlds were similar, there was a dragon and a human, and this place was called Divine Spirit Place, there must be a Divine Spirit.

As he walked quickly through the mountains, he soon saw a bustling market. There was a very large city inside.

"This place is indeed different from the outside world!" Chen Xiang entered the city and walked on the streets. Everyone here was living a good life and was not threatened at all.

Chen Xiang inquired about it but he did not find out how he would be able to see the powerful G.o.ds inside.

But he had heard that the Evil Dragon Prince of the Evil Dragon race was already here, and they were even preparing to auction a small dragon. It was said that this small dragon was a princess of the dragon race, and its appearance was that of a ten year old little girl!

Once Chen Xiang found out about this, he would definitely take action, let alone the Evil Dragon Prince who was doing this!

"The Evil Dragon Prince is actually here messing around. The guy in charge of this place must definitely be one of the sc.u.mbags with the Evil Dragon Clan." Chen Xiang was secretly angry in his heart.

The currency used to trade here was a medicinal herb called the "Profound Opening Fruit". Eating this fruit would help open up the Tao profound Door, and every household had planted this fruit tree, so they would need to use their dao energy to cultivate it before they could grow it quickly.

It was said that as long as one ate enough, they would be able to open up the Tao profound Door, and this fruit could only grow in the Divine Spirit Place!

Chen Xiang had already used some of his pills to exchange for a few Profound Opening Fruits for Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin to cultivate!

In order to enter the auction house, Chen Xiang hurriedly refined a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan and sold it to the shops inside the divine tower, letting the people inside know that he was of n.o.ble status and that he was a Alchemist. Only then did he gain the qualifications to enter, and that the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan was also exchanged for a hundred thousand profound fruits.

However, buying a Dragon Clan princess was far from enough. He asked some people, and it was said that they could sell it for tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions.

The auction would start soon, and Chen Xiang would definitely not be able to get that many Open Profound Fruits in a short amount of time, so he planned to use a strong and unyielding method to save the Dragon Clan's little princess.

"Let me see if I can lure the big shots of Divine Spirit Place out during this operation." Chen Xiang had this plan.

The reason the Evil Dragon Prince came here to sell the Little Princess was obviously to collect more Profound Opening Fruits, so that his Tao profound Door could grow even larger, so that he could become stronger.

On the second day, Chen Xiang successfully entered the auction house. Upon entering, Chen Xiang sensed a lot of Evil Qi!

One of them was only owned by an evil dragon, he could distinguish it, but he did not know the others, other than that, he also found that there were a lot of other evil people here!

"It's really chaotic to see such an evil guy in the Divine Spirit Place! From the looks of it, all the forces of the evil way are hidden here, what exactly is going on? " Chen Xiang was very suspicious in his heart, he decided to stay here for a while longer, to properly clean up the evil forces inside.

This auction was not only afraid of selling the little princess of the dragon clan, but it would also sell other things. Chen Xiang also had an auction book, but he was not interested in anything!

After an hour, it was finally the turn of the Dragon clan's little princess!

The little princess was currently sealed inside a round crystal ball. She was dressed in white as she hugged her knees and curled up. Her cute face was filled with sadness. Her eyes were already red from crying.

She looked like she was only a little over ten years old and could be considered a little dragon. Moreover, her parents had died horribly and had been taken away. This was a nightmare for her.

Chen Xiang had already sensed that the Divine Spirit Tower had a few strong auras, all of them were Dao Sovereigns' cultivations, so they were not worried about people stealing things here. Once they stole something, it would be very difficult to leave the Divine Spirit Tower.

At this time, the bidding began. Many people were very interested in this little princess of the dragon race, and there were evil experts and righteous experts that bid. The compet.i.tion was fierce, and soon it rose to 70 million.

Soon after, it broke through to 100 million!

Chen Xiang noted that the person who kept increasing the bid from beginning to end was a young man, and was not evil, but from the looks of it, it seemed that this Divine Spirit Place had a very high position, otherwise he would not be able to take out that many Profound Fruits!

Over a hundred million! That's a lot of h.o.a.rding!

"If they are the descendants of G.o.ds, opening more profound fruits is useless because their Tao profound Door s have all been restricted." Chen Xiang guessed that the man was a descendant of the Divine Spirit.

"130 million, deal!" the host shouted.

Everyone felt a little regretful. Such a delicate Dragon Princess would definitely be ruthlessly destroyed in the future, and Chen Xiang also saw the youth, who had slapped the Dragon Princess, revealing a very sinister smile. It was easy to guess what he was thinking at this moment.

However, just as the young man went up and took out a Storage bag to trade with, Chen Xiang secretly channeled a strong burst of spatial energy, which was released by the Ten Great Tao profound Door s. The energy directly broke through the barrier above the auction stage, pa.s.sed the crystal ball that sealed the Dragon Clan's little princess, and teleported the little princess into the You Yao Mountain Villa!

After Chen Xiang finished, he was sure that he had not been discovered! At this moment, the entire venue exploded into a flurry of discussions. The little princess had actually disappeared!

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