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After getting rid of the Evil Dragon People, the remaining Black Hairs Human s did not pose much of a pressure to Chen Xiang. After shooting a few arrows, he killed all the Black Hairs Human s in one breath, then destroyed the huge net and saved the Fire Dragon.

After the giant net was destroyed, the Fire Dragon's body flashed with a burst of flame and then gradually shrank, becoming a handsome youth!

"Thank you, Big Brother, for saving us!" The Fire Dragon anxiously thanked Chen Xiang. Ybdu.

"It's nothing!" Chen Xiang laughed, then patted his head: "My name is Chen Xiang, what about you?"

"Long Run!" He looked at the dead Black Hairs Human. He was extremely afraid of that kind of Black Hairs Human, but he was killed by the human in front of him just now and the Evil Dragon Man that flew over.

"Elder Brother Shen, you're really strong. Those guys are very scary, but you can easily kill them all. I didn't think that there would be a strong human like you in our world." Long Run looked at Chen Xiang with reverence.

"Is that so? I have been in seclusion for too long, so I do not know much about this world. Chen Xiang asked. Although Long Run looked like a teenager, he must have lived for a long time and knew a lot of things.

"Let's move somewhere else to think about it. They just died here, so it won't be long before someone comes to check." Long Run was extremely vigilant.

Soon after, Chen Xiang followed Long Run and flew a long distance, arriving in a forest. Long Run was very cautious throughout the entire journey, but he was very worried, as though he was afraid that some strong guy would catch up to him.

However, after arriving at the forest, he let out a sigh of relief.

The environment of this forest was very good. The ground was covered with soft gra.s.s, and there were many beautiful flowers blooming in the forest. A burst of fragrance wafted through the air, refreshing one's mind.

"Right, the dragon clan should be very powerful. Why would you be afraid of them?" Chen Xiang asked, he felt that as long as there was a dragon with Long Jiuxiao's strength, it would not be as miserable as it was now.

"Our Dragon G.o.d has already died. He died from poison." Long Run sighed.

"Poisoned to death?" Chen Xiang's heart jumped, previously, Long Jiuxiao was also poisoned, but he was saved by him.

They are the most outstanding existences in the Dragon race. Ever since they died, our Dragon race's days have not been good, and up till now, it is the Evil Dragon race that ruled over the entire world, and most of us have been captured and killed. There are already very few of us left. Long Run said sorrowfully.

If the dragon race still had powerful dragons, then they wouldn't have been captured and killed by a small dragon like him. This showed just how weak the dragon race was right now.

Now, Chen Xiang already knew that the strongest in this world was that Evil Dragon race.

"Is that fellow I killed a member of the Evil Dragon race?" Chen Xiang asked, he did not expect that not all of the life forms in this so-called Heavenly Evil World were evil.

"Yes, it's an Evil Dragon Man. It has the blood of an Evil Dragon and a human." Long Run said: "They are very strong … The Dao Qi is becoming more and more powerful, so these people who train in the Evil Dao are becoming more and more powerful, and because many people accidentally absorbed the Evil Qi from the Dao, they gradually became Evil Demons. "

Chen Xiang did not realize that the dao energy here contained any Evil Spirit Force. He did not know if it was because of his Nine Yang Profound Heart, or if it was because of it, he was able to purify the Evil Spirit Force.

"What about the humans here?" Chen Xiang asked: "I saw a lot of humans being driven to a lake before, and there were Dragon Blood s everywhere in the lake."

"Ai!" Long Run sighed: "This world has been completely ruled by the Evil Dragon race, they now need a group of warriors, so they just have to kill the dragons everywhere, using our Dragon Blood to create some Evil Warriors, which is the group of humans you saw. They all sold their souls, and are at the mercy of the Evil Dragon race!"

"We can't blame them, after all, they are doing it for their own families … However, what they do not know is that right now, under the control of the Evil Dragon race, their families are slowly walking down the evil path, and not long after, they will become an evil demon. "

Chen Xiang was sure that this world was not like this in the first place, it should be the same as the Natural Law World.

And the person who intervened in this world was obviously the G.o.d of Heaven's Path!

"Elder Brother Shen, there is another place here called Divine Spirit Place. There is a group of very powerful humans, but they are all very arrogant and do not care about the matters of this world! I heard my Dragon Clan's elders say that these humans have an agreement with some fellows, they won't interfere in the Evil Dragon Clan's atrocities. I went to Divine Spirit Place once before, but was chased out. They used all kinds of ways to make things difficult for us and didn't let us stay in there. "

When Chen Xiang heard the word "G.o.d," he immediately thought of Natural Law Divine Spirit and his group of people. He felt that the person inside Divine Spirit Place was the same.

"How many members of the dragon clan do you have left?" Long Run asked. Long Run also looked pitiful at this moment, as he had almost been beheaded.

"Not much, and it's all us small dragons. I'm the big brother now, and in order to protect them, I had to lure away those fellows who came to search for them. In the end, they were arrested. They should be fine now!" Long Run was very worried about the other members.

"Take me to them, I'll take you to a safe place." Chen Xiang smiled at him: "You should trust me."

"My life was saved by the Elder Brother Shen, of course I believe in you. They are nearby, I will bring you there right now." Long Run said.

Chen Xiang followed Long Run to a huge tree and entered a tree cave. From the tree cave to the underground chamber, there were more than twenty children, both male and female, all of them being small dragons.

"Big brother, you're finally back! Those bad guys didn't hurt you, right?" A cute little girl ran over and said in her childish voice.

"I was almost killed, it was all this Elder Brother Shen who saved me!" Long Run touched the little girl and laughed.

"Ah... Elder Brother Shen is so strong, thank you for saving our big brother. " The little girl raised her head and looked at the tall Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang chuckled, and rubbed her little face. At this time, the other small dragons were also babbling with grat.i.tude to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang let all these children enter the You Yao Mountain Villa, and had Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin take care of them. When they return to the Natural Law World in the future, he would take them there.

"Long Run, take me to Divine Spirit Place." Chen Xiang said, he wanted to go there and see, the Divine Spirit Place must know a lot of things, and seeing as what was happening here, it must be under the orders of the G.o.d of Heaven.

Long Run treated Chen Xiang as a strong Ranker that had hidden himself. Furthermore, he was very respectful to Chen Xiang, and was also curious why Chen Xiang wanted to go to Divine Spirit Place. However, he did not dare to ask.

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