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Although Chen Xiang had killed many Black Hairs Human, he had not been able to stop the door from opening, and he had not slowed down his speed by much!

He had observed from afar, but he did not dare to approach, there was a Strong of Divine Wasteland over there!

The people that came from the Evil Heaven Gate all looked like humans. They had already built three huge cities, and the Black Hairs Human had become their slaves.

"Just how strong are those guys from the Sky Evil Dao?" Chen Xiang moved closer and closer, he could now see even more clearly that the people inside the streets of the evil sky looked no different from the people here.

"Warriors!" Chen Xiang looked at the people in the three cities, all of them were filled with killing intent, one look was enough to tell that they were people who fought regularly.

Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to observe and discovered something that looked like a red shadow!

"The Evil Spirit Race is actually here as well." Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. He was worried that there might be a Undead Divine Race inside that could figure out where he was.

"Strange, why are the powers of these guys from the Sky Evil Road all white?" "Bai thinks that this power is pure." Chen Xiang frowned, although the people from the Evil Heaven Road looked st.u.r.dy, and full of killing intent, they did not have that kind of evil feeling.

In order to understand more about the people in the Tian Xie Road, Chen Xiang decided to enter the world of the Avenue and take a look.

Chen Xiang used the Counter Power, but was not discovered. He teleported in front of the huge red door of the Evil G.o.d Realm, and entered.

Pa.s.sing through the red light curtain, Chen Xiang saw a bright world!

"There's a sun, and it's very bright all around. There's no evil energy!" Chen Xiang looked around. This place was extremely desolate, were all those weathered giant rocks, without any flowers or trees.

At the same time, many black armoured burly men stepped onto a road filled with broken stones, entered Evil Heaven's Gate and headed towards Devil Wasteland.

Chen Xiang could see the people in the Heavenly Evil World from up close. They were not bloodthirsty barbarians.

"What exactly is the Heavenly Evil World like?" Chen Xiang was at a loss, the feelings these people gave him were not bad, but why were there such dense killing intent.

After careful observation, he confirmed that these people were not zombie puppets. This was because their eyes were all filled with emotion, but all of them were filled with sadness and anger.

"There must be something wrong with that!" Chen Xiang looked into the distance. There were a lot of big men that were preparing to enter the Devil Wasteland, and their claps were extremely long. Chen Xiang estimated that there were at least a hundred million of them.

He followed the direction in which they had come. He could already see something in their eyes. He felt that they were all being coerced. Their faces were all filled with a look of reluctance.

Not long later, Chen Xiang teleported, he was already far from the gigantic red light screen, and entered the depths of Heavenly Evil World. At this moment, he sensed a very dense Qi, and felt that this Qi was very familiar!

"The aura of a dragon, there's a dragon scolding here? And this aura is very strong. Is there a dragon fighting? " Chen Xiang was suspicious, as he followed the aura and teleported.

After teleporting away, he was suddenly stunned!

In front of him was a very large lake, and this lake was extremely thick, as thick as black blood.

Dragon Blood!

A huge lake full of Dragon Blood!

He took a closer look and discovered that there were many people soaking in the lake. All of them only had one head exposed!

At this time, some people walked up from the lake and lined up to pa.s.s through a pa.s.sage on the sh.o.r.e. If there was water in the pa.s.sage, the Dragon Blood would be washed clean.

After these people washed the Dragon Blood on their bodies, they would put on a set of black armor and then walk towards the Gate of Heavenly Evil!

The warriors that Chen Xiang saw previously all came out from the Dragon Blood lake. Now, he understood why these warriors' killing intent was so dense, and why they looked very strong.

"Just what dragon's blood is it? With such a strong killing intent! " Chen Xiang watched from a distance in the air. He felt that this Heavenly Evil World was very strange.

Suddenly, a mournful dragon's roar could be heard from afar. A giant golden dragon was wrapped in a giant net, its body covered in wounds.

The enormous golden dragon was over thirty thousand zhang in length. Its head was exposed to the outside, and the net that bound the golden dragon was extremely powerful.

Just when Chen Xiang was surprised, a red light flashed. He saw that the dragon head had been cut off and the Dragon Blood s gushed out from the neck.

"This... What the heck is going on! " Chen Xiang looked at the head of the Golden Dragon floating in mid air and looked at the Dragon Blood that was cascading down like a waterfall. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart, thinking that the fate of a dragon in this Heavenly Evil World was actually this tragic.

He began to search for the fellow who had attacked just now. Earlier, he was only able to catch a sword, but he did not see any shadow!

"Found it!" Using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang saw that a black object was quickly moving, he immediately chased after it, in the direction where the Golden Dragon had floated earlier.

Chen Xiang knew how to teleport, so he was very fast, and very soon, he caught up. He saw that it was a man in black with scales on his face.

"This guy is a Draconian!" Chen Xiang immediately confirmed it, "And there's even a very dense wave of Evil Qi on his body!"

Chen Xiang continued to carefully follow the Evil Dragon Man. Although he was constantly teleporting, but he controlled himself very well, and did not emit any spatial undulations, so the Evil Dragon man that was being followed did not notice him.

Chen Xiang followed for more than an hour, when he suddenly heard a dragon's roar, and at the same time, a wave of scorching Qi rushed over!

"Fire Dragon!" Chen Xiang was sure that there was a fire dragon fighting in front of him. "These guys are hunting dragons everywhere to strengthen their warriors!"

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword, and quietly followed behind the Evil Dragon person. He had already made preparations for battle, and was considered to be very familiar with dragons, as long as they were not evil dragons, he could talk about them whenever he saw one, he had interacted with many dragons before.

Now that there was a fire dragon in front of him, he would definitely save it!

"Four Black Hairs Human s!" Chen Xiang looked ahead. Four powerful Black Hairs Human s were controlling a gigantic web that trapped the gigantic fire dragon that was covered in scales and wounds.

"The evil Dragon Man in front should be a head. Let's kill him first." Chen Xiang took a deep breath and transformed the Heavenly magic sword into a Nine-Xiao G.o.d Bow.

Not only did the Jiuyang Dao power have a great effect on Black Hairs Human, it was also very useful against extremely evil people.

Chen Xiang guessed that the Evil Dragon Man he was following was a Dao Sovereign, but he was only at the first or second stage of the Dao Sovereign realm!

"Let's give it a try!" Chen Xiang pulled on the bow and released a wave of Jiuyang Dao power. It pa.s.sed through the Ten Stage Tao profound Door and formed an arrow.

Because the power was too strong, even if he used Counter Power Stealth, it would still reveal his Qi, causing the Evil Dragon person to be on guard.

"So what if you find out? I'll still kill you!" Chen Xiang thought to himself. Then, he activated a large wave of Primitive Tao Power s from the Primordial Profound Gate and gathered them on top of the arrowhead.

"Go to h.e.l.l, evil thing!" Chen Xiang released the bowstring, and in the blink of an eye, the arrow pierced through the body of the Evil Dragon Man who was rushing over.

The arrowhead formed by the Primitive Tao Power broke through the barrier formed by the Astral Qi and penetrated through the enemy's dragon armor!


After breaking through the defence, the arrow body formed by the Jiuyang Dao power exploded, turning the Evil Dragon Man into powder!

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