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Chen Xiang looked at the white brilliance inside the pill furnace. He had not merged yet, and Chen Xiang did not have the power to fuse the white brilliance either.

However, just as he was about to rest, the white light in the furnace suddenly flickered. As it flickered, the light b.a.l.l.s, large and small, suddenly gathered together and merged together!

According to the time Chen Xiang had refined the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, only when he charged out of the Spirit G.o.d Realm would he consciously fuse together!

And now, he had just activated Crash, and it actually gave birth to a Spiritual G.o.d. This meant that the Primitive Tao Power itself contained a very strong power. He had to go through a lot of Crash to refine a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan before that to get a Spiritual G.o.d Pill G.o.d.

This was the first time Chen Xiang suffered such a heavy injury during pill forging. One had to know that he was extremely powerful now, his body had a tremendous amount of Infinity Qi, and even with such a strong physique, he was injured to such an extent.

"Can I condense my own pill?" Chen Xiang saw that the white light inside the pill furnace had already shrunk and condensed into a huge ball of light.

Right now, Chen Xiang was extremely weak and could not take out any more spirit energy to condense the pellet. It was not only his fleshly body that suffered the most damage, it was also the Divine Sense Sea that suffered the most.

"I wonder when I will be able to recover. I have underestimated the might of this Primitive Tao Power, to actually be so terrifying." Chen Xiang blamed himself in his heart. Right now, it was an extremely critical period, yet he had actually caused himself to receive such a serious injury.

What made him feel gratified was that the Primitive Tao Power in the furnace was only controlled by his very weak consciousness, and actually condensed into a pellet by himself, quickly condensing it into a pellet that shone with a white light.

After condensing the pill, Chen Xiang immediately opened the lid of the pill furnace, and the instant it did, an invisible current of air flowed out. The aura he gave off immediately became much stronger, and the pain in his body gradually disappeared.

"Such powerful healing power, it actually helped me recover so much in such a short amount of time!" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, and then he ate the Primordial Dao Pill.

After eating it, he did not need to intentionally refine it. The pill would fuse itself into Chen Xiang's body and Divine Sense Sea, and with that, Chen Xiang closed his eyes and used his mind to control the medicinal energy to cultivate a Tao profound Door.

His previous goal was to see if he can cultivate a Tao profound Door to the Primitive Tao Power Profound Gate. That way, he would be able to obtain an endless amount of Primitive Tao Power!

"The Primitive Tao Power is very powerful, that's for sure." Chen Xiang was looking forward to it now. He had just personally experienced it himself, and even he, who had such a powerful physical body, was severely injured by the waves of the Primitive Tao Power.

Therefore, he was very sure about the power of this Primitive Tao Power. If he could control it, his strength would definitely become even stronger.

Not long after consuming the Primordial Dao Pill, Chen Xiang felt that the injuries on his body had almost healed. It was just that he was still feeling a little uncomfortable inside the Divine Sense Sea.

Under Chen Xiang's control, they crazily channeled into one of the Tao profound Door, continuously tempering the entire Tao profound Door. The number of times a Primitive Tao Power was refined increased, and it was extremely overbearing as well.

Chen Xiang's ten stage Tao profound Door, had already evolved two times. One was the spatial profound gate, and the other was the flame profound gate!

Although he had only trained in two profound gates of the Laws, it was enough for him to obtain extremely formidable strength! Of course, what he displayed even more was this Primitive Tao Power and Mysterious Gate.

Now that he saw the Tao profound Door that was being tempered by the Primitive Tao Power, he was very confident that he could cultivate a Tao profound Door that could stand out from the ma.s.ses.

As time slowly pa.s.sed, the Primitive Tao Power's refinement of the Tao profound Door was also slowly progressing … In the blink of an eye, ten days had gone by!

When he was injured, he thought that it would take a year or so for him to recover. However, a few days ago, he had already recovered to his peak, so he did not expect that the recovery rate of his Primitive Tao Power was that strong.

"I've succeeded, I've successfully cultivated a Primordial Mysterious Gate!" Chen Xiang was extremely excited in his heart, and then he controlled the primordial profound door to open a little, absorbing some Primitive Tao Power.

These Primitive Tao Power were much purer than the ones he had obtained from the Black Hairs Human.

"The Primitive Tao Power is indeed very strong!" Chen Xiang controlled a bit of Primitive Tao Power and poured it into his arm. Originally, he planned to use it together with the Infinite Dao power in his body, but then he realised that the Primitive Tao Power had absorbed the Infinite Dao power and became even stronger.

Just a small amount of the Primitive Tao Power caused him to feel that his arm contained an extremely terrifying power, and that this power did not pa.s.s through multiple profound doors!

He felt that if he were to pa.s.s through the Tenth Dark Gate, the power would be even greater!

Chen Xiang walked out of the secret underground room. When he arrived at the garden, he saw Xia Bailing running around happily, chasing after a crow that was flying extremely fast.

"Sister Bai Ling!" After Chen Xiang shouted, Xia Bailing immediately ran over.

"What pill are you refining?" Such a huge commotion! " Xia Bailing asked curiously.

"Secret!" Chen Xiang laughed, then looked at Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing, allowing the two of them to enter the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Hmph, I hate you. You're keeping me in suspense." Xia Bailing snorted.

Lv Qinlian was refining poison in an array disc. She was doing this to prevent the poison from leaking and endangering Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin.

"Qinlian, haven't the Elder Sister Xiao Ling and the others returned?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, they should still be in Hundreds of Flowers Village!" Lv Qinlian said: "Is there anything you need from them?"

"There are some things I want to ask Elder Sister Xiao Ling!" Chen Xiang said, he just wanted to ask about the Primitive Tao Power, he felt that Du Xiaoling should know a little about it.

Xia Bailing said: "I also plan to go to Hundreds of Flowers Village to refine pills with the girls. Let's go back together!"

Lv Qinlian kept the work at hand and laughed: "Come, let's go back together now!"

After that, Xia Bailing pulled Chen Xiang and Lv Qinlian's hands and teleported outside of Hundreds of Flowers Village. Xia Bailing's spatial energy was also very strong, but Chen Xiang could do it too.

After entering the Hundreds of Flowers Village, Du Xiaoling and Bai Ziqian was there chatting with a few women.

Originally, Chen Xiang had planned to go and tease the beauties inside, but he was called away by Lv Qilian. He could only go inside Lv Qilian's room.

There were also Long Huishan, Long Shuangru and Feng Yujie.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It has to do with the Heavenly Evil Road, some time ago the Great Landlord came to find us, he told us to be prepared to deal with the enemies inside." Lv Qilian said in a serious tone: "From his tone, the people in the Evil Heaven Road are very scary."

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