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Chen Xiang thought that even if he could not stop them, he could not let them complete their mission so easily. Although his cultivation was not high, he was extremely confident in his own strength.

Inside Devil Wasteland, it was dark even in the daytime, but at night, one could imagine how dark this place was. It was extremely dark, and there was even a cold and evil aura emanating from it.

Chen Xiang used the Counter Power to conceal himself and carefully advanced forward. Previously, when he was using the Counter Power, he was not discovered by the Strong of Divine Wasteland, so he was not worried about being detected right now.

"There's a Black Hairs Human." Chen Xiang suddenly felt something moving on the ground, he immediately used the Dao heart Eye to check, and it was actually over a million Black Hairs Human s.

"They are all relatively weak." Chen Xiang looked carefully, and did not realise that Jin Xin was the larger one, but the smaller ones instead, causing him to be able to immediately determine the strength of the Black Hairs Human s.

He obviously would not let so many Black Hairs Human s go. He searched around, but did not find any other Black Hairs Human, so he guessed that these Black Hairs Human s were temporarily placed here.

"Un, they seem to be releasing the power in their bodies … Could they be channeling their Primitive Tao Power into the ground? " Chen Xiang was shocked. He had originally thought that only by killing off Black Hairs Human would he be able to obtain the Primitive Tao Power in their bodies.

"Just what kind of power is the Primitive Tao Power, to be able to open the door to a single level world?" Chen Xiang came to the top of this group of Black Hairs Human, and then activated Devouring magic kungfu, causing himself to produce a strong suction force that sucked in the Primitive Tao Power this group of Black Hairs Human s had released.

Originally, the Primitive Tao Power of the Black Hairs Human s flowed into the ground, but now it was all sent flying towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had opened ten stages of Tao profound Door, so he used the Devouring magic kungfu to activate the gate, causing the strong suction force produced by the Tenfold Door to be extremely terrifying.

"I didn't expect that it would be so fast when I use the Ten Layered Mysterious Gate to devour energy." Chen Xiang was secretly delighted as he continued to absorb the Primitive Tao Power.

Very quickly, he condensed a grain sized grain inside the Divine Sense Sea.

"It was condensed from the Primitive Tao Power." Chen Xiang did not dare to try how much power he had, he was afraid that if the power was too strong, it would alarm the other Rankers in the place.

The power that Chen Xiang was absorbing the Primitive Tao Power increased, but what he did not expect was that the Black Hairs Human s below him dried up very quickly, becoming desiccated corpses on the ground. He had originally planned to kill them all.

"It's still just a grain of rice, it hasn't grown that much. I wonder what use does the Primitive Tao Power have?"

Chen Xiang was very curious at the moment. Then, he took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and used the power of s.p.a.ce to move the shriveled corpses of the Black Hairs Human into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

Afterwards, Chen Xiang went to look for other Black Hairs Human. He felt that the current number of Primitive Tao Power was not enough, and moreover, it could not be used again.

"Strange, I can only absorb these Black Hairs Human s when they release their Primitive Tao Power. Previously, when I was fighting against so many of them, I didn't even feel a trace of their Primitive Tao Power." Chen Xiang suddenly felt suspicious, he had killed a lot of Black Hairs Human before too.

"Could it be that all of these Black Hairs Human have hidden traps within their bodies? Only when they need to release their own Primitive Tao Power will they be released." Chen Xiang immediately thought of something.

"Natural Law Guardians should be created by the eight G.o.ds of the Heavenly Dao using a large number of Primitive Tao Power s … In the end, they had to seal them away. Seven of the Eight G.o.ds had died, and the remaining one was actually able to extract the Primitive Tao Power from the bodies of the Natural Law Guardians s. This must have been caused by the still alive G.o.d of Heaven, it seems that this plan was carried out very early on. "

The more Chen Xiang thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. Soon enough, he found another group of Black Hairs Human.

Chen Xiang floated above the Black Hairs Human, and just like before, he used the Devouring magic kungfu to devour the released Primitive Tao Power.

"The Devouring Power released after opening the Tenfold Door is powerful, the absorption speed is too fast." Chen Xiang was secretly pleased.

At this time, the particle from the Primitive Tao Power in his Divine Sense Sea had finally grown a little.

Just like this, Chen Xiang absorbed a hundred batches of Black Hairs Human, making a total of over a hundred million, but he only managed to condense a very small pearl.

There were a lot of Black Hairs Human s, especially within the Devil Wasteland s and the Devil Wasteland s, so Chen Xiang was not worried about the problem with the Primitive Tao Power, he was only worried about being discovered.

"I need at least eight, then I can use the eight Primitive Tao Power Pearls to refine pills, and use the Crash method to refine them. Only by doing so can I refine an even more powerful Primitive Tao Power, and then see if I can use the Primitive Tao Power to condense a Primitive Tao Power Gate." This was what Chen Xiang was thinking, he felt that the Primitive Tao Power must be very strong, although he could condense a pearl inside the Divine Sense Sea, but after using it, he would be done for.

He needed an endless stream of Primitive Tao Power.

If he could condense a profound door capable of absorbing Primitive Tao Power s from the Great Way of the Law, that would be the best method.

Of course, all of this was only in Chen Xiang's imagination, he didn't even know if it would succeed or not.

The further he went, the faster Chen Xiang's absorption speed increased. Previously, he only took more than four hours to absorb the hundred million Black Hairs Human s.

"Could it be that all of the Black Hairs Human s here have been arranged to release their Primitive Tao Power in some place, which should be arranged according to the location of the formation? It seems like doing this can ruin their progress."

Chen Xiang seemed to have found the rule of the location of the Black Hairs Human s. Only by setting up the array would there be this rule, which was why he had this guess.

After a few days pa.s.sed, he had devoured eight hundred batches of Black Hairs Human, adding up to a total of over eight hundred million, and had finally condensed eight Primitive Tao Power Pearls.

However, the people who laid the array inside also noticed it, because the progress of the array was extremely slow, it was very different from their previous predictions, and when they checked, all the Black Hairs Human s that they had placed in their designated positions had disappeared.

When Chen Xiang devours Black Hairs Human, Black Hairs Human will become a dried up corpse, and will use this as a tool to squeeze out the last of the Primitive Tao Power.

"There are at least billions of Black Hairs Human in here. I only got rid of 800 million." Chen Xiang sighed. He could also sense several powerful auras in several different directions, and they were all extremely active, as though they were searching for something.

The Devil Wasteland could not stay for long, and Chen Xiang had already killed many of the Black Hairs Human, so he quickly retreated and prepared to refine Primitive Tao Power s. He wanted to use the Crash method to concoct pills, and wanted to see how strong the Primitive Tao Power would be.

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