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Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the youth sighed, and said: "Big brother, you misunderstood!"

Chen Xiang felt that it was very strange. Other than the fact that Black Hairs Human's outer appearance was different from a human's, other aspects were no different from a human's.

"Tell me, in short, all of the Black Hairs Human I met before didn't even say a word and directly started killing me. There were many times where I was almost killed." Chen Xiang said coldly. www.xstxt.org

"They are them and we are us. They are different! The thing that is different from them is that what they have are Jin Xin, and what we have are red hearts, the heart of flesh and blood. " The young Black Hairs Human said.

Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye to look. If that was really the case, then if the young Black Hairs Human didn't say it, he wouldn't have used the Dao heart Eye to look for it.

"There are a lot of Black Hairs Human in Devil Wasteland, where are they now?" Chen Xiang was in a bit of a mess, there were actually two kinds of Black Hairs Human s inside the Devil Wasteland.

"Big Brother, it's a long story! Although those fellows destroyed the spirit formation, they did not step onto this land. Instead, they drove us out. " The young Black Hairs Human sighed.

Chen Xiang's heart trembled. There was indeed a problem, he immediately thought of something!

"This is bad!" Chen Xiang had a bad premonition.

"You all look the same, but why are your personalities so different?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Because they were created, and we were. But we are born through reproduction, unlike them, so to speak. "Alright, we were originally born naturally. Because of the special places on our bodies, we were created by a single guy in accordance to our appearances, and then we were able to create a large group of those guys."

The Black Hairs Human was actually naturally nurtured? However, he felt that it was not so. Although the entire Natural Law Divine Realm was controlled by the G.o.d of Heaven, Chen Xiang did not think that he was the one who created it. If not, he would not have been so uncaring towards this world.

"There are many of them, and they are controlled by a certain force, making us our enemy. However, they cannot kill us, but they can kill many humans! I don't know why, but after they broke that spirit formation, why did they not run out and stay inside instead? " The teenager from Black Hairs Human said.

In order to confirm what the young man said, Chen Xiang had used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on him after knocking him out, searching through the memories in his mind.

The youth woke up and saw Chen Xiang frowning on the side. He anxiously asked: "What happened to me just now? Why did you suddenly faint? "

"Maybe you aren't used to the environment here, so you better not run around! "Because those guys who look like you did a lot of bad things, so if you go outside, it's very easy to get killed." Chen Xiang said.

"Ah... This is just as our elder said. " The youth was astonished.

"You should go back!" Chen Xiang had already guessed something. What was constructing the city outside the Devil Wasteland was not the ferocious Black Hairs Human, but a group of special species. They had a similar character to humans.

On the other hand, the savage Black Hairs Human was a creation, a bunch of incomplete items that could easily be controlled by evil.

… ….

At night, Chen Xiang arrived at the edge of Devil Wasteland. There was actually a barrier here, and upon seeing this barrier that was even stronger than before, Chen Xiang immediately confirmed his previous speculation.

The savage Black Hairs Human had already been controlled, and they were all inside the Devil Wasteland now. And the reason they intentionally chased the kind-hearted Black Hairs Human out was only to hide things from others!

What was that group of vicious Black Hairs Human doing in the Devil Wasteland? It was obvious, they wanted to open the door to the Great Way of the Evil Heaven!

Right now, the enchantment around the Devil Wasteland was much stronger than before, and it was clear that there were strong pract.i.tioners who had come to set it up. Only those who had come from the Divine Wasteland or above could do it in such a short period of time!

"Chen Xiang?"

"Great Landlord, you are here too!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, the Great Landlord had already arrived beside him.

Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Great Landlord seemed to know that Chen Xiang already knew a lot of things.

"Great Landlord, those cities' Black Hairs Human should be good, are they just a group of people?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, I didn't expect them to still be alive, what a miracle! I have already informed Little Fan and the others, telling them to not make a move, they should be looking for Long Jiuxiao very soon. Great Landlord said, "What a scheme, as expected of the G.o.d of Heaven!"

"Was it planned by the G.o.d of Heaven?" Chen Xiang was very surprised.

"Other than him, who else can control so many Natural Law Guardians? These Natural Law Guardians s were all created by him back then! Even though it has been sealed, he had a way to awaken it. Furthermore, the G.o.ds that have sealed these Natural Law Guardians have either died or become weaker, so the power of the seal has become much weaker. " The Great Landlord said.

"Is all of this for the sake of opening the door to the great Dao of the Evil Heaven? Wasn't this Natural Law World created by him? "Why are you wasting this world?" Chen Xiang found it hard to understand.

"Of course it wasn't created by him. He was just one of the founders, the others should already be dead, so he can do whatever he wants now. Perhaps it's because this Natural Law Divine Realm belonged to him alone, causing him to lose himself." The Great Landlord sighed.

"The fusion of Evil Wasteland and Devil Wasteland was also caused by him!" Chen Xiang said: "His power is so terrifying, we simply cannot fight against him!"

"That's right, but his control over this world is only on a higher level. If he wanted to kill you and me, that would be impossible. This is the rule that the Eight G.o.ds of the Heavenly Dao set for the creation of this Natural Law World, but he can still send people to kill us." The Great Landlord said.

Chen Xiang looked at the dark depths of Devil Wasteland and said, "Should we go in?"

Great Landlord shook his head and sighed: "Why are you going in? The four fellows from Divine Wasteland are not people I can deal with. Furthermore, they chose to take place in the Devil Wasteland precisely to restrict my strength, because my Creation G.o.d Tree would not be able to be used in that kind of environment. "

Chen Xiang was very clear about the World Creation G.o.d Tree's strength. The reason the Great Landlord was able to defeat two of the Strong of Divine Wasteland s on his own was because he had the help of the World Creation G.o.d Tree.

"And right now, there are not only a few Strong of Divine Wasteland s inside. The restriction that Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and I cannot leave the Sacred Wasteland has been lifted, so Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and those guys should be inside as well." The Great Landlord continued, "So it's useless for us to enter. Prepare our defenses and see if we can survive this crisis."

The people in the evil sky, were obviously much more terrifying than the Black Hairs Human!

Great Landlord sighed a few times, then left on his own, no one knowing where he was heading to.

In the dark night, Chen Xiang stared at the Devil Wasteland inside the barrier, clenched his fist, and unleashed the White Tiger Jump. It pa.s.sed through the barrier, entered the Devil Wasteland, and then teleported forward by himself!

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