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Chen Xiang used the Heart Devouring Bone Poison, which could quickly melt the Bones and heart in his body, but there were already many wounds on the surface of the Strong of Divine Wasteland, and he was already severely injured, so he was unable to circulate his energy in time to resist the invasion of the poison.

Chen Xiang still had not revealed himself. He was still using the Counter Power to make himself transparent, but the Strong of Divine Wasteland was able to sense that he was right beside him.

Chen Xiang snickered in his heart, and then used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on the Strong of Divine Wasteland.

He had originally planned to use the Devouring magic kungfu to absorb the energy, but he was worried that there was something special about the energy he was dealing with. After all, this was someone related to the Heavenly Dao above Divine Wasteland.

The other party had a lot of memories, so Chen Xiang could only browse through a few useful memory fragments quickly before choosing to absorb them. Otherwise, if he absorbed too much, it would cause him a headache.

"So Divine Wasteland is actually such an existence." At this time, Chen Xiang also gained some understanding of the Divine Wasteland. Above it was indeed a very powerful world, and it seemed to be the starting point and destination of everything.

The origin of power was the Divine Wasteland, and the end point of strength evolution was also the Divine Wasteland.

Of course, this was still a rather distant away from Chen Xiang. He had already figured out the purpose of these Rankers from Divine Wasteland coming down here.

The Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, Great Landlord and the group of G.o.ds were originally created by the G.o.d of Heaven, and now that the Heavenly Master was in the Divine Wasteland, the G.o.d of Heaven had lost his power in the Divine Wasteland. In order to obtain power, the G.o.d of Heaven had weakened the power of the large group of G.o.ds.

However, the Heavenly Dao G.o.d did not care, and now he had sent people down, he planned to use the "Natural Law Guardians" that was sealed back then, which was the current Black Hairs Human that had opened the path to the Evil Heaven Dao.

To fuse the Great Celestial Way of the Evil and the Natural Law World.

Back then, this Natural Law World had two worlds, positive and evil. Both worlds were in a balanced state, with human beings on both sides, except the two wouldn't interfere with each other.

Right now, because the righteous path's world was out of balance and its strength was weakening, the Heavenly Dao G.o.d could only absorb the power of the righteous path, so it would affect his strength. In order for him to gain more power, he planned to merge the two worlds together, thus allowing him to obtain a very strong power for a short period of time.

This was also what Great Landlord had said before, "I betrayed myself." Great Landlord knew many things, but he did not tell Chen Xiang.

"The Black Hairs Human army is just the prelude. The Heavenly Evil Way is the most terrifying one, I wonder how strong those fellows are." Chen Xiang kept cursing the G.o.d of Heaven in his heart. He had done so many things just for his own strength.

In order to let the doors of the evil world open, the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had to do the job of awakening the Black Hairs Human, and the G.o.d of Heaven had told them that the Black Hairs Human's body contained the "Primitive Tao Power", which could remove the restrictions on their body.

There were many limitations to the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's Heavenly Dao bloodline. Just like the Great Landlord, no matter how strong he was, he had to stay in the Natural Law Divine Realm and he could not break past the limit.

However, if they removed this restriction, they might be able to head to Divine Wasteland and escape the control of the G.o.d of Heaven. They were already tired of staying in Natural Law Divine Realm and had wanted to go to Divine Wasteland for a long time.

"Does Great Landlord know about the Primitive Tao Power?" Chen Xiang looked at Great Landlord who was standing in the distance and fighting. Great Landlord was not bad, the G.o.d of Heaven had once ordered Great Landlord to awaken those Black Hairs Human, but he did not do so, which was why he allowed Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to do so.

When the G.o.d of Heaven sent people to the Sacred Wasteland, other than opening the door to the Evil Heaven Realm, he also needed to punish the Great Landlord.

Chen Xiang's expression was currently solemn, because there were seven people who had left the Divine Wasteland, but there were only three that had come to the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. He did not know where the other four were.

Great Landlord's side had also ended the battle. After the expert from Divine Wasteland was killed, Chen Xiang immediately flew over.

"One more guy was killed by me." Chen Xiang anxiously told Great Landlord.

"Oh, no wonder. I was wondering why that guy's aura suddenly disappeared. I thought he ran away, but you actually killed him." Great Landlord laughed, at this time he was extremely tired.

Chen Xiang looked at the gigantic tree that was shrinking behind him, and laughed: "Great Landlord, your tree is truly powerful."

"This is the World Tree, of course it's powerful." Great Landlord laughed: "How exactly did you kill that guy. Even though he was injured, it wasn't easy for you to kill him without him noticing."

"I used poison." Chen Xiang said.

"Did that girl give it to you?" Great Landlord laughed, he actually guessed that it was Du Xiaoling who gave it to him.

"How do you know?" Chen Xiang was surprised.

After Great Landlord put away the tree, she brought Chen Xiang and ran far away from here.

"Other than her poison, I can't think of anyone else who could have dealt with it." Great Landlord said: "She is extremely dangerous, even though she is a good person." It's a pity that she can't escape the control of the Heavenly Dao. "

"I've already gotten rid of her. I helped her." Chen Xiang laughed: "That's why she gave me this poison, in order to repay me."

This little girl is pure and kind, but she is extremely powerful. Especially when using poison, I was somewhat afraid of her. For many years, she has been controlled by the Heavenly Law. If the Heavenly Law needs her, I can make her come and destroy the world at any time. Great Landlord was pleasantly surprised.

The death poison that Du Xiaoling released was indeed terrifying.

"Great Landlord, I already know about the scheme of the G.o.d of Heaven." Chen Xiang told them everything he knew.

After hearing that, Great Landlord's face became gloomy: Of the seven people that came, two have already been killed by me. One was left in Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, and the other four are still in there.

"I don't know anything about the Primitive Tao Power that can remove the restrictions, I only know that the Primitive Tao Power can open the door to the Great Way of the Evil Heaven. I thought those guys were here to deal with me, I never thought that there would be four more people that went somewhere else." Great Landlord also did not know about the Primitive Tao Power.

"Looks like I have to personally go find those fellows. The Black Hairs Human must have already exploded, there is a large number of Primitive Tao Power in the body of the Black Hairs Human, once they awaken on a large scale, if they die, the Primitive Tao Power will return to the main road. If I grasp the laws of the Primitive Tao Power, then I can absorb the Primitive Tao Power to open the gate." Great Landlord brought Chen Xiang and quickly left the Sacred Wasteland.

"Sacred Wasteland is fine." Chen Xiang was a little worried. After all, he had angered the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, and he was worried that the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family would start a ma.s.sacre there.

"Don't worry, there are still three Second Manor Lords blocking them." Great Landlord said: "They are not vegetarians either. They only have one less Chuangshi artifact than me."

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