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The old man from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had a cold and murderous look on his face, but he still took out a jade box.

"As long as you give him a reward, you can tell me where he came from, right?" the old man asked coldly.

"Yes, quickly." Great Landlord said, because he had told Chen Xiang before that if he won, there would be a reward.

So Great Landlord will try his best to help Chen Xiang obtain the reward.

The old man from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family threw a jade box to Chen Xiang. After Chen Xiang opened it, he saw the pill formula and the medicinal ingredients inside.

"You can say it now." The old man from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family said coldly.

Chen Xiang did not know why the other party would care so much about his background, and the Great Landlord knew as well.

"He's from Divine Wasteland." The Great Landlord said seriously: "Don't think that just because you have someone from the Divine Wasteland that we don't have. Hehe, he is just a little kid that came with the elder to join in the fun."

They had already experienced Chen Xiang's strength, so they did not doubt Great Landlord's words at all. In their opinion, only those who had climbed down from the Divine Wasteland would have such terrifying strength.

"Let's go." Great Landlord grabbed Chen Xiang and flew towards the city gate, and immediately left the city.

Chen Xiang didn't know why Great Landlord would lie to him, but he definitely had a reason.

"Brat, in a bit, there might be people chasing after us. At that time, I see that you can't take care of us, so you should escape on your own as you see the situation." Great Landlord sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang.

"Oh, how do you know?" Chen Xiang asked, up till now, he still did not have anyone chasing after him.

"I guessed it, I intentionally tricked those people that said you came from the Divine Wasteland, they would definitely inform the people from the Divine Wasteland about this matter immediately. At that time, those people from the Divine Wasteland might come to find us." Great Landlord said, "When the time comes, I will kill them all. If these fellows don't die, I will be very worried."

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, the Great Landlord actually wanted to kill the expert who came down from the Divine Wasteland.

"Great Landlord, are you strong enough?" Chen Xiang was a little worried. After all, he came down from Divine Wasteland.

"Let's take a look first. Even if I can't beat him, I should still be able to run." Great Landlord didn't have any confidence now, so he could only fight and see.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang sensed a very strong Qi, and he also sensed that s.p.a.ce was being pressured by a too strong force, causing s.p.a.ce to distort and distort.

There were very strong people approaching.

"They're coming. You run first. There's two of them in total. It seems that they are very confident in themselves that they can take care of me. This is also good." Great Landlord suddenly let go of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately used Teleportation, moving far away from this place. When he teleported, he felt a very terrifying power lock on him, but that power was quickly cut off.

"The Great Landlord is really strong." Chen Xiang was already far away from the place he was in just now, but he was still a little worried. He then used the Counter Power to pa.s.s through the ten stages of Tao profound Door, making himself transparent, and stealthily proceeded towards the battlefield.

When he approached, he saw a ma.s.sive tree standing tall, covering the sky and covering the earth. This tree had countless thick vines, and these vines were extremely nimble, dancing chaotically like lightning. The vines also contained a terrifying amount of dao energy, as if they were attacking something.

"Amazing, the Great Landlord himself can actually traverse these tree vines, just like a shadow, and not be touched by the tree vines. Could it be that he released the tree vines, so he is not affected by it?" Chen Xiang was shocked.

Great Landlord was fighting with the two middle-aged men, and the two men were very strong as well, the force of the force causing gusts of wind to wreak havoc on the ground, and with every attack, the vines would fall a lot, but the big tree had a very strong regenerative ability, and many vines instantly grew out of it.

"Hehe, you guys are still too weak. Divine Wasteland came down with just this much strength." sneered, every time those two people released a very powerful attack, Great Landlord would hide behind a big tree and use a tree trunk to block the attack. Although a large part of the tree trunk was destroyed, it was very quickly found.

Chen Xiang felt that this large tree should be a treasure of the Great Landlord. Otherwise, it wouldn't have such a heaven opposing power, to think that it would actually be able to block the attacks of two of the Strong of Divine Wasteland s.

"Hmph, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d who betrayed his master. We will definitely kill you today." A Strong of Divine Wasteland said.

"Betrayal of Master." After Chen Xiang heard this, he was very surprised in his heart. If Great Landlord had a master, then he should be the one who established the Heavenly Dao.

However, Great Landlord had said that there was a problem with the Heavenly Dao. As for why, he was not sure either, and only the Divine Wasteland would know.

"He betrayed himself! He even betrayed himself! Why do I still need to betray him?!" Great Landlord sneered: "You lackeys, don't think that just because you're loyal to him, you will be alright. In his eyes, you guys are even worse than dogs."

The big tree suddenly flickered with a gold light, and released a very peculiar gold light. The two Strong of Divine Wasteland who were rushing towards Great Landlord, suddenly slowed down a lot, and Great Landlord also rushed over at this time, throwing two and two punches and two kicks, sending one of them flying, and at this time, the big tree's gold light also disappeared, it did not last long.

However, to be able to injure one Strong of Divine Wasteland, he had to struggle against two previous Strong of Divine Wasteland s. Now that he was able to fight the other Strong of Divine Wasteland alone, it became much easier for him.

The Strong of Divine Wasteland that was just sent flying by Great Landlord had already suffered a heavy injury, so Chen Xiang immediately flew over with excitement.

"I can finally try out the poison given by Elder Sister Xiao Ling." Chen Xiang thought excitedly.

Chen Xiang selected a white box. Inside the box was the Heart Devouring Bone Poison, an extremely terrifying type of strange poison that Du Xiaoling had given him.

After the Strong of Divine Wasteland was knocked away by the Great Landlord, the skin on his body had all split open, and there were extremely shocking cracks all over it. When Chen Xiang got closer, he used the power of s.p.a.ce to sprinkle a large amount of Heart Devouring Bone Transformation Poison through the air.

Just as Strong of Divine Wasteland was about to eat the healing pellet, he was suddenly enveloped by a white powder that suddenly appeared. Because, when Chen Xiang used his spatial power to remove the poison powder, the distance was extremely close, almost as far as a hair's breadth. Thus, all of the powder was scattered onto the opponent's body in an instant.

"What poison is this?" The Strong of Divine Wasteland screamed. He who was originally sitting down suddenly turned into mud and turned into a pool.

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