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The Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland that was just selected had pa.s.sed away not long ago. This was someone who was going to carry out the awakening ceremony, as the Tao profound Door was slightly more open-minded than the other disciples of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and was highly valued by the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

But now, they were actually killed by Chen Xiang, and in front of so many people, they were even able to kill him. What made the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family Elders most furious was that this was actually happening right in front of their eyes, and they could not stop it.

Chen Xiang was already walking towards the other stage. He sneered at the remaining Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland and said: "If you're afraid of death, then go down the stage now. I won't make things difficult for you."

Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had always thought of himself as a very n.o.ble existence, the first batch of humans created by the Heavenly Dao, the emperors among humans. Thus, they looked down upon other humans, and acted extremely arrogantly in front of them.

But now, they had actually been looked down upon by a human, which gave them a huge blow, especially this Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland on the stage right now.

He was currently in the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland. If he were to shrink his egg and leave the stage, then it would be equivalent to being afraid of ordinary humans and lowering his head to ordinary humans.

Moreover, he had a certain level of confidence in himself. He thought that the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland that was killed by Chen Xiang before was mainly because he had underestimated Chen Xiang, so he wasn't prepared for it.

He had just seen Chen Xiang's strength. As long as he was careful and did not underestimate Chen Xiang, he would not be killed like the previous Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland.

Great Landlord said to the seniors of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family with a smile: "Look, your juniors did not cower. Don't tell me you want him to cower back?

"The one with the surname Qian, where did that guy come from? He is just a Dao Shi realm, yet he has such terrifying strength. Do you know him?" Although the seniors were all very calm and collected, they were also very proud and arrogant. It was only natural that the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s would not lower their heads like the others.

"I do not know him, but I know his origins. After this battle is over, I will naturally tell all of you." Great Landlord laughed: "We'll just watch."

Chen Xiang knew that the seniors were right beside them. A moment ago, they were still filled with killing intent, but it had already weakened, which meant that Great Landlord had successfully stopped them from coming over.

"Jiang Haokun, bring out your strongest power. Don't be careless like in the past. The guy before you is extremely frightening. You must kill him no matter what." An old man said sternly from a distance. When everyone heard this, they felt a trace of fear because this person was very strong. The power in his voice was very hard to bear.

When Chen Xiang heard this, he sneered in his heart, because he was also casually fighting back, and right now, he would not give his opponent the chance to retaliate.

Jiang Haokun suddenly took out a golden sword that was radiating light. Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, he actually used a weapon.

"Begin." An old man saw Jiang Haokun take out his weapon and immediately shouted.

Jiang Haokun turned into a gold light and shot towards Chen Xiang. His speed was extremely fast, and many people were unable to catch Jiang Haokun's figure, while Jiang Haokun had already arrived in front of Chen Xiang, thrusting his sword towards the center of Chen Xiang's brows.

However, the moment the sword touched Chen Xiang's forehead, it was blocked by the golden-white light that flickered between Chen Xiang's brows.

"Infinite Dao power." An old man from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family shouted.

Great Landlord was also surprised. He knew that Chen Xiang had cultivated the Boundless Dao Qi, but he never expected that Chen Xiang had already condensed it into his energy.

This also meant that it was close to the symbol of the Dao G.o.d gold body, and the Infinite Dao power was also very terrifying.

Just now, Chen Xiang's entire body was flowing with Infinite Dao power, so he could feel a wave of energy attacking him, then he used his own energy to stop it.

"This guy is really fast, I really can't dodge it. These Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland are pretty capable." Chen Xiang's heart jumped as he thought that his forehead was about to be penetrated, but unexpectedly, it was blocked by the Infinite Dao power.

Chen Xiang suddenly released a burst of spatial energy that penetrated through the Tenfold Door, sealing Jiang Haokun instantly by this spatial energy.

At the same time, Chen Xiang channeled the Infinite Dao power in his body, and then transferred this energy into the Divine Sense Sea, charging straight for the ten great opening Tao profound Door.

When the Infinite Dao power rushed through the first gate, Chen Xiang had already felt that the entire Divine Sense Sea was trembling and surging, which meant that the Divine Sense Sea had received a certain amount of attack.

And after rushing through the second stage of Tao profound Door, the ocean water inside the Divine Sense Sea began to churn even more violently, causing the entire Divine Sense Sea to tremble violently.

"To think that the Infinite Dao power could actually be so terrifying when pa.s.sing through the Tao profound Door." Chen Xiang was very surprised in his heart. He thought that he would be able to pa.s.s through it easily like Dao Force.

After pa.s.sing through the third stage of the Tao profound Door, Chen Xiang's head started to hurt.

"Enough." Chen Xiang also felt that it was about time. If this carried on, his Divine Sense Sea would definitely not be able to take it.

"Die." Chen Xiang released the Infinite refining that had pa.s.sed through the third level of the profound door. It overflowed from the center of his palm and flashed with an extremely glaring white light, and carried an extremely terrifying energy wave with it as well. That aura was unbearable for many people, and they all spat out blood.

As for the plaza itself, it started to crack due to the violent shaking. When many people became aware of the danger, they all began to distance themselves from it.

Chen Xiang's palm had already struck Jiang Haokun's body. The Infinite Dao power surged out at this time and enveloped Jiang Haokun completely.


The Infinite Dao power was simply too terrifying, even himself did not expect that after he pa.s.sed through the third level of Tao profound Door, he would have such immense power, that he could even shake multiple formations on the fighting stage.

Great Landlord was also shocked, the force released by Chen Xiang just now was comparable to a few Dao Sovereigns just now, and when he saw Chen Xiang flying in the air, he quickly flew over.

"You … "The one with the surname Qian, where did he come from?" The people from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family were furious once again. Although their Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland did not suffer any more violence, they died very thoroughly.

Another Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland was killed in front of their eyes, which was a very strong provocation to them.

"Wait a minute, it's not over yet. Your two Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s have been defeated, the winner should get a reward." Great Landlord was still very calm as he laughed.

"You still want a reward?" The old man from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family said angrily.

Of course, you can't help it if you don't give it to us. After all, your Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family has always been this shameless. The Great Landlord mocked.

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