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This Great Landlord already knew that Chen Xiang knew how to refine pills, and he even used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, but he had never seen Chen Xiang's pill refining level before. Today, he finally saw it, and it was much stronger than what he had imagined. www.xstxt.org

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course it's me, I relied on this pill to continuously strengthen my body!"

Great Landlord nodded his head: "If you continue to eat this pill, you will indeed be able to cultivate a very strong body in a short period of time. No wonder you have such boundless dao qi on you, it seems like you have already started cultivating the Dao G.o.d gold body."

"Great Landlord, I fought with the disciples of Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family before. It was those three youngsters. They seem very weak. They are the cultivation of Dao Sect." Chen Xiang recalled the youth in golden clothes that he killed with a single punch. He did not expect the youth in golden clothes to be so much weaker than him.

"Among the ten stages of the Heavenly Dao, the Dao profound realm is the most important stage. Generally speaking, the entire realm determines the future strength! You should be well aware that the Dao profound realm is mainly used for cultivation of the Tao profound Door. The more the Tao profound Door opens up, the more powerful the dao. "

"Yes!" Chen Xiang nodded. He had continuously refined Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan in order to pursue the ten stages of the Tao profound Door to open them all.

"Of course, after I pa.s.s the Dao profound realm, I can continue to cultivate in the future, because the following days, I won't be able to raise my strength by too much. It's far from being comparable to when I train in the Tao profound Door!" The Great Landlord replied: "Of course, not everyone has the qualifications to cultivate in Tao profound Door. Only someone like you can refine such a powerful pill."

"Then what did the Dao Shi realm and the Dao Zong realm mainly cultivate?" Chen Xiang didn't really understand any of this.

"The Dao Shi realm cultivates a Tao technique and a profound door, which is also the meaning of a Natural Law Principles and profound door. The main point of it is to use the power of law to temper the Tao profound Door, and let the Tao profound Door evolve. When the Tao profound Door needs the power of law to be used, they can open up a large amount of the power of law."

When Chen Xiang heard it, he exclaimed: "Then when it comes to the Dao Shi realm, wouldn't it be able to quickly absorb the power of the Ancient Code? Can a large amount of the power of law be transferred through the Tao profound Door as well? "

"That's right, but the prerequisite is that the Tao profound Door is able to open it wide enough, so the amount of power of the Ancient Code that you have absorbed is only sufficient. Otherwise, no matter how well you cultivate the Dao Shi realm, it would be useless. Great Landlord laughed out loud. "The Dao Shi realm is only using the power of law to cultivate for a bit."

Chen Xiang now understood that if Tao profound Door did not increase his power by much, then the progress of his Dao Shi realm would be minimal. Compared to someone like him, who only increased his power by a large amount, there was no superiority in terms of strength.

"What about the Dao Zong realm?" Chen Xiang asked again.

The Dao Zong realm is a Tao technique and profound body that uses the Great Dao's laws to train the body. This is in order to allow the body to contain a self-derived Law Soul, which has a total of stages. After it grows up, it will be able to reach the Great Circle of the Dao Sect.

Great Landlord raised his hand and opened his palm. A huge sphere of light appeared.

"This is the Dao G.o.d soul, with this, you don't need to rely on the power of the Heavenly Dao to provide an extremely vast amount of Law Energy. Otherwise, when you break away from the Heavenly Dao and enter the Dao G.o.d Realm, the Law Energy provided by the Heavenly Dao will become very weak."

"And the foundation of the Dao G.o.d soul, is the Tao technique and profound body cultivated during the Dao Zong realm! As long as he pa.s.sed Tao Doom, he would be able to obtain Dao G.o.d soul and cultivate in the Dao Sovereign Realm! Of course, this is still a long time ago for you. "

Chen Xiang felt that he wasn't too far away from it, because he had already fully activated his Tao profound Door. He would be able to step into the Dao Shi realm very quickly, and then the Dao Zong realm would be next … After crossing Tao Doom, he would immediately reach the peak of the Dao Sovereign Realm and step into the Dao G.o.d Stage.

Of course, if everything went well, Chen Xiang felt that he would be able to reach it soon.

"Great Landlord, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family caught my master. He wanted to use my master to threaten me and even tortured my master in such a painful manner. This method made me very angry, so I decided to go find Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family right now." Chen Xiang said: "I cannot sit still and wait for death, always waiting for them to come deal with me, I also want to fight back."

Great Landlord frowned, then nodded: "I can understand your feelings! Your current strength is not bad, but you are still far from being able to deal with Dao Sovereigns. If we were to fight against someone at the tenth stage of the Dao Zong realm, it should not be much of a problem. "

"The disciples of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family all have the Heavenly Dao bloodline, their advantage is that their Tao profound Door s will automatically open up later. When they reach the Dao Sovereign Realm, they can open up fifty out of ten Tao profound Door s, which is very powerful, and they don't need to deliberately cultivate in the Tao profound Door s."

never thought that Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family would actually have such an innate advantage, it was indeed very strong, it was already impressive for some Dao Sovereigns to open twenty or thirty of them, but they were also able to do it very painstakingly, there was no need for Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, as long as they had the Heaven Dao bloodline, their Tao profound Door would definitely be able to open it to such an extent.

"Alright, I'll avoid them if I meet Dao Sovereign level experts." Chen Xiang said, as long as Great Landlord was not opposed to it.

Since this was the Sacred Wasteland, he had a certain authority here. Therefore, Chen Xiang planned to cause trouble at the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, and at the same time, he had to inform them. Even if the Great Landlord did not agree, he would secretly go there.

"I have an idea! The five Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s will gather once every so often to pick a Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland. " Great Landlord suddenly laughed sinisterly: "I think you can go and train them to become Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland!"

"Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland? What's the use of it? It sounds very impressive! " When Chen Xiang saw Great Landlord's sinister smile, he knew that this fellow was filled with evil intentions. He had wanted to do this kind of thing since a long time ago, but it was inconvenient for him to do it himself.

"Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland is an examination held by the five Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s, and only one of them is chosen. As long as you become a Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, the five Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s will organize a ceremony for you, and will be able to open up a bit. Generally speaking, Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland has only just stepped into the Dao Zong realm, and after many years of trying, only people of this realm can open up Tao profound Door to higher heights."

"Is there really such a thing? By awakening the Tao profound Door through rituals or something like that, you can make it even bigger?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

That is to say, all Tao profound Door s have the same opening, but will have ten more Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s than them. In the future, as long as this Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland does not die, after reaching the peak, he will be stronger than others. "

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