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When Chen Xiang heard it, he was shocked. The other side actually had so many, all of these were middle grade King Stage medicinal ingredients, in a moment it was one hundred thousand!

"Well... How much is it? " Chen Xiang asked: "Collecting Jade money?"

Chen Xiang looked at the Great Landlord, because he felt that those Jade money were not very useful, and could not buy things from the shops in the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

"Take, ten million for one, how much do you want?" The grey robed elder laughed.

This price shocked Chen Xiang. Ten million one!

"So expensive!" Chen Xiang was shocked.

"It's not expensive anymore. We've all used formations to speed up the process, so the consumption rate is extremely high. And now, the demand for the Dao Spiritual Pills is extremely high." The grey-clothed old man said.

"I want a thousand!" Chen Xiang said, a thousand Spirit Dragon Ginseng would be ten billion, but luckily he had sold some to Fan Shixin earlier, and had a lot of Jade money on hand.

Although he only bought a thousand of them, the old man in grey was still relatively happy and he happily traded them with Chen Xiang.

Then, the Great Landlord dragged Chen Xiang out of an inn and into a secret room.

"Brat, there are a thousand Spirit Dragon Ginseng. Are you planning to refine them all? You can't be buying so many for my sake, right? " Great Landlord asked.

"Is that so? I also think that's too little. Speaking of which, Grandpa Qian, your Jade money is really useless! " Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Otherwise, I wouldn't need to buy Spirit Dragon Ginseng right now."

"Didn't you benefit a lot by refining the spirit pellets to those Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s?" Great Landlord said, "Your pill refining skills are so good, the quality of the pills you refine will definitely be quite good as well."

"There is no need to worry. If I can obtain what I want from the Jiang Clan, it would be a huge gain for me. As for the pills I concoct …" "Hehe, the quality definitely won't be too good. I'll control it a bit." Chen Xiang laughed.

To compress the quality and produce even more pills, this was not a difficult task for Chen Xiang.

"The quality is usually good for trading, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, then you should refine your pills properly. I will go out for a walk and see how those little imps from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family are doing." Great Landlord left the room.

Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and then sat on top of it. If he were to refine pellets on top of the Six Realms mirrors, his aura would not be leaked.

The Dao Elixir was easy to refine, after all, it was only a middle tier king level pill, and for Chen Xiang to refine a high tier Emperor Stage pill, it would not be a problem.

After two batches of refining, Chen Xiang's eyes would release flames, and he would be able to quickly refine pills using the method of instant pill refinement!

This place was small, Chen Xiang did not need to use Dawan refining method, otherwise, it would be even faster.

Of course, the pill forging process was extremely fast for him as well!

"If the quality is average, then I can refine 15 pills in a single furnace. Even these 1000 Dragon Ginseng would only produce 15 pills." Chen Xiang was almost done refining, he could almost refine 15 pills out of every furnace.

"15,000 pills, I wonder what I can buy!" With these fifteen thousand spirit pellets, Chen Xiang went to the Jiang Clan's medicine store.

After entering, he immediately asked a beautiful shop a.s.sistant.

"Are there any pills that can help the Dao Shi realm?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The Mysterious Mana Pill, this is a low-grade Emperor grade pill." The clerk smiled sweetly and said.

"Oh, then do you have the recipe for these mystical pills?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Yes, but it's more expensive. I need three thousand Dao Spiritual Pills."

"So cheap!" Chen Xiang thought to himself, because he brought fifteen thousand Spirit Dans with him. What he did not know was that when other people refined Spirit Dans, they would usually only refine two or three, but he had many times more.

Chen Xiang immediately bought the recipe for the mystical pill!

After buying it, he walked around a few more shops and finally bought the medicinal ingredients needed to concoct the mystical pills. He wanted a total of three types of medicinal ingredients.

"Di cla.s.s low rank pill. It's not much of a challenge." Chen Xiang laughed, he had only used two thousand spiritual pills to buy the medicine.

"I forgot to let Hongqing and Xiang Yin enter the You Yao Mountain Villa. That way, they would be able to help me cultivate the medicinal herbs." Chen Xiang could only enter the You Yao Mountain Villa to refine it himself.

To Chen Xiang, this was a rather boring job.

Right now, he was still in the tavern, so when he finished growing it, he also saw the Great Landlord here.

"Great Landlord!" Chen Xiang was a little surprised: "Is something the matter?"

"How many Spirit Dans did you concoct?" Great Landlord asked anxiously.

"Just ten thousand grains." Chen Xiang laughed: "I bought the medicinal formula for the Cultivation Profound Pill, and some medicinal ingredients!"

"Ten thousand grains, isn't it ten in a pot? It's really amazing! " Now he knew that Chen Xiang was just playing around with the pill refining process, and the process was completed in a very short period of time.

Chen Xiang needed the mystical pills, so he wanted to quickly cultivate them. Only by doing so would he be able to reach the peak of the Heavenly Dao as soon as possible, which was also the Dao G.o.d Stage.

"By the way, what I want to tell you is that there's been a rather special case this time!" Great Landlord frowned: "I don't know what's going on either, but this time there are actually two Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s!"

"Kill them all?" Chen Xiang said.

"I still don't know the specifics. I'll go and take a look." The Great Landlord said, "Anyway, the challenge for everyone is still around. We have to prepare everything for the compet.i.tion."

Chen Xiang was also looking forward to it. After all, this was a battle against the powerful Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland!

"How many days until the start?" Chen Xiang asked.

"In a few days. In any case, you'd better be here. If there's any latest news, I'll let you know immediately." With that, the Great Landlord left.

Chen Xiang did not plan to leave either, because he wanted to concoct a Mysterious Technique Pill. Although the increase in his strength would be little after stepping into the Dao Shi realm, it would at least be a bit of strength, and he would have to go through this process sooner or later anyway.

"I just need to grow those medicinal herbs!" Chen Xiang predicted that he would be able to grow a lot in one day, and he realised that he could now use his own Tao power to strengthen the Creator's Well.

Right now, he was secretly channeling his Dao Energy to allow it to pa.s.s through the Tenfold Door. Then, under his control, he infused it into the Creation G.o.d well so that it could brew an even more powerful World G.o.d Spring.

"It would be great if the Tenfold Door was fully opened!" Chen Xiang was very happy as he watched the medicinal herbs in the You Yao Mountain Villa take root quickly.

One day later, the You Yao Mountain Villa in Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea World already had a lot of ingredients to refine the mystical pills. Just as he was about to refine them, the Great Landlord suddenly came in with an ugly expression.

"What's wrong?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, the Great Landlord was also a powerful Dao G.o.d, although he could not enter the Divine Wasteland, but he was strong, to the point that he had this ugly expression on his face.

This is big trouble, the people from the Divine Wasteland have come, I don't know what their goal is, but it seems like they are here to help the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. Great Landlord cursed: "What exactly happened? Why is the fellow from the Divine Wasteland here, and why are they still helping his mother's Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family? "

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