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Chen Xiang now understood that the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland was extremely important and valuable to a Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, because he could become an existence that the Venerable Family would have to bear the brunt of their power in the future.

"A while ago, that old Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland died because of a problem with Tao Doom. As long as Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland dies or pa.s.ses through Tao Doom, you can choose a new Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland." Great Landlord laughed: "Even though Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland is more powerful than others, they don't live long enough. Up till now, only five Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland s are still alive.

"Ah?" They should all be ancient beings. Even after so many years have pa.s.sed, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family still hasn't survived? " Chen Xiang was very surprised at this.

"Yes, he died in an accident!" Of course, there's a possibility of you being schemed to death, and in short, it's not easy to mix in with the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, you just have to come in contact with them and you will know it. " He understood Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, which was a very big weakness for him.

Those people that Chen Xiang had come into contact with before were all arrogant fellows.

Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family has five large cities in the Sacred Wasteland, and the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland selection this time will be held in the Jiang family, which is also known as the Great Jiang City. Once they choose the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, they will conduct the awakening ceremony at the first moment, and then, they will accept the challenge from five experts from the Great Desolate Sky City. Great Landlord snickered: "This kind of thing has never happened before. At that time, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family would definitely be very depressed."

"If they lose a Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, doesn't that mean they can choose again? This feeling is meaningless! " Chen Xiang said.

"The Awakening Ceremony that they used to make the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland stronger could only be used every thousand years. Furthermore, one would have to die on the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland or have to pa.s.s through the Tao Doom. That is to say, they do not have a Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland within a thousand years.

Great Landlord patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and laughed: "I will come to take a look when the time comes, so don't worry, those old fellows will definitely not be able to kill you."

… ….

When Chen Xiang was queuing up to enter the city gates, because he looked relatively ordinary, he was refused entry into the city.

Chen Xiang had changed his appearance before, he was worried that someone would recognize him, he did not expect that he would be rejected because of his appearance!

"Alright!" Chen Xiang was helpless. He had no choice but to become a little more handsome in order to gain the qualifications to enter the city.

"These Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s actually use the Jade money of the Three Great native bank s. How unexpected!" After Chen Xiang entered the city, he strolled around everywhere. The Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland was already chosen, and the people who came in were only waiting to see the results, and then see how the others would challenge the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland.

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by a big square, where there was an extremely powerful array, where they would compete.

"Let's go take a look at the pill shop first. I might come across some good stuff." Chen Xiang made some inquiries and came to the biggest pill shop here, which was opened by the Jiang Clan.

After entering, Chen Xiang immediately knew that Jade money s were not used to trade, but a kind of king grade pellet.

"Motherf * cker, what the h.e.l.l is this spirit pellet?" It actually became the currency of the transaction. " Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart, because this meant that the Jade money in his hands were useless.

Very quickly, he got two Dao Spiritual pills from the Jade money outside. After he ate one, he immediately understood!

This spirit pellet actually contained a tiny bit of the unique power of a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan. In other words, a spirit pellet could strengthen the body, but it required a lot of consumption.

Other than that, there was also the profound Tao Power and a type of pill that could stabilize the Tao profound Door. It could be considered a pill with a wide range of uses.

"There are a lot of ingredients for Dao Spiritual Pills. Furthermore, they are in the middle tier of the king level. They can be easily grown through array formations." After Chen Xiang inquired about it, he finally got a deeper understanding of this Spirit Pill. What surprised him was that many people knew how to refine Spirit Pellets, but their quality were only average, so when they were used to trade, no one else wanted them.

Only the true Alchemist s would be able to refine a spirit pellet, and the quality would not be bad!

But in order to obtain the spirit pellets, they had to gather the courage to learn them. After a long period of time, even if they themselves could not refine pellets, after many years of studying, they were finally able to refine them into pellets!

Of course, this fellow only knew how to concoct Dao pills!

Chen Xiang stood at the side of the street and looked at the medicinal ingredients for the Dao Spiritual pills. The Dao Spiritual pills required a type of medicinal ingredients called Dao Spiritual Dragon Ginseng, which seemed like a dragon.

"Brat, what are you doing here?" Suddenly, someone patted on Chen Xiang's shoulder.

Chen Xiang turned his head to look and saw an old man wearing a bamboo hat. It was actually the Great Landlord of the three great native bank s.

"Senior, why are you here?" Chen Xiang never thought that the Great Landlord would actually be walking randomly on the streets.

"Of course I'm here to join in on the fun. This is customary." Great Landlord laughed: "You want to buy a Spirit Dragon Ginseng?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "I just want to refine a little … "Alright, I want to buy some pills from the Jiang Clan!"

The three great native bank s inside the Sacred Wasteland did not have any good pills, Chen Xiang had already gone to see them before, and he had also told Fan Shixin about this matter. In one aspect, Fan Shixin told him that it was because the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family was too overbearing, he had to gather medicinal ingredients everywhere, and the three great native bank s needed to use up a lot of energy.

"I'll take you to a place to buy it. Follow me." The Great Landlord said.

Chen Xiang immediately followed him. The Great Landlord must have a very wide network of people, maybe they could pick up a cheap one.

Not long after, Chen Xiang followed the Great Landlord into a small villa. Upon entering, Chen Xiang saw many medicinal farms that were covered in array formations. This was a growing ground for the maturing of medicinal herbs.

"Uncle Qian!" Hehe, I knew that you would be here for a while. " A grey robed old man walked out of the manor and said with a smile.

The grey robed elder obviously knew the ident.i.ty of Great Landlord, and Chen Xiang had only found out that the Great Landlord was surnamed Qian now.

"How many Spirit Dragon Ginseng do you have here? I have a friend who may need to buy some. " The Great Landlord said.

"We grew the most Dao Spiritual Dragon Ginseng, and now I can take out 100,000 mature ones. I wonder how many you want, my little friend?" The old man in grey asked.

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