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Chen Xiang secretly rejoiced, he never thought that this young man would actually have such an illness. This was a good thing for him, he now wanted to see how strong he and the Dao Zong realm were.

He only saw the blue clothed and red clothed youth take out a small formation plate, urging the formation plate to shoot out two rays of light onto the iron cage that imprisoned Chen Xiang!

The iron cage was sealed with many formations, but it was actually opened just like that. It could be seen how powerful the items in the two youths' hands were, even the Undead Divine Race Elder was shocked.

"I allowed you to use your weapon. I heard that you have a very powerful sword. I want to see it." The golden-robed youth had his hands behind his back as he spoke with great confidence.

Because what Chen Xiang had done was extremely bragged about by the Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race, and this was known to all within the Undead Divine Race. There was also the matter of the Undead Divine Race being destroyed earlier, for example, inside the Sacred Tao Mountains, it was Chen Xiang who had done it.

In addition, those disciples from before were also killed by the remaining disciples. Although they were not dead yet, they were more or less dead, and were given up by the Undead Divine Race. Therefore, it was impossible for Chen Xiang to use them to threaten the Undead Divine Race.

"You are not worthy enough for me to use my sword against you."

Chen Xiang let out a cold laugh. The Tenth Tao profound Door in the Divine Sense Sea suddenly opened, and after his dao energy pa.s.sed through the Tenfold Door, he became extremely terrifying.

"Arrogant fellow, you can do it then. I would quite like to see how strong you are." The golden-robed youth laughed sinisterly, "If you lose to me, you will suffer a miserable fate. So, it's best if you let me have a good fight."

"What level is my Dao Zong realm!?" Chen Xiang asked, at the same time, he was congealing his energy, and suppressing the aura of the power.

"I am fifteen years old this year, and at the sixth level of the Dao Zong realm. Among the five Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s, I am ranked first in strength!" The golden-robed young man's face was filled with pride.

"Fifteen years old... "What a pity!" Chen Xiang said as he shook his head.

"What's a pity?" The gold-robed youth asked.

"Unfortunately, you're going to die soon!"

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed into one of killing intent, and he looked like a berserk Evil Lord. The energy that he had been acc.u.mulating for a long time, was no longer able to be suppressed, his aura exploded out, causing winds to rise, lightning to flash and thunder to appear.

The white light in his palm exploded out, and a vast amount of Dao energy gushed out from the palm of his hand through the Tao profound Door who had opened all ten stages. Accompanied by the Infinite Dao power in his body, the moment the power surged out, the boundless aura caused the indestructible city to violently tremble.

"Die!" Chen Xiang's angry roar shook the sky. He slapped the youth in gold on the head with his palm, causing his brain and body to split open and blood and flesh to fly everywhere.

When that palm attack struck out, the entire Immortal City was torn apart by it, all the buildings inside the city crumbled!

The golden-gowned youth died. The ground that was filled with wounds was filled with the youth's flesh and blood, while Chen Xiang's body was also covered with blood stains, which were all splashed out from the gold-gowned youth's body.

"Don't even think about leaving!" Chen Xiang howled as spatial energy gushed out from the Tenfold Door, forming a very strong s.p.a.ce Domain.

The red-clothed youth and blue-clothed youth originally wanted to escape, but they were trapped by Chen Xiang's s.p.a.ce Domain. While they were feeling fear in their hearts, they felt two waves of energy approaching each other …


With two loud bangs, the two youths were smashed into pieces by the two Meteor immortal power s released by Chen Xiang. One of the Meteor immortal power was still under Chen Xiang's control, rushing towards the old man from the Undead Divine Race, ripping it apart!

Chen Xiang leapt into the iron cage that trapped Huang Jintian, then leaped out again. Floating in the air, he smashed down onto the Fire cloud palm in the direction of the Immortal City.

The power of the Fire cloud palm pa.s.sed through those Tao profound Door who had opened all ten stages of the seal, so when it struck down, its might was imaginable, wiping away the entire city. The gigantic palm imprint was still embedded in the ground, leaving behind a huge, deep crater in the shape of a palm.

"How dare a sc.u.mbag act so crazy in front of us!" Chen Xiang sneered, then teleported into the Heavenly Dragon City with Huang Jintian.

Huang Jintian still hadn't reacted to it. He only remembered that Chen Xiang had shattered the arrogant youth in gold clothes with a single palm from him, then flashed a few times with him before returning to the Heavenly Dragon City.

Huang Yantian was already waiting here, he was a lot more relieved when he saw Chen Xiang bringing Huang Jintian back. At this moment, he was very curious how Chen Xiang rescued Huang Jintian.

"Master, take good care of your injuries!" Chen Xiang said, then went to look for Long Jiuxiao.

Arriving at Long Jiuxiao's residence, Chen Xiang told him about Huang Jintian's situation.

"This bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family can actually do such a despicable thing." After Long Jiuxiao heard this, he became extremely angry.

"When I saved my master, I killed three youths. I will definitely vent my anger on those Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s." Chen Xiang said.

"Don't be afraid of them, I don't believe they really dare to come. I'm not as weak now as I was before." Long Jiuxiao said in an extremely domineering manner, "After we finish off those annoying Black Hairs Human, we'll go with you to the Sacred Wasteland and take care of all of them."


Chen Xiang nodded. Although he had rescued Huang Jintian and killed three disciples from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, the anger in his heart had not been quelled, and it was just as Long Jiuxiao had said.

Inside the Three Money Divine City, Fan Shixin was training the people inside the native bank. It had been a few days since the Black Hairs Human came out, and the atmosphere now was extremely heavy.

"Villa Master Fan, I want to make a trip to Sacred Wasteland." Chen Xiang said.

"Oh? Why are we going to the Sacred Wasteland? " The Sacred Wasteland could be said to be the safest place available to him right now, and Chen Xiang should be the main force that had attacked the Black Hairs Human, so he shouldn't go at this time.

"I am going to find the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to settle my debt." Chen Xiang said, then told Fan Shixin about how he was captured.

When Fan Shixin found out that Chen Xiang had killed the three youths, he was extremely shocked. Evidently, he knew that the ident.i.ties of the three youths were extraordinary.

"This... You actually managed to kill them. " Fan Shixin never thought that Chen Xiang would have such strength.

Chen Xiang only smiled faintly: "I feel like I can't wait until Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family comes to find trouble with me, I also want to find trouble with them."

"Oh yeah, the Immortal City you mentioned, are there Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race inside?" Fan Shixin asked.

"I don't know. I destroyed the entire city, so I didn't pay attention to it." Chen Xiang only remembered this later on, he still had to ask Huang Jintian for the specifics. At that time, he could only casually blast away the Immortal City with his palm.

"Alright, since Black Hairs Human was the one who created this matter, otherwise, the current Black Hairs Human wouldn't be so powerful. He can't let them live a peaceful life in Sacred Wasteland right now, but you have to be careful." Fan Shixin said.

Seeing how confident Chen Xiang was, Fan Shixin agreed to let Chen Xiang go to the Sacred Wasteland to cause trouble for him.

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