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The iron cage that imprisoned Huang Jintian had floated to Chen Xiang's side. Although Huang Jintian's body looked to be covered in wounds, his eyes were still extremely sharp. When he saw that Chen Xiang was also imprisoned here, his old eyes suddenly became moist, of course he knew that Chen Xiang had come here to save him.

"Master, how are you?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Huang Yantian, he must have asked you to come. I've already warned you a thousand times not to tell you about this." Huang Jintian was clearly clear about this matter, and kept scolding Huang Yantian.

"It's fine, I can save you." Chen Xiang smiled at Huang Jintian: "You should know my abilities!"

"I know you little devil have a lot of tricks up your sleeves, but the people here are all very powerful, and the iron cages that are sealing us right now are all very powerful, making it very difficult for us to break out of them." Huang Jintian sighed: "It's been hard on you! So what if my old life is gone? In any case, I've lived for so long, and that's enough. On the other hand, brat, your life gold is very expensive, and you have so many good things on you. "

Chen Xiang had known Huang Jintian for more than a day or two. Although the two of them often bickered, their relationship was very deep. Chen Xiang would definitely not watch Huang Jintian get killed.

Huang Jintian shook his head: "You don't know how complicated this is, if it were just those Undead Divine Race s, then it would be fine. But since Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is also involved, then you have already been targeted by him.

"Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family!" Chen Xiang said those words as he clenched his fists tightly. He did not expect that Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had already teamed up with Undead Divine Race and the others, and from the looks of it, even Undead Divine Race had to listen to them.

Chen Xiang had previously dealt with the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family before, but that had all been done in secret. Now that the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and the Undead Divine Race were together, he would definitely get the Undead Divine Race to help them figure out who did all of these things.

"Master, you don't have to worry!" Chen Xiang took a small breath. He had already treated the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family as his greatest enemy, so he did not hate them as much as he did those Black Hairs Human s.

"The fellow from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is here." Huang Jintian suddenly said.

Chen Xiang immediately looked in a direction, and sure enough, a few people walked over. Although they were still in the distance, Chen Xiang could still see their appearances, and they seemed to be very young, just like teenagers!

"Are these brats from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, they may look like teenagers, but they are all very powerful, and they are not that old either. They look like they're around ten years old!" They were already so scary when they were just ten years old, the overall strength of those Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s can be imagined. " Huang Jintian sighed again. He had lived for many years, but his strength was far inferior to the youths who were walking over.

"What are they going to do now?" Chen Xiang frowned. Even though these fifteen to sixteen year old youths were all handsome, their faces were all filled with childishness and they all looked extremely arrogant.

"I don't know. I'm sure they're here for you." Huang Jintian said.

"For me? I'll see how they deal with me! " Chen Xiang could already see the strength of these three youths.

Being able to reach the Dao Sect at the age of fifteen to sixteen was indeed very frightening. It could be seen that there would definitely be many strong individuals within the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. No wonder there were people who could contend against the three great native bank s.

Although it was against the cultivation of the Dao Sect, Chen Xiang was not afraid. He had cultivated the Tenfold Door and was even able to fully activate it, he was very confident in his own strength, furthermore, his body was extremely strong.

He did not cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body, but he had the Everlasting Dao Qi that the Dao G.o.d gold body required, it was a very terrifying power, and now he could transform the Limitless Dao Qi into the Infinite Dao power, and then use his cultivation technique, and transform it into an even more powerful force!

"Is this Chen Xiang? He looks pretty strong! Haha, but now, you are our prisoner. " A gold-robed youth said with a smile.

"Big brother, I heard that he has a lot of good things on him. Father probably told us to come so that we could take what he had and then bring him back to the elder. All of the good things he had would be for us." A youth in blue beside him snickered. "Father is so kind to us. He gave us such a good job."

An old man from Undead Divine Race suddenly flew over and came to the side of the three youths. The old man was not very strong, and was respectful to the three youths.

"Young Masters, Chen Xiang does have many good things on him, but they are all tightly connected to his soul, so it would be difficult to obtain them … And the best thing on his body should be those Heavenly artifact. He has at least three Heavenly artifact on him. " The old man said, he clearly understood Chen Xiang.

"Don't worry, his master is in our hands, and he's here to save his master. When the time comes, we'll definitely make him hand it over obediently!" The golden-robed youth laughed complacently, "You have to take care of that old fellow. Don't let him commit suicide. They seem to have a good relationship. Maybe they will really do something like that."

There were indeed a lot of good things on Chen Xiang's body, but the old man still did not understand Chen Xiang well enough, and did not know his true powers.

"Young Master Jin, Chen Xiang still has the Heavenly Alchemy on him, I think it would be best to force him to hand it over now. Otherwise, after we deliver it to the Sacred Wasteland and hand it over to those elders, you will not be able to obtain it." The old man hurriedly said.

"It's fine, we'll hand Chen Xiang over whenever we want! "Don't worry, before you hand him over, I'll definitely get what I want first." The gold-robed youth looked at Chen Xiang viciously, "Let him out, I want to see just how strong he is!"

"Please don't, this Chen Xiang is cunning!" The old man was shocked as he hurriedly said.

"What is it? Do you underestimate us? " The golden robed youth coldly said. He released a wave of killing intent that caused the elder to sweat profusely.

"This... Of course I don't dare! "However, we must report this matter to the higher ups." The old man said, "Moreover, I am currently unable to undo the seal."

"Just because you can't open it doesn't mean that I can't." The gold-robed youth looked at the blue-clothed youth and the red-clothed youth at his side, and said, "They're going to release Chen Xiang, I want to compete with him! He should be a Dao profound realm now, he's definitely not my opponent! "For someone like him, I should be able to beat him up."

The old man was extremely terrified at this moment, he had already taken out a Communication jade Symbol paper and was about to tell the situation here, but after being stared at by the young man in gold, he quickly kept the jade talisman, he could not afford to offend such a young master.

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