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Huo Lin was worried about Chen Xiang previously, worried that the Black Hairs Human would come, but Chen Xiang was still training inside the Time Formation.

"Those fellows have already occupied your small secret realm. There are many powerful Transmission Master s within the Black Hairs Human. It should be these Transmission Master s who teleported many Black Hairs Human s to your small secret realm." Chen Xiang said.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" When Huo Lin thought about how his own Qilin Hall was taken over by those things, he felt extremely displeased and couldn't help but curse angrily.

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders.

"Big brother, what are you laughing about?" Huo Lin curled his lips: "I don't even have a home anymore, what are you laughing for!"

"Because when I came out of seclusion, I accidentally destroyed that small secret realm of yours. Those tens of millions of Black Hairs Human inside should be submerged in the Core Fire Essence right now." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Really?" Huo Lin didn't dare believe it. If he was, he would be even happier. He would rather have his own small secret realm destroyed than be taken over by the Black Hairs Human.

"Of course it's true. Your elder brother is very strong right now." Chen Xiang laughed.

"How strong is it?" Huo Lin had a large number of Chen Xiang s.

"Ten stages of Dao profound realm!" Chen Xiang said: "Huo Lin, what's your cultivation level now?"

"Right now, I am in the tenth stage of the Dao Sect and you are only in the tenth stage of the Dao profound realm. Huo Lin looked down at his body with slight disdain.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly, and then opened his palm. Traces of golden mist leaked out from his palm, and this mist gradually condensed into a ball of air. As they condensed, the entire City Lord's Mansion began to shake violently.

"Big brother …" Stop! " Huo Lin screamed in shock and fear. Chen Xiang had only condensed such a ball of air in his palm, but it seemed as if the sky had fallen and the earth had crumbled.

Chen Xiang anxiously stopped his cultivation, and at the same time, Tie Yuntian also rushed over, and looked at Chen Xiang in shock.

"What a terrifying profound Tao Power … "Who let them out just now?" Tie Yuntian looked at Huo Lin, whose hair had been blown around randomly by the wind. At this time, Huo Lin's face was still filled with astonishment, and he had not even reacted to it.

Tie Yuntian already knew that Chen Xiang released this!

"Iron City Lord, I'll give it to you!" Chen Xiang handed over a Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core to Chen Xiang. This had pa.s.sed through the Second Crash, and the reason he did so was so that Tie Yuntian could trust him more in the future.

Although Tie Yuntian was a Dao Sovereign, he was extremely shocked by the Jiuyang Dao power that Chen Xiang had just released. Now, looking at the pellet in his hand, he seemed to have understood something. He knew that Chen Xiang was an extremely powerful Alchemist from the beginning, but he never thought that he would be powerful to this extent!

"Huo Lin, call your wife over. I will bring you to Heavenly Dragon City!" Chen Xiang patted the terrified Huo Lin.

"I'll go now." Huo Lin was very excited. After all, his big brother was so powerful.

Tie Yuntian said as his brows knitted, "Chen Xiang, could it be that you have completely opened the first stage of Tao profound Door?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Tie Yuntian also thought that he had only opened a single door, but in reality, Chen Xiang had completely opened it. When he displayed his power to Huo Lin earlier, he had only used a single door.

"City Lord Tie, if the barrier is to be opened, ask Brother Tie to contact the City Lord. I think it's better if everyone join hands with the Black Hairs Human, and the matter regarding the Black Hairs Human isn't that simple." Chen Xiang said.

"I got it, Tie Xiong already told me about the Heavenly Dragon City." Tie Yuntian also knew that the barrier would soon be opened and that this was his final plan for the future.

Huo Lin brought his shy wife over, and let them enter the Six Realms mirrors. Then, with a teleportation, they arrived outside the Heavenly Dragon City.

"Huo Lin, just enter the city. They will welcome you." Chen Xiang patted Huo Lin, and laughed: I still have some important things to do, so I won't be accompanying you in.

Chen Xiang watched as Huo Lin entered the city, then teleported in one direction. He wanted to save Huang Jintian!

"It's time for the evil Undead Divine Race to disappear from this world. It's enough to have the Undead Divine Race inside the Heavenly Dragon City. As for the Evil Spirit Race, there's no need to exist at all." Chen Xiang's expression was cold as he continuously teleported more than ten times, arriving at a place where the dao qi was thin.

This place was still the New Eight Wastelands, but it was very far away from the Heavenly Dragon City.

"They've built cities here too, and they're huge!" Chen Xiang was a little surprised, he then teleported to the city gate and saw the words "Immortal City" written on top of the city gate.

Huang Yantian had told him before, to come to this place, one had to listen to orders. If he sneaked in and was discovered, Huang Jintian would be killed.

"Chen Xiang, you really came, haha …" A middle-aged man walked out and laughed loudly.

"Where's my master?" Chen Xiang asked coldly.

"Don't worry, as long as you cooperate with us, I can guarantee that your master will be fine." The middle-aged man laughed sinisterly: "We have already calculated it using the Heaven extended method, you came alone, and only you and Huang Yantian know about this matter. It seems that the both of you are very concerned about the old madman's life and death!"

"Cut the c.r.a.p!" Chen Xiang looked coldly at the middle-aged man, and said angrily.

The middle-aged man standing on top of the city wall dropped a large black iron cage. The bottom and top of this cage were very thick.

"If you enter this cage yourself, we will naturally take you to see your master." The middle-aged man sneered, "But you have to consider it now. After entering this cage, you won't be able to turn back."

Without saying a word, Chen Xiang opened the door of the black iron cage and walked in.

After the iron cage's door closed, many array discs opened. Chen Xiang immediately felt an extremely strong power of s.p.a.ce around him, and he himself was suppressed by a very unique power, causing him to have difficulty releasing the power in his body.

"Don't make unnecessary struggles. Your master got hurt on the side of his body just because he wanted to force his way out." The middle-aged man chuckled and then waved his hand. The cage slowly flew up and into the center of the city.

Chen Xiang did not attempt to charge out because he was confident that he could leave.

"There are more than ten terrifying formations here. The enchantments they cast out are all very strong, so they shouldn't be able to trap me. As long as I see Master, I'll be fine. I'll plan when the time comes." Chen Xiang who was trapped in the iron cage along with the iron cage was placed in a place with a large sealing array.

In the distance, a black iron cage slowly floated over, and inside it sat a wounded old man, it was Huang Jintian!

Seeing Huang Jintian being tormented to such an extent, Chen Xiang was immediately enraged, wishing that the entire city could be burnt to ashes!

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