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Very quickly, Chen Xiang found some information about Innate Purple Qi. After reading carefully, he was ecstatic, because Innate Purple Qi was a type of energy that was beneficial to the strengthening of the soul.

"Not only does one have to cultivate Dao G.o.d gold body, one has to also cultivate Dao G.o.d soul at the Dao G.o.d Stage … It should be said that it is something that can strengthen the soul and become a Dao G.o.d soul. It is said that it is something that is as strong as the physical body and even more difficult to cultivate than the Dao G.o.d gold body. This was what Chen Xiang saw from the Heavenly Alchemy.

At this moment, he also felt that it was very strange, as there seemed to be more content inside the Heavenly Alchemy, which he had never seen before. For example, he had not seen the content just now, but he had just seen it …

"Could it be that the Heavenly Alchemy will increase along with my cultivation, and then slowly gain more knowledge? This is truly strange." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart: "Could it be that there will be even more in the future?"

Now that he knew the uses of the Upper Sky Purple Qi, it was of great help to him.

Following that, he continued to refine Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan s. Currently, the Innate Purple Qi surrounding the Medicinal Spirit Body was constantly strengthening the Medicinal Spirit Body, so after the pellet was formed, its effect would definitely be even stronger.

The process of condensing the pellet was the same as before, it was very easy, as long as it was a medicinal spirit body, it would be much easier to condense the pellet, this was the experience that Chen Xiang had gathered.

The condensed pill was purple in color, and contained a lot of innate purple spiritual energy. He could not wait to eat it.

"Just like what the two Crash s refined before, it can refine its own medicinal strength." Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and could feel the medicinal power circulating within his body. He quickly determined that the effects of this pellet were much stronger than the ones before.

"Innate purple energy is indeed mysterious. It follows the medicinal energy into my body and can even enter my Divine Sense Sea, find my soul and strengthen it. At this rate, it won't be long before I can completely open the Tenth Tao profound Door."

There were less than two months left.

Chen Xiang did not go to refine pills like before, because he had to wait to refine this pill or else he would faint again. If he refined this pill, then he would become much stronger and he would not faint again.

It took three days to refine, but he felt very refreshed and energetic.

"My fleshly body is a little stronger, I think after eating twenty to thirty more, I will be able to completely open Tao profound Door." Although he didn't have much time left, Chen Xiang was confident that he could reach his goal within a short period of time.

In the blink of an eye, two months pa.s.sed.

"The tenth stage of Tao profound Door has been completely opened." Chen Xiang closed his eyes and looked at the ten stages of the Tao profound Door that were completely opened. Then, he channeled his dao energy to pa.s.s the tenth stage of the Tao profound Door.

Tao profound Door was created using the Jiuyang Dao power, so when it pa.s.ses, it becomes a very strong Jiuyang Dao power, and then through the Nine Yang Mysterious Dao Heart, the Jiuyang Dao power becomes even more terrifying.

Chen Xiang only gently waved his hand, and a gold gale rushed out.

"It has already transformed into a True Divine Art, this is the Mysterious Nine Yang Dao Dipper." Chen Xiang took a deep breath. The opening of the tenth stage of the Tao profound Door had caused his strength to reach an unimaginable level. He felt that dealing with the Dao Sect would not be difficult.

"Dao Shi realm and the Dao Zong realm, they should both be built on the foundation of the Dao profound realm, and with my Dao profound realm being so solid, I should be able to quickly cross over these two realms." Chen Xiang thought, of course, he wasn't very clear about Dao Shi realm s, but he felt that it wasn't very clear either.

When Chen Xiang walked out of the Time Formation, he was already no longer in place, but the moment he walked out, he could feel the unique Evil Qi of the Black Hairs Human.

"This is the Black Hairs Human from the Devil Wasteland. Could it be that they have already found a way to enter the core of the earth in the Devil Wasteland?" Chen Xiang could sense the weak aura of the Black Hairs Human in this core of the earth.

"Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is helping us from the back, it shouldn't be hard for her to find the core of the earth, what exactly are they doing in there?"

Chen Xiang used the Counter Power to make himself invisible.

If it was before, the Black Hairs Human would also be able to see that he was using the Counter Power, but it was different now. The power that his Counter Power was releasing from the Tao profound Door was many times stronger than before, and it wouldn't be discovered so easily.

This was Huo Lin's territory, it was a small secret realm, and it was very comfortable in the center of the earth. Furthermore, being able to absorb the energy in the earth's core was a treasure land to Chen Xiang, but right now, Huo Lin could only choose to give up this good place as he was forced to.

"Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family should know about the existence of this place, that's why they let the Black Hairs Human come and take it away. If this is a place for Black Hairs Human to cultivate in, then wouldn't that make their lives very comfortable?" Chen Xiang came to a very s.p.a.cious place in the secret realm. There were indeed many Black Hairs Human here, and they were all sitting cross-legged on the ground, absorbing the dao qi inside.

"There's about thirty million, and Black Hairs Human are still coming in." Chen Xiang frowned, he was currently invisible in the sky, and the Black Hairs Human was unable to detect him.

"Hmph, if you want to cultivate here, you won't even have the chance." Chen Xiang was infuriated. He circulated a burst of spatial energy, and it surged out from the Tao profound Door that had opened all ten of his stages.

The moment this wave of spatial energy pa.s.sed through the ten levels of Tao profound Door, the small secret realm in the center of the land started to tremble. It was mainly because the spatial energy released by Chen Xiang was too terrifying, the small secret realm was also created using spatial energy, but the spatial energy released by Chen Xiang was much stronger than the spatial energy used to create the small secret realm.

"Break for me." Chen Xiang roared, his hands moving in a pulling motion as a huge crack appeared on the surface of the small secret realm.

"Break." Chen Xiang let out a stuffy groan, and a violent burst of spatial energy was used on his body. At this time, multiple Black Hairs Human s charged towards Chen Xiang.

However, the small secret realm suddenly shattered in the midst of violent shaking. Large amounts of Core Fire Liquid gushed in and completely submerged this place in just a few blinks of an eye.

And Chen Xiang, had directly teleported to the city on the ground.

At this moment, the entire profound Wasteland was shaking violently. This was because Chen Xiang's movements earlier were too big.

"This feeling sure is f * cking amazing." Chen Xiang thought back to how he was able to tear apart the secret realm created by the Divine Spirit with a few blows just now.

The power that a fully opened Tenfold Door could transform into was just that terrifying, and the reason why he could make a Tenth Layer Tao profound Door completely open was because his body was very strong, and could withstand the power that a fully opened Tenfold Door could transform into.

Just that, although his body was strong, it was not as strong as the Dao G.o.d gold body he expected, but the Infinite Qi in his body was growing stronger and stronger, his muscles and bones were all a faint gold color, and he guessed that only when he turned pure gold would he be able to cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body.

"Big brother, what's going on down there?" Huo Lin was in the courtyard inside the City Lord's Mansion, and upon seeing Chen Xiang suddenly appear, he anxiously asked.

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