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Chen Xiang had heard that it was extremely difficult to step into the Dao G.o.d Stage. Once one stepped into it, one would have sufficient strength to head towards the Divine Wasteland, and entering the Dao G.o.d Stage requires one to cultivate a Dao G.o.d gold body.

After half a year, Chen Xiang had already cultivated up to the tenth stage of Tao profound Door, but the progress of these ten stages wasn't very big. The first stage was the fifty-fifth stage, and the tenth stage was only the fifth stage!

Chen Xiang felt that if he wanted to expand the Tenfold Door to its maximum, he would need to cultivate Dao G.o.d gold body. He did not know if he could actually cultivate it since that was something that many Dao Sovereigns were trying very hard to do. ybdu!

"The Elder Sister Xiao Ling seems to be a cultivator of the Dao. I wonder how her Tao profound Door is doing!" Chen Xiang looked at the medicinal herbs grown in the You Yao Mountain Villa. Since Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were not around, he could only plant them himself.

Previously, he had refined the Emperor Profound pills to cultivate in the Tao profound Door, so those Tao profound Door s of his carried an extremely rich Jiuyang Dao power. Now, he was going to refine a large number of Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan to cultivate his flesh and blood!

Chen Xiang refined a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, and after eating it, he started to refine it. He didn't know how many pills he needed to eat, and currently, he only had half a year left, which was a little tight for him, and he used half a year's time to open the Tenfold Door.

Of course, compared to before, his strength had increased by a lot!

"Big brother, big brother, can you hear me?" Huo Lin suddenly shouted.

Chen Xiang was still concocting pills, so he couldn't leave. He could only wait until after he was done concocting before leaving.

After two days, Chen Xiang was finally able to refine a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, he anxiously walked out of the array and saw Huo Lin outside, looking somewhat anxious.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Oh no, this place of mine is in danger!" Huo Lin's expression became serious: "Just now, the Earth's Core Divine Spirit sent a sound transmission to me. He told me that when the time comes, the Black Hairs Human would occupy this place of mine.

"What?" Black Hairs Human can come here? " Chen Xiang was also very surprised and worried.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds Black Hairs Human s, they actually came here! Brother, what do you think I should do? " Huo Lin asked: "Are those Black Hairs Human s really that powerful?"

"Does City Lord Tie know?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I know, I've already told him. He's already thinking of another way, he said that he'll see if he can help me defend the Core." Huo Lin was extremely anxious. Previously, he thought that he would be able to sleep peacefully while hiding in the center of the earth. He never expected that the danger in Black Hairs Human would also affect him here.

"Huo Lin, don't worry, this place will at most be occupied by them!" Chen Xiang pressed both of his hands on Huo Lin's shoulders, "I can only tell you this, I don't have enough strength to deal with Black Hairs Human right now, but I guarantee that I will definitely kill them in the future. You'd better go to the surface, don't you dare go against those Black Hairs Human s by yourself, their strength is really terrifying, even Iron City Lord wouldn't be able to fight against them."

Chen Xiang understood Black Hairs Human's strength very well. Even though Huo Lin was also very strong, facing so many terrifying Black Hairs Human, he was definitely unable to resist.

"Yes, Earth's Core Divine Spirit said that they would be here in at most ten days." Huo Lin said: "Big Brother, don't stay inside for so long, they will be here very soon!"

"I got it!" Chen Xiang nodded his head. Right now, he could at most obtain two months worth of time through the Time Formation. There were still fifteen days until the deadline to save Huang Jintian.

"I'll find my wife first, then take her to the surface." Huo Lin could only listen to Chen Xiang now. In the face of the Black Hairs Human, he could only ally himself with the humans.

"Okay, when I go out, I will bring you guys to the Heavenly Dragon City. There is a group of extremely powerful divine beasts there as well, so you won't be lonely there." Chen Xiang laughed and patted Huo Lin's shoulders.

Back then, All-beast Divine Lord brought a large group of divine beasts with him, and now, he is also inside Heavenly Dragon City. Qi Shi, White Tiger and the other four great divine beasts are all inside.

… ….

When Chen Xiang returned to the Time Formation, everything happened too suddenly, and he was running out of time. His original goal was to completely open the Tenfold Door, and now with only two months, he didn't know if he could succeed or not.

"Seems like I can only proceed with the Three Crash!" Chen Xiang took out a portion of Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan s' medicinal ingredients. Previously, he had always used the second Crash, and he was already very familiar with it.

This was also related to his continuous breakthroughs. At that time, he was only at the first stage of the Dao profound realm after all, and now that he had cultivated to the tenth stage of the Tao profound Door, he was already at the tenth stage of the Dao profound realm. Furthermore, his physical body was much stronger than before as well.

Chen Xiang also did not expect that he would need to start the three Crash s so soon! Of course, when refining Wanjie Dan, he could already create ten Crash s or even higher, but now that he was refining mid-grade Emperor Stage pellets, and the kind that was extremely powerful, three Crash s could be said to be extremely difficult.

Now, even if it was difficult, he still had to face it and overcome it. This was the way he had come!

At this time, he had already started refining the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, and in two days of time, he had completed two Crash s. Now, he was preparing to start three Crash s, he did not know how strong it would be!

"Three Crash!" Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, controlling the eight ma.s.ses of spirit bodies to be separated by him, and at the same time, channeling the powerful force of the Dao out from the Tenfold Door, using it as a pushing force, attaching it to the eight ma.s.ses of spirit bodies, forming a powerful force.


Although the impact was more intense, it was not as frightening as Chen Xiang had imagined!

However, a sudden pain in his head made him faint. Even before he fainted, he found it hard to understand, because that pain was very special …

Chen Xiang fainted for two days. When he slowly opened his eyes, he suddenly jumped and anxiously looked inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, discovering there was a ball of purple mist.

"It's still in the spirit body state. It hasn't dispersed!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, "What exactly happened? "He actually fainted just like that!"

When he was using the Three Crash, although he had its own explosive power, it was not as strong as before, and was much smaller than when he was using the Second Crash. After all, it was a collision between spirit bodies, unlike the clash of spirit bodies previously, which caused the explosive power to be much weaker.

But, Chen Xiang fainted.

"A purple spirit body? Could it be the Innate Purple Qi? Heavenly Alchemy mentioned before, that this is a very special type of spirit body. " Chen Xiang suddenly frowned, and recalled the contents within the Heavenly Alchemy. He wanted to look through the specific contents of this Innate Purple Qi.

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