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After Chen Xiang finished concocting this pill, he went to inspect his body and discovered that there were traces of faint golden colored fog within his muscles, bones and muscles. He did not know what it was.

"My strength is too great!" Chen Xiang took out an extremely st.u.r.dy ore, pinched it and immediately crushed it: "I have to go out and ask City Lord Tie."

At this time, Chen Xiang had already refined that Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, which was why his body had undergone such a huge change. He felt that if he spat out blood, his blood would definitely contain that kind of golden mist.

Walking out of the Time Formation, Chen Xiang saw Tie Yuntian.

Tie Yuntian was also training below, because the Dao Qi was extremely dense, and he was not training himself, but refining a few weapons. He had infused a dense profound Tao Power into these weapons, when dealing with the Black Hairs Human, their destructive power would increase even more.

"City Lord Tie, have you heard of the Dao G.o.d gold body?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I've heard of it. Why are you asking this? This realm is still far from yours. Even I would only think about it occasionally. " Tie Yuntian said.

"I'm just curious. Can you tell me more?" Chen Xiang asked. He had only heard Du Xiaoling say before that it was to become a Dao G.o.d that one needed to cultivate.

"Literally speaking, it's a body of a Dao G.o.d, that's why it's called the Dao G.o.d gold body! This is what is needed to become a Dao G.o.d! " Tie Yuntian said: "Currently, I am only at the sixth stage and have yet to reach the tenth stage, so I do not need to cultivate Dao G.o.d gold body."

"City Lord Tie, what happens to the Dao G.o.d gold body generally? How powerful is it? is it different from our normal bodies? " Chen Xiang asked again, because he still did not know what the golden mist within his muscles and bones was.

"I only heard about it!" Tie Yuntian thought for a while, then said: "It is said that after cultivating the Dao G.o.d gold body, the bones and muscles will all be golden, of course the skin will not change! And this kind of golden energy is called the Limitless Dao Energy. This kind of Limitless Dao Energy is as heavy as ten thousand kilograms, yet the Dao G.o.d gold body contains countless threads, so your strength can be imagined. "

Chen Xiang was secretly surprised, he did not know if the golden mist in his body was the Boundless Dao Energy, he planned to go back and try it out later!

"So that's how it is. It seems that after becoming a Dao G.o.d, one's power will become extremely terrifying. With just a sliver of Boundless Dao Energy, one will be able to gain such terrifying power." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes. Legend has it that the great battle of the Dao G.o.ds, when one's finger lands on a world, can shatter that world." Tie Yuntian laughed.

… ….

After Chen Xiang cleared up his doubts, he returned to the Time Formation and took out an iron plate. After that, he released a strand of golden colored mist from his body.

What surprised him was that after the mist left his body, he actually controlled it as he pleased. When he controlled the mist to descend onto the metal plate, he saw that the surface of the metal plate suddenly had a dent!

Seeing the dent, Chen Xiang's heart trembled. He was overjoyed, he was able to cultivate the Everlasting Dao Qi, but he guessed that the temperature of the Everlasting Dao Qi was not high enough, because his body was not Dao G.o.d gold body!

Chen Xiang then tried to open up the Tao profound Door, and discovered that he could open it much larger. He had been at the top 10 previously, but he was still at the bottom 50 now.

"I want to open a hundred!" Chen Xiang had originally planned to eat the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core, but seeing that the Tao profound Door was not fully opened, he continued to cultivate his body.

After going through a series of practices, Chen Xiang was certain that the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan could strengthen his body, and could also increase it a lot faster, so he still had to refine more Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan!

After two days, he refined another pellet. After eating it, he rested for a while, recovered his spirit, and continued refining Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan!

Now that he could refine one pill every two days, the speed of this pill could be described as as as as fast as lightning!

After another two days, the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan he refined for the Second Crash to come out of the Spirit G.o.d Realm, the one he had eaten previously, had already been refined by himself.

"What?" It can only open five! " was extremely shocked. Previously, when he ate a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, he would only open his mouth from 10 to 50, but now, it was only from 10 to 55.

"Looks like after fifty, it'll be extremely difficult!" Chen Xiang guessed: "Could it be that I have to cultivate the Dao G.o.d gold body before I can completely open the Tao profound Door?"

"Oh right, maybe after I can completely open it now, I can open it in the future as well!" Chen Xiang did not eat the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan he had just refined, but instead ate the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core, as he wanted to cultivate the second stage of the sect!

Only by cultivating the second Tao profound Door would he be able to see if the second sect was the same!

After consuming the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core that had a spirit G.o.d, the medicinal power automatically refined and at the same time Chen Xiang continued to refine the pellet, he was still refining the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan this time, because he still needed to continuously strengthen his fleshly body to open the Tao profound Door.

This Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core with a spirit G.o.d was a bit more special and it had been refined for a relatively long time. After Chen Xiang spent two days to refine one Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, he had not finished refining it.

"Can a single grain form the Tao profound Door?" At this time, Chen Xiang did not refine any pellets, but decided to make a move inside the Divine Sense Sea.

Currently, there were two enormous circles of light superimposed on his Divine Sense Sea. These were the two great Tao profound Door s, he had controlled the two great Tao profound Door s to open it, and discovered that the first layer could open fifty-five of them, while the second one could only open forty-five!

The opening to the second stage was not 55, which was different from Chen Xiang's previous predictions!

"From the looks of it, I can only cultivate to Tenfold Door first, then my body. I have to open up every stage of Tao profound Door." Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, and then concentrated on refining the Emperor Profound Core.

Eating the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Pills refined from the Second Crash meant that the speed at which one cultivated and cultivated the Tao profound Door was relatively fast. However, it was extremely difficult to open the Tao profound Door completely, as that required unceasingly strengthening of the body!

Chen Xiang had that kind of special Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, but to completely open the Tao profound Door was already very difficult, let alone others. It was no wonder that many people would not waste time on it, because for many people, it was an extremely difficult task.

But Chen Xiang did not think so, because he had already levelled up from 10 points to 55 points!

"One year's time should be enough!" Chen Xiang felt that he had plenty of time, he just did not know how strong his body would become if he were to fully open the Tenth Tao profound Door.

If he could really do it, he felt that he would have the chance to win even if he faced a person at the tenth stage of the Dao Shi realm.

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