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The process of condensing the pellet was very easy and quick; it was completed in just an hour. This was outside of Chen Xiang's expectations, and the time he used to refine the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core wasn't even an hour's worth of condensing pellets.

"Could it be that it's easy to condense a pill after reaching the peak of pill refining, or is it because of the medicinal strength that transforms into spirit?" Chen Xiang asked himself, but there was no answer, because there were not many people that could reach this realm, and he was one of them.

He felt that if he wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the medicinal effects of this state, he would have to go to the Divine Wasteland to know, there would definitely be an even stronger Alchemist there.

The condensing of the pill was completed. It was a gold-red pill, and it looked very ordinary. There was no very bright glow, nor was there a very rich medicinal aroma. It was very simple and unadorned.

"Could it be that this is returning to its original nature?" "It seems like this pellet has already reached a certain level."

This pellet was personally refined by Chen Xiang himself, and although the process wasn't long, it was extremely difficult, and he had almost been injured. During the Second Crash, it placed a huge burden on his Divine Sense Sea, and if he wasn't able to withstand the power at that time, his Divine Sense Sea would have received heavy injuries.

The Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan mainly cultivated the Dao G.o.d gold body, which Chen Xiang had not eaten before, but this Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan was actually very special. Chen Xiang thought that it should be at the upper level of the Emperor Stage, and the quality would definitely be a lot higher than those high level Emperor Stage pellets.

"Let's eat it and see. Hopefully, no more life-threatening incidents will occur." Chen Xiang obviously knew how terrifying the medicinal power of this pellet was. Earlier, when he ate the Shipo Dan of the Four Crash s, he was pushed to his limits, let alone someone of this level.

However, after Chen Xiang consumed the pellet, he also felt very surprised. This was not what he expected happened with an extremely berserk situation.

But now, it was extremely gentle. The medicinal strength flowed in his body in a rhythmic manner, using a suitable speed and the amount of energy to nourish his muscles, bones and muscles, and strengthening his body.

Even though Chen Xiang had consumed the pellet, the medicinal power did not burst out abruptly. Instead, it "orderly" exuded many medicinal powers from within his dantian, and automatically circulated within his body's limbs and bones. Furthermore, it did not need Chen Xiang to intentionally refine it, as it could penetrate into Chen Xiang's body to the limit.

"Awesome!" Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim, "Is this the Spirit Transforming Pill?"

"What's that called?" I think the Spirit G.o.d Pill is stronger than the Dijie Dan! " Chen Xiang thought for a while, then gave a name for this pill: "In the future, I will have to try other low levelled herbs, and see if I can make a spirit soul out of this!"

Chen Xiang realized that the speed at which the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan refined itself into his body was much faster than when he channeled his energy to refine it. Furthermore, during the refining process, he could do other things as well.

If they were together, he would only be able to use the fastest speed to focus on refining it, but right now, he didn't need it!

"If I were to use the Three Crash, the medicinal power would definitely be stronger, but my current strength is still not enough!" Chen Xiang sighed helplessly. At this point in time, he knew that there was no limit to the quality of medicinal pellets he could raise while he was refining pills. He could constantly make breakthroughs, especially when he was using the Crash method!

"What exactly is the Dao G.o.d gold body? "I wonder if I can cultivate it now!" Chen Xiang now took out the medicinal ingredients for the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core.

Although the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan could refine it on its own at a very fast speed, it still required a very long time. After all, that level of pellet contained a lot of medicinal power.

But right now, time was very important to Chen Xiang, he had to hurry up and refine pills!

"I wonder if this Emperor Profound Core can become a Divine Spiritual Pill after cultivating the Second Crash?" Chen Xiang did indeed have plans to refine the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core into the Second Crash.

In order to condense the Tao profound Door, he needed more and more dao energy. He did not have enough dao energy at the moment, but he could make up for it with other types of dao energy, such as the dao energy provided by pills!

The Emperor Profound Core could provide a lot of Jiuyang Dao power, which was a type of power that had a lot of destructive power to Black Hairs Human. Furthermore, after going through the Tao profound Door, the increase in power would be even greater than normal Dao power!

He felt that he could use the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core to quickly create a Tao profound Door and cultivate to Tenfold Door within a year!

In addition, he also needed to crazily strengthen his physical body, so that he could completely open every single Tao profound Door. Only by doing this, would he be able to obtain sufficient strength!

Right now his Tao profound Door could only reach 10, but his power was already very strong. If he could reach 100, then his power would increase by at least 10 times!

If it was the same first stage of Dao profound realm, other people's Tao profound Door would only have opened up five points, but he had another hundred. He could squash his opponent with one finger, and that was the difference!

At this time, Chen Xiang could also clearly feel his body being strengthened under the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan's medicinal power. To be able to make him feel his own body being strengthened faster, it could be seen how powerful the effects of this pellet were.

With his previous two stages of refining Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, Chen Xiang would definitely not have it as tough as last time when he was refining the Emperor Profound Core! His endurance had been acc.u.mulated bit by bit. If he had refined a few more batches, then the situation wouldn't have happened in the future.

The Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core was already a complete Crash, so the process of colliding with it was nothing to Chen Xiang, but it was obvious that it had improved by a lot!

"Second stage, this is the most difficult stage. As long as you can cross it, hehe!" Chen Xiang's heart was filled with antic.i.p.ation, his mood was not as heavy as before, because at this moment, he had already eaten the sweetness of the Spirit G.o.d Pellet that the Second Crash had refined.

"Bang bang!" Chen Xiang controlled the eight Medicine crystal s to fiercely clash against each other.

The moment they collided, the sound was still extremely loud. Chen Xiang was also shaken by the impact of the collision, then, his head felt like it was about to split open as he let out an angry roar.

He was awake from the beginning to the end, and he saw the process of the collision!

When it collided with the Medicine crystal, the medicinal force produced a very quick change. When the Medicine crystal shattered, under the strong pressure, the inner strength of the Medicine crystal rose greatly, turning into a spirit body!

Therefore, the Medicine Spirit Body that Chen Xiang saw was the same as the Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan's, they were all yellow white!

"Success, Core Formation!" Chen Xiang was overjoyed. He knew that after reaching this step, he would almost succeed.

An hour had pa.s.sed, and the Emperor Profound pellet refined from the Second Crash had been successfully refined. From start to finish, it had taken him two days and two nights, but it wasn't too long!

While he was refining the pill, his body had unknowingly changed. He did not notice it previously, but now, he suddenly realized it!

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