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Tie Yuntian also knew that Chen Xiang was here, he had previously came down via his City Lord's Mansion.

"City Lord Tie, I just stepped into the Dao profound realm, there is a question I don't understand." Chen Xiang said.

Tie Yuntian was busy working on the array disc, because he noticed that the Spirit Qi in the city had decreased a little, he came down to take a look. He did not know that it was because Chen Xiang had used the Time Formation, so Huo Lin did not tell him.

"Is the Tao profound Door unable to open it?" Tie Yuntian chuckled, "Many kids who have just stepped into the Dao profound realm will be troubled by this problem!"

"Yes!" Chen Xiang hurriedly nodded, he did not expect the others to do the same.

"This is a normal thing! Using numbers, when the Tao profound Door was completely opened, it was equivalent to a hundred, but many of the times that I stepped into the Dao profound realm, it was only about the size of a small hole. If it was a bit more powerful, there would be five of these! " Tie Yuntian laughed: "Of course, if it's a Earthly beast … Go and ask your brother! "

Huo Lin stood at the side and said with curled lips: "I can open fifty! This is the advantage of us Beast Innates! "

Chen Xiang was shocked. He felt that he was only ten years old now, but Huo Lin was ten times bigger than him.

"Then how can I make it bigger?" Chen Xiang asked: "Am I this young in this life?"

"It can be said that it's true that it's not true. Some people only have how big they are when they step into the Dao profound realm, so when it comes to the Dao profound realm, it's not like there are none who can defeat those who are at the fifth or sixth stage of the profound realm. The main reason is that the difference in strength between Tao profound Door s is just too great." Tie Yuntian said.

Chen Xiang was around ten years old and the Tao profound Door was around a hundred, but the power that Chen Xiang felt was extremely strong. If he could open it to a hundred, wouldn't that be even stronger?

Tie Yuntian continued: "Generally speaking, the opening of Tao profound Door is related to the body, for example, beasts like your brother, because of the strong body, the opening of the body is very big, during the Dao profound realm, it is very difficult for humans to deal with beasts."

Chen Xiang now understood why Du Xiaoling said that the beasts in the Beast Wasteland were strong. If it was the Dao profound realm, the beasts were stronger than humans.

"Is it just flesh? If you increase your physical body later on, you'll be able to open it even more, right? " Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right! Actually, this is also self-protection. If your physical body was weak, but had a wide opening, do you think your body would be able to withstand such a powerful strength? " Tie Yuntian said: "Many people will be unable to increase their Tao profound Door's growth in their entire lives, mainly because their physical bodies have yet to reach the stage of cultivation."

The bigger the Tao profound Door, the more dao energy he could absorb in one try. It has to be said that the Tao profound Door could increase the amount of dao energy he absorbed by more than ten times, so if his body could not take it, and the Tao profound Door opened up much more, his body would definitely explode.

"City Lord Tie, then how can you cultivate the Dao profound realm so quickly? "Do you have any skills?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"The technique... The Dao profound realm is mainly meant to open the gate, to open the Tenfold Door is already considered to be the Great Perfection Stage. Since you have already opened the first door, then how do you plan on opening the second door? Generally speaking, the first layer of doors are bestowed by the heavens, and the second layer of doors are created by themselves, created by themselves, and then opened again. " Tie Yuntian said.

"Door building?" Chen Xiang did not understand.

Tie Yuntian shook his head: "Young man, I cannot rush this, it is not easy to create a sect, the most basic of it is to be stable, especially the few most basic gates, if they are unstable, the powerful force produced by the continuous absorption of dao energy from the Tenfold Door, can destroy the entire Tao profound Door, this kind of thing happens every now and then!"

Chen Xiang was in a rush to obtain power so he wanted to reach Tenfold Door in a year. Only then would he have more power when he went to save Huang Jintian.

"The main way to build your sect is through your own dao energy and the power of law. You can use that to create it, and then use the power of law that you have absorbed to create it! And Black Hairs Human is afraid of profound Tao Power, if you can use enough profound Tao Power to build your own sect, hehe, at that time, it would be like kneading ants in Black Hairs Human! " Tie Yuntian laughed: "Right now, I am modifying the Tao profound Door and using it as the means to condense the profound Tao Power."

was pleasantly surprised by this, as long as he could concoct a pill that could help him quickly obtain dao energy, he would be able to cultivate the Tao profound Door quickly and steadily!

He also had a way to completely open the Tao profound Door, which was to cultivate the body. He had a lot of medicinal ingredients that could strengthen the body! Immediately, there were Emperor Blood Ginseng and the Dao-Dragon Emperor Gra.s.s. These were all Emperor Stage medicinal ingredients to strengthen the body.

"I want to completely open all the Tao profound Door s, and every single one of them too!" Chen Xiang was determined to accomplish this within a year, and the reason why he was so confident was because he was a Alchemist.

Previously, the Emperor Blood Ginseng and the Gra.s.s had already started growing together with the Jiuyang earthly fruit.

"Right now, I will first cultivate my physical body to the point where I can fully open the Tao profound Door. After that, I will refine the Nine Yang Diprofound fruit and use the power of law and Jiuyang Dao power to cultivate to the second stage of Tao profound Door." Chen Xiang already had a plan.

If he were to use his own Dao Energy to cultivate it, it would take a very long time. However, if he were to use the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core together, he would definitely be able to use it very quickly!

If he couldn't, he would have to use the Crash method to refine the high quality Emperor Profound pills. This was all for saving Huang Jintian a year later, and when that time came, the enemies he would face would be extremely strong.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling said that if you refine the Emperor Blood Ginseng along with the Dao Dragon Earth Gra.s.s, you will be able to refine a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan. He also said that the Dao G.o.d gold body should be used to cultivate a Dao G.o.d gold body because the body is very strong and the Dao Sovereign needs to cultivate in order to become a Dao G.o.d!" Chen Xiang looked at the huge Emperor Blood Ginseng and the ox-like Gra.s.s.

"Forget it, let's just refine it first. In any case, we won't die from eating it." Right now, it was impossible for Chen Xiang to run back and ask Du Xiaoling. His instincts told him that these two herbs could be used to strengthen his body.

The Tao profound Door could only open it a little, which was a very painful thing for Chen Xiang, so he had to open it completely. Even if he could open fifty percent of it like the Heavenly beast, he was still unwilling.

"I can even deal with the Four Crash, and the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core is also very easy to deal with, so this Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan shouldn't be too difficult." Chen Xiang was planning to become even more crazy now. No matter what pill he refined, he would need to use the Crash method, because there were not many herbs available to him right now.

"If Dijie Dan can execute one or two stages, their quality will increase by a lot, and if Dijie Dan can fight it off, the explosive power will definitely be greater!" Chen Xiang was not considering whether he could refine Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan, but whether he could successfully complete the charge.

"I can only give it a try!" Chen Xiang took out Jutian Dan Ding s, and Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s.

"First, use the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to refine it. After refining it, use the spatial energy to transfer the Jutian Dan Ding to the Sublimation refining method!" Chen Xiang looked at these two things and felt a little helpless in his heart. He really hoped that the two things could be fused together, and he wouldn't have to go through so much trouble.

Just as he had that thought, the surface of the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace suddenly rippled, like a wave, and the Jutian Dan Ding beside was suddenly sucked in, merging with the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace!

"Motherf * cker, it really fused!" Chen Xiang was given a fright, but was wild with joy: "Haha, as expected of a Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, swallowed the Jutian Dan Ding!"

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