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When Chen Xiang arrived at Hundred Flowers Tower, Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin was helping Yan Zilan with the shop, especially Yan Zilan who was playing a zither and attracting many people over.

On the other hand, Chu Hongqing was concocting pills.

Chen Xiang told Yang Xiangyin and to stay here for the time being, or to go inside the Hundreds of Flowers Village, while he himself went to Beast Wasteland to look for Du Xiaoling.

He asked Du Xiaoling for a lot of Drunken Sky Pills and two other extremely terrifying and mysterious poisons. At that time, these poisons might be able to help him.

"The ingredients for the Nine Yang Diprofound fruit should be enough for them to refine. I must focus on my cultivation during this period of time." While Chen Xiang was on his way to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he had already thought of a few reasons.

For the sake of Huang Jintian's safety, he didn't dare to tell this matter to others, and Huang Yantian didn't go around spouting nonsense.

He returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village and told Lv Qilian that he wanted to make a trip to the profound Wasteland to find Huo Lin.

Chen Xiang did indeed plan to go to the profound Wasteland to find Huo Lin now, he planned to cultivate there for a period of time!

… ….

After leaving the Hundreds of Flowers Village, Chen Xiang went to the city in profound Wasteland. He greeted Tie Xiong and the others, chatted for a while, then headed to the center of the earth.

Huo Lin had a secret realm in the Core of the Earth, which was also a place with a lot of energy, which was why he chose to cultivate here.

"Big brother, how is the situation up there?" Because Tie Yuntian had come down often and told Huo Lin about the Black Hairs Human s above, Huo Lin was very curious about the matters above.

"The Black Hairs Human in the Devil Wasteland is about to come out, so I need to hurry and cultivate." Chen Xiang said: "I'm here to see if I can borrow your energy to circulate the Time Formation!"

Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors also had the Time Formation, but in this vast world of the New Eight Wastelands, he did not know just how useful the Time Formation could be.

"Yes, but... Big Brother, this s.p.a.ce is different from the Nine Heaven World's from before, and the laws of time are even stricter here, so I do not know how great the effect is, and I am a little worried that it will disturb the core of this place. " Huo Lin said: "Big brother, you should try first. If there are any problems, I can remind you later."

Chen Xiang had also thought about this matter before he came here. He nodded, then entered an underground secret room which was filled with dense energy, and took out the Six Realms mirrors.

"In the past, when we were in the Nine Heaven World, the effect of changing the flow of time was very good. Chen Xiang thought.

But now, he had no other choice. A month of time was not enough for him, so he could not become much stronger!

Of course, he did not expect himself to be able to fight against the Undead Divine Race and the Evil Spirit Race after leveling up here, but if he could get stronger now, that would be one thing!

Activating the Time Formation above the Six Realms mirrors, Chen Xiang walked in, stayed inside for a day, and then exited. After calculating, the amount of time he could earn was one year!

"Huo Lin, how's the consumption?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It can only last for one month at the most. Otherwise, the core will be in chaos. At that time, the energy will be unstable and my secret realm will collapse." Huo Lin said in a serious tone: "Big Brother, you have to come out on time!"

"Don't worry, I'll definitely get out on time!" Chen Xiang nodded, and then entered the Time Formation.

Because he was in too much of a hurry, he did not bring any medicinal ingredients with him. Originally, he had planned to look for pills that could help him quickly level up in the Dao profound realm, but it was already too late. First, he had to go to the Sacred Wasteland to find them.

Right now, Chen Xiang could only rely on refining pellets. First, he would refine a batch of Shipo Dan, and that would be using the Four Crash s to refine the Ultra High Quality Shipo Dan!

He had already reached the tenth level of the Dao Soul Realm, and after eating this Shipo Dan, he broke through to the Dao profound realm!

"So the Dao profound realm was used to increase the use of Dao power!" After Chen Xiang had levelled up to the Dao profound realm, the dao energy within the Divine Sense Sea had actually risen by more than ten times through the Tao profound Door. This caused him to be able to casually release a bit of dao energy which was extremely powerful.

"No wonder the Elder Sister Xiao Ling said that the profound Tao Power would be even scarier when we reach the Dao profound realm." Chen Xiang looked at the condensed Spirit Qi in his palm. This was the power that he had condensed after circulating a large amount of Spirit Qi through the Tao profound Door.

He tried to use the Jiuyang Dao power, and as expected, it was extremely powerful, more than ten times stronger than when he was at the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm!

"The power of the Dao profound realm is already this terrifying. What about the Dao Shi realm and the Dao Zong realm behind it?" Chen Xiang was also looking forward to it now, but he didn't have a method to improve quickly, so continuing to eat Shipo Dan was already useless.

However, Chen Xiang still understood the way to cultivate the Dao profound realm, for every stage there was a Tao profound Door, and if it was the second stage of the Dao profound realm, then it would be the second stage. If there was a tenth stage, then the power of the Tenfold Door would be able to pa.s.s the tenth stage of the Tao profound Door, which was extremely terrifying!

"I wonder what will happen if my second Divine Sense Sea's Heavenly beast comes out through the Tao profound Door?" Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. If it was possible, wouldn't it be extremely powerful?

Of course, he did not dare try, because the Heavenly beast of the second Divine Sense Sea also increased with his power. He was worried that the Heavenly beast would become too strong, and when the time came, they would run out and break out of his control.

He closed his eyes and looked at the huge halo of light above the Divine Sense Sea. It was the Tao profound Door, and when he needed to use it, the Tao profound Door would quickly collect the dao energy from the Divine Sense Sea below, suck it in like a dragon sucking water, and then circulate it to his entire body!

"Why is it that I can only absorb so little Dao power?" Chen Xiang closed his eyes and observed the Tao profound Door inside his Divine Sense Sea.

Not long after, he realized that it wasn't that the amount of Dao energy his Tao profound Door absorbed was too little, but every time, the hole his Tao profound Door opened was too small. He couldn't open it completely, so the amount of Dao energy that he absorbed was too little!

"How can this be?" Chen Xiang discovered this problem and opened his eyes. He did not know what happened to the others, but he would definitely not allow something like this to happen.

For example, his Tao profound Door was as big as a water jar. However, right now, he could only open one bowl like this, so he did not have much Dao power to pa.s.s through the Tao profound Door.

The Tao profound Door was so big, but it could only open such a small opening. This was clearly for a reason, and Chen Xiang believed that it could be completely opened.

Chen Xiang could not understand this question, and could only helplessly walk out of the Time Formation. He wanted to ask Huo Lin, but coincidentally, he met Tie Yuntian coming down!

Tie Yuntian was a Dao Lord, so he definitely knew about it. Chen Xiang planned to ask him for some advice.

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