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The matter of going to the Divine Wasteland was too distant for Chen Xiang. Currently, the most pressing matter was how to deal with the Black Hairs Human, he did not want the New Eight Wastelands to become a mess with them, after all, he still had to live in the New Eight Wastelands.

Although the environment of the Sacred Wasteland was not bad, but with the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family playing tricks here, it was impossible to live a peaceful life here. Maybe after the Black Hairs Human was released, the flames of war would burn the entire Sacred Wasteland.

"Great Landlord, I heard that you can't leave the Sacred Wasteland. Why is that?" Chen Xiang asked.

This is the restriction of the Heavenly Dao. The patriarchs of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s are also bred by the Heavenly Dao, but they are able to reproduce and their descendants all possess great talent. " The Great Landlord said, "The Heavenly Energy has sealed us in the Sacred Wasteland. This is also to prevent us from going out to cause trouble."

"But now Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is using this point to cause chaos outside. Furthermore, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family has been developing in secret for so many years, his strength is much stronger than I had expected." Great Landlord said, "Even though my three great native bank s have a broad range of power, they don't have enough concentrated power. Their deterrence power is only directed at those small forces, so Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family isn't afraid of me."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, the Great Landlord had clearly miscalculated, and he was also surprised that the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family was actually so attractive, just developing in the Sacred Wasteland and giving the outside world to the three great native bank, this was clearly a premeditated plan.

"Chen Xiang, the fact that you have the Heavenly Alchemy is already known to Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. It doesn't matter if this body is suitable for them to cultivate or not, because of this body's reputation, they must s.n.a.t.c.h it no matter what. You must guard against them." Great Landlord said in a serious tone, "It's a good thing that their strongest group of fellows are all unable to leave Sacred Wasteland."

Chen Xiang secretly felt fear at the back of his mind. Before this, he had been wandering aimlessly within the Sacred Wasteland, and he had no idea that he would be in such danger at that time!

To Chen Xiang, the Sacred Wasteland was not a safe place, but instead filled with danger!

"Mn, I understand. I will come to Sacred Wasteland less from now on." Chen Xiang nodded his head heavily. Of course, he would definitely come here in the future, and at that time, he would have enough power to flatten Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

"Just pay attention. With your capabilities, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family cannot deal with you like this right now. If you need help, you can go find the Third Manor Lord and the others. They will definitely help you." The Great Landlord said.

… ….

It was not the first time that Chen Xiang had been targeted by someone extremely powerful because of the Heavenly Alchemy, so he had sufficient experience in dealing with this kind of thing. He did not chat with the Great Landlord for too long and returned to the Heavenly Dragon City.

Not long after Chen Xiang arrived at Heavenly Dragon City, Huang Yantian came to find him urgently, and on top of that it was a very important matter.

"Chen Xiang, your Storage magic treasure is not equipped with any people, right?" Huang Yantian asked in a low voice.

"Yes, why?" Chen Xiang answered truthfully, Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were both inside.

"Hurry up and let the person inside out. The matter that I told you is a very secret that cannot be revealed to others." Huang Yantian's tone was somewhat heavy and extremely mysterious.

"Can't you use sound transmission?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, don't waste any more words, this is a serious matter!" Huang Yantian urged.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to let Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin go to the Hundred Flowers Tower to wait for him while he followed Huang Yantian there.

Huang Yantian brought Chen Xiang to his residence, and went deeper into the secret room. He even added a few array formations.

"Uncle, what is going on? Why are you acting so secretive?" Chen Xiang was getting impatient.

"Something has happened to my little brother!" Huang Yantian sighed: "I never thought that those fellows would actually be so brazen as to capture him!"

Huang Jintian was actually taken away, and at this moment, Chen Xiang knew that the matter was extremely serious, and his expression became gloomy and cold.

"Who took master away? What exactly is going on? " Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"It was done by the Undead Divine Race and that whatever Evil Spirit Race. That fellow went out and was captured not long after he left the Three Money Divine City." Huang Yantian sighed.

"Are you sure this is real? Are you not joking with me?" Chen Xiang could not believe that Huang Jintian was actually caught.

"It's absolutely true! The Undead Divine Race used our clan's secret method to send a sound transmission to me! And I also used that secret technique to contact my bro. I confirmed that he was taken away, although he said that we should not bother about him, can we ignore him? " Although Huang Yantian and his whole body was quarreling and quarreling, the relationship between the two brothers were extremely good.

"Of course we can't ignore him. He is my master!" Chen Xiang clenched his fist: "What exactly do those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds want?"

"They used their clan's secret method to send a sound transmission to me, telling me to pa.s.s this matter to you and then ask you to go. Only then would I be able to save my brother … Chen Xiang, if that doesn't work, then just let my brother die. Huang Yantian said.

"You've already told me, can I not go?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Even though I know this is a trap set for me, I must definitely go!"

"Senior Master, can I call someone to go?" I know quite a few powerful people! "

Huang Yantian shook his head: "They told me that if you brought people there, they would kill your master … They have the Undead Divine Race's Sky Spill Master over there, so they can calculate that you better not tell anyone else, and only you can save your master now. "

Maybe Huang Yantian didn't really understand the strength of Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race, so he thought that Chen Xiang could save Huang Jintian, and he knew that Chen Xiang had a lot of methods.

However, Huang Yantian did not know the true terrifying thing about Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race. It was that they were a group of guys that even Natural Law Divine Spirit could not handle.

"Is there a time limit?" Chen Xiang calmed down and asked.

"They said that within a month, you will be the only one to go, and they can't tell anyone else." Huang Yantian sighed: "In about a month's time, Black Hairs Human will also come out of Devil Wasteland."

"A month? "Looks like I have to make the best use of my time to cultivate. How much can I improve?" At this time, Chen Xiang had no choice but to take the risk. After all, Huang Jintian was his master.

"Where is it?"

Huang Yantian took out a map, he had drawn this map before, and pointed to a place. It was actually the New Eight Wastelands, but it was more remote and far away from the Heavenly Dragon City.

The matters of the Black Hairs Human had originally been very busy for Chen Xiang, but now that he had been caught red-handed, it made him feel extremely helpless!

He planned to make preparations for this month and then rescue Huang Jintian. He wasn't going to send himself to his death, he already had a plan just now.

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