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Lv Qilian took the two bottles and then left the stone room. At the same time, she would distribute the pills to everyone so that they could raise their strength.

Chen Xiang still had a lot of Shipo Dan's ingredients on hand, and he was going to refine the Four Crash's Shipo Dan next. This was what he had promised Long Huishan and Lv Qilian before.

"Sister Hui Shan, cultivate first. I'll wake you up after I finish refining." Chen Xiang laughed: "The medicinal power of that pill is very strong, I wonder if you can suppress it."

"Little Scoundrel, don't underestimate me." Long Huishan laughed, "Big sister, I'm a Draconian after all, I'm still very strong!"

Chen Xiang spent the rest of his time concocting pills. This was mainly because he wanted Lv Qilian and the others to level up to the tenth level of the Dao Po realm, and also because his You Yao Mountain Villa was growing Diprofound fruit s and Jiuyang earthly fruit s.

Those girls all knew about Heavenly Alchemy and could refine the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core. After they found out that Chen Xiang had used the Crash method to refine a Shipo Dan, they were surprised and also decided to give it a try to see if it was possible.

A few days before the barrier of the Devil Wasteland was about to be broken, Fan Shixin had personally come to the Heavenly Dragon City to find Chen Xiang.

During this period of time in Hundreds of Flowers Village, Chen Xiang had refined quite a few Shipo Dan, all of them of the super high quality.

When Chen Xiang came to the Eternal Life Native Bank, it was as if he had something urgent.

"Manor Lord Fan, did something big happen?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"That's not it, the Devil Wasteland's enchantment barrier will be broken soon, and that's something everyone knows. Everyone is fully prepared for it during this period of time, so when the time comes, our losses won't be too big. We just need a little time, and we will be able to destroy the Black Hairs Human sooner or later." Fan Shixin said: "The reason why I came to find you this time, was mainly because Great Landlord wanted to meet you!"

"Great Landlord?" Chen Xiang was shocked, that was the strongest person in the Eternal Life Native Bank.

"Yes, but he can't leave the Sacred Wasteland, so you have to go by yourself. I can bring you there." Fan Shixin said.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang was also very interested in that Great Landlord. The three Great Landlord s of the three great native bank s were all very scary people.

However, he seemed to know something now, that these Great Landlord s were actually unable to leave the Sacred Wasteland!

"Not only the Great Landlord and the rest are unable to leave the Sacred Wasteland, the patriarchs of the other Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family are also restricted by the restriction of the Heavenly Energy!" Fan Shixin said as he brought Chen Xiang to the teleportation room inside the native bank.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang and Fan Shixin arrived at the biggest Eternal Life Native Bank!

"Great Landlord is right below us." Fan Shixin laughed: "Although this native bank is very high, but he likes to stay deep underground."

Fan Shixin pointed to a room: "If you go in, then go see Great Landlord yourself, and I won't go with you! Rest a.s.sured, our Great Landlord is doing very well. "

There was a Transmission array here. After he entered the Transmission array and activated the array formation, he was teleported to another place. However, this place was filled with heat, and Chen Xiang felt that this might be the center of the earth.

Chen Xiang was sent to another room, and he was also in the teleportation room. After he walked out, he saw a lavishly decorated hall, and on top of the hall sat a luxuriously dressed elderly man.

Looking at the old man, Chen Xiang was startled. The old man gave him a familiar feeling, especially the outline of his face, he felt like he had seen him somewhere before.

"Do you think I'm familiar?" The old man chuckled.

"Un, I think it's a guy called Natural Law Divine Spirit, he looks very similar to you." Chen Xiang was sure that this old man in front of him was very similar to that stupid Natural Law Divine Spirit.

It was just that the old man in front of him had a very good temperament, something that Natural Law Divine Spirit couldn't compare to.

"There's nothing we can do about it. Natural Law Divine Spirit and I were both born from the Heavenly Dao, so we are a little similar." The old man laughed: "I am the Great Landlord of the three great native bank s, I have been paying attention to you for a long time, I never thought that so many things would enter your body that were hidden."

"Great Landlord s of the three great native bank s?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised, "Didn't the three great native bank s have three?"

"There's only one. I created all three native bank s." The Great Landlord laughed: "The reason we have three native bank s is also to deceive people."

There were many tables and chairs in the hall, Chen Xiang casually found one and sat down.

"Great Landlord, what are you looking for me for?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There's nothing much I need to talk to you about! I feel that you are a very special existence. According to Natural Law Principles, you should have been done in, but you are still alive and well, so I felt that it was very strange. For example, allowing two generations to fuse together is definitely not something your strength can accomplish. " The Great Landlord said.

Chen Xiang only smiled. When he thought about it, he also felt that it was true.

"Others may not know about it, but I am very clear that the method you use to refine pills should be the Heavenly Alchemy!" Great Landlord's words surprised Chen Xiang. He did not want this kind of secret to be known by these big shots.

"You don't have to worry. Although the Heavenly Alchemy is one of the Four Great Taboo magic s, it can be pa.s.sed down. This was originally planned, but I didn't expect that these four were all in your hands. Great Landlord laughed out loud: "Especially that Heavenly Alchemy, when you use it in alchemy, it has an even more astonishing and miraculous effect."

"Great Landlord, who exactly created the Heavenly Alchemy? "This technique is very powerful. I only now do have a very profound feeling of how powerful it is. Moreover, there are still many powerful techniques that I have yet to unearth." Chen Xiang said, he felt that this Great Landlord must know a lot.

He had seen the Sword Hall Elder before, and that elder said that this was something pa.s.sed down in the Divine Wasteland.

"I don't know about the other three Taboo magic s, but I do know about the Heavenly Alchemy. It was created by the Heavenly Dao Lord. The Great Landlord said.

"Great Landlord, why is the flow of the Heavenly Dao so chaotic right now? Why do I feel like something has gone wrong? Chen Xiang asked again. He finally knew who created the Heavenly Alchemy, and it was more or less what he had guessed.

"Actually, the world we are currently in, is a living being's Divine Sense Sea World!" The Great Landlord suddenly became serious: "This creature is very powerful, and was born with such a real world very early on. Initially, he managed this world well, but later he allowed it to develop freely … However, before this, he set up the rules for the heavens' law. "

"Later on, this creature didn't interfere with anything in this world. As for why, I don't know either. I tried to contact him many times, but none of my attempts resulted in a response. Back when he was creating me, I often communicated with him."

"I never thought that we would actually be in someone else's Divine Sense Sea World!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"That's right, if we have enough strength, we can jump out. When the time comes, we can go to the so-called Divine Wasteland, and the master of this Natural Law World is also there!" Great Landlord said: "It's just that it's very difficult, and I'm guessing that Master Tian Tian might have met with some troubles over there, so he didn't have the time to think about the development of this place."

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