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Lv Qilian pulled Long Huishan, allowing her to watch by the side. She also knew that Long Huishan was worried that something might happen to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was currently focused on refining pills, his entire mind was focused on the pill furnace, as though he was immersed in a state of immersion, so he did not hear Long Huishan's voice, nor did he feel the impact of the explosion.

Refining this furnace of Four Crash s was extremely difficult, and was even harder than the Emperor Stage middle rank Shipo Dan that Chen Xiang had refined before. However, if it was refined, the quality of the Shipo Dan would definitely be very shocking.

When he was refining the pellet to the limit, Chen Xiang was also very eager for speed, so right now he was using up a lot of energy every second in order to finish it within the expected amount of time.

Even though he wasn't competing in pill refining, he still had high requirements for himself. This was because only then would he be forced to break through his limits and surpa.s.s himself!

Eight hours!

Chen Xiang spent eight hours before finally completing a cauldron of Shipo Dan s that had gone through four stages of Crash. Although there was only one, the quality of this Shipo Dan was extremely high!

"He should have condensed a Dan!" When Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace, he could feel that the quality of the pills that could make it was high to a certain extent.

"This pill is even stronger than the previous one!" Long Huishan said, staring at the Shipo Dan in Chen Xiang's hand, it seemed to be an illusion.

"Mm, this pill is more powerful than I imagined. This pill can form its own Dao Soul!" Chen Xiang exclaimed: "I never thought a pill could have this kind of effect."

A pill with a Dao soul! When Lv Qilian and Long Huishan heard this, both of them felt that it was unbelievable. Although they did not refine pills, they still understood a little about pills, but they had never heard of something like this before.

"Pills can be cultivated just like humans!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't be surprised, if one day I am able to refine a pill into an adult, no matter how surprised you are, it won't be too late."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he ate the pellet. He felt that the quality of the pellet was more than two times that of the previous one, so after eating it, he immediately went to control the medicinal strength to prevent himself from losing control.

He had refined it for more than a day, and there was still a very strong medicinal power which he had yet to finish refining, yet Chen Xiang had broken through from the seventh level of the Dao Po realm to the eighth level!

This kind of breakthrough speed, even Chen Xiang felt that it was unbelievable. He realized that after being refined by Crash method, the medicinal power would be different, and it would be even stronger than what was normally produced!

Chen Xiang had refined the last of the medicinal power, and it had taken him an entire day, but this had allowed him to directly break through to the ninth level of the Dao Po realm!

"The ninth level of the Dao Soul Realm!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Just a single pill was enough to make him level up two levels consecutively, others would only be able to breakthrough in tens or even hundreds of years.

"The pills you concoct seem to be even more powerful than Emperor Stage pills, is that still a Shipo Dan?" Long Huishan asked.

"It's a Shipo Dan, but it's not a High King Stage one. From the quality, it should be a High Emperor Stage one." Chen Xiang said: "I just need to eat one more pill, and I will be able to step into the tenth layer of the Dao Soul!"

As long as he entered the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm, Chen Xiang would have sufficient strength to refine ten thousand batches in one go.

Currently, within his You Yao Mountain Villa, the Jiuyang earthly fruit were still in the process of being planted, and it would take a lot of time for it to grow.

Chen Xiang had the experience from last time, and the Shipo Dan he was refining the Four Crash now was much more stable as well. Although it would still cause quite a bit of commotion, it was not as terrifying as last time.

It was just that the time it took to refine the pill had not been shortened. Completing the pill refinement in four hours was already the limit of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang then ate another Shipo Dan refined with the Four Great Crash s. This was a Superior Grade Emperor Stage pellet, otherwise, it would not have such a strong medicinal power that allowed him to level up so quickly.

To Chen Xiang, all of this was not much, because there were still a lot of other aspects that needed to be broken through in the future!

"Dao Po realm is at the tenth level!" In just a few days, Chen Xiang had consecutively increased his strength by several levels, and his cultivation had also increased by a lot. Of course, compared to the Dao Sect experts, he was still very weak, let alone someone with a respectful cultivation.

"So fast!" Long Huishan said as she pouted her lips. She had trained so hard, and not a single stage had been broken through, yet she could only watch as Chen Xiang broke through in succession. This was all because Chen Xiang had managed to concoct such a powerful pill.

"Sister Hui Shan, don't be in such a hurry. When I finish my work, I'll refine those pills for all of you to eat." Chen Xiang laughed: "Anyways, I need to practice this method more because I will need to use it frequently in the future. I need to get used to this method."

Only when he was used to it would he not feel hardworking, thus Chen Xiang decided to use the Crash method to continuously break through the limits and refine higher quality pills.

This s.p.a.cious stone room was filled with Magic method furnace. Each of the Magic method furnace were filled with medicinal herbs and burned with raging flames!

The ten thousand Magic method furnace were all refining pills at the same time, and this was all controlled by one person!

Lv Qilian and Long Huishan were all dumbstruck when they saw this. At the same time concocting the Myriad Furnace Pill, if they did not personally witness it, they would not have believed this to be true!

Previously, Long Jiuxiao had always praised the refining team in the Hundreds of Flowers Village as extremely strong, much stronger than the three native bank's refining team.

But now, with just Chen Xiang, who knows how many small pill refining teams he would have to take. If Chen Xiang could successfully refine these ten thousand batches of pills, it would be equivalent to Feng Yujie and the others refining for months.

Chen Xiang had already calculated before, that in order to do all this, he would need sufficient dao energy to support it. Other than that, he would also need an extremely strong consciousness to do all of this, and only someone who had reached the tenth level of the Dao Po realm would be able to do so!

He had known the Dawan refining method for many years, but this was the first time he had undergone a true Ten Thousand Refinements. This kind of feeling made him feel a sense of accomplishment, and was also the feeling he pursued when he was refining pills.

At this time, Long Huishan and Lv Qilian did not have the mind to refine pills anymore. They were all seriously looking at the Magic method furnace inside, to be able to witness such a shocking refining scene, was extremely rare for them, and it was Chen Xiang who was doing it too.

Lv Qilian was also very proud in his heart. After all, the powerful Alchemist was her man.

In these three days, all the herbs in the Magic method furnace had turned into glittering pellets. Ten thousand Magic method furnace, there were only a few pellets in each furnace. Right now, these tens of thousands of pellets were floating in the stone room like a resplendent sea of stars, extremely beautiful!

"Completed!" Chen Xiang laughed and then took out two large jade bottles, and put in the profound Dao king Dan and the Shipo Dan respectively.

After he was done, he gave the bottle to Lv Qilian and smiled: "Sister Qilian, give it to me!"

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