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The Shipo Dan that Chen Xiang wanted to refine were both high-grade king level pellets. If it was in the past, this would be a challenge to him, but now, it was extremely easy for him to refine one. After all, he was already able to refine mid-grade Emperor Stage pills, and those were even more difficult.

"Chen Xiang, do you really need to use the Dawan refining method in such a big place? How many batches do you plan to refine?" Lv Qilian suddenly guessed something, she had seen the Dawan refining method that Chen Xiang used, the speed at which he refined pills could be said to be terrifying.

"I'm not sure yet, but I'm guessing it might take some time." Chen Xiang was currently calculating. He was very clear about his own strength, and at the same time, was also clear about the consumption rate needed to refine Shipo Dan.

Therefore, he needed a rough estimate. Right now, he didn't have absolute confidence that he could concoct ten thousand pills at the same time. Moreover, there were two different methods.

Seeing how serious Chen Xiang was, both Lv Qilian and Long Huishan did not disturb him and continued to train in the heart of the profound way.

Chen Xiang pondered for an entire two hours before letting out a long sigh.

"What's wrong?" Hearing his sigh, Lv Qilian opened his eyes and asked.

"My cultivation is still not enough. I feel like I'm still a bit off." Chen Xiang said: "Seems like I need to train until Dao Po realm Level 10 first."

Now that he was at the sixth level of the Dao Soul Realm, he was not far off from it. It was just that he did not have that many Shipo Dan on him right now.

"If you want to level up to the sixth level of Dao Po realm, there must be a lot of Shipo Dan, at least five hundred of them. At the moment, we don't have that many." Lv Qilian said, she had a better understanding of the pill's situation.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "There are indeed a lot of Shipo Dan that we need, but there is one way that we can do it even without using too many Shipo Dan."

"What method?" Long Huishan suddenly asked, we are currently only at the third level of Dao Po realm, we also want to quickly reach the tenth level and step into the Dao profound realm, so our current cultivation is considered very weak compared to this New Eight Wastelands.

Chen Xiang took out the Jutian Dan Ding and chuckled: "Of course it's to refine a high quality pill. Not only can it be completed in a short period of time, the resulting pill will also have an extremely good effect.

It had been a long time since Chen Xiang had used Sublimation refining method and Crash method to refine a high quality pellet. If it wasn't for a special need, he really didn't want to do that. That would be a huge burden on his spirit.

Of course, this was a special time. Even if he didn't want to refine it, he had to force himself to do so.

Chen Xiang had a lot of Shipo Dan's ingredients on him, and he had already begun to refine high quality Shipo Dan, and at the same time, used his peak strength to do so.

Four hours later, when Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace, a burst of golden light shone out explosively. Chen Xiang took out a golden pellet from the furnace, the golden light emitted by the pellet gave off a feeling of suppression.

Just a single pill was enough to make people feel fear, this caused Lv Qilian and Long Huishan to be extremely surprised. They had previously consumed this extremely high quality pill refined for them by Xie Qiaoyan several times.

However, compared to Chen Xiang's current Shipo Dan, what Xie Qiaoyan had refined was just too weak.

"It is just an ordinary medicinal herb, but it has such a huge transformation in your hands." Long Huishan exclaimed, "Is this the difference between Alchemist and himself?"

Chen Xiang laughed, "Don't just look at how I've refined it for four hours, those four hours of experience is equivalent to several years of experience for me."

Chen Xiang used three Crash s, the Sublimation refining method, and the Jutian Dan Ding.

Eating the Shipo Dan, Chen Xiang's face changed. This was the first time he felt such a high quality pill give him such a shock, the sudden outburst of medicinal power was so strong, it was almost as if it was going to destroy his entire body. If it was an ordinary person, they would not be able to suppress the powerful medicinal power.

Chen Xiang was able to easily handle the medicinal power of the pill, and easily circulate and refine it using the Heavenly Alchemy, which allowed him to easily suppress it. He had already unknowingly entered a state of cultivation.

Lv Qilian and Long Huishan were paying attention to the change in Chen Xiang's aura at this moment and were constantly increasing in intensity, which showed that the super high quality Shipo Dan was having a very good effect.

"You can break through with just one pill?" Long Huishan was extremely curious, "If that's really the case, then he should be able to reach the tenth level of the Dao Po realm within a few days."

"That should be it. This guy is becoming more and more terrifying." Lv Qilian nodded.

Chen Xiang cultivated all the way until midnight. At this time, he had already quickly finished refining the medicinal power, and had broken through from the sixth level of the Dao Po realm to the seventh.

If he could continue at this speed, it would not be difficult for him to step into the Dao profound realm, and he wanted to step into it before the Black Hairs Human breaks through the barrier.

After raising his cultivation by one realm, Chen Xiang was also extremely energetic as he continued to refine high quality Shipo Dan s.

"As my cultivation level increases, the quality of the pills I concoct will also increase by a lot." Chen Xiang thought, because when he was refining it, he also needed to use up his own Dao power.

Especially when using Crash method and Sublimation refining method, the more powerful his dao energy was, the better it would be.

had been trying to figure it out for many years. In this regard, he felt that even those old Alchemist could not compare to him, especially so for his Crash method.

"The Crash method should have had a breakthrough." Chen Xiang had already completed the Three Crash, so he felt that he could try the Four Crash.

He had previously imagined that there was no limit to the quality of the pills. From the first few dozen to hundreds to tens of thousands, this was how he slowly broke through.

And in his theory, there was no limit to Crash method. As long as he controlled it well, he would be able to carry out multiple collisions and continuously improve the quality of the refined medicinal herbs.

"Four Crash." Chen Xiang roared in his heart, and the medicinal powers of the condensed crystals he separated fiercely collided with each other.


The Jutian Dan Ding erupted with a violent vibration, causing the entire mountain to shake non-stop. Even though Chen Xiang used his spatial energy to block the energy, it still pierced through the mountain.

"Are you alright?" Lv Qilian asked anxiously.

Long Huishan also stopped his cultivation and walked over, only to see Chen Xiang with his eyes closed, looking solemn.

Chen Xiang was almost unable to control himself just now. Although it would not explode, but the force would definitely burst out from the lid of the furnace.

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