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Fan Shixin and the others immediately rushed over to Chen Xiang's side, while Chen Xiang also controlled the Six Realms mirrors to teleport there. Under their tacit understanding, Chen Xiang instantly allowed them to enter the Six Realms mirrors.

"Where are the other disciples?" Chen Xiang immediately asked, and at the same time teleported away.

"They're all inside our Storage magic treasure." Fan Shixin said: "All of these Black Hairs Human s possess a very strong spatial energy. You must be careful."

Of course Chen Xiang knew, he had been chased before, and the moment he teleported away, Black Hairs Human had caught up, and there were a lot of them.

Fan Shixin and the other two Villa Masters all saw Du Xiaoling, they were also clear that the powerful aura was coming from his body, but they did not ask about his ident.i.ty, and only smiled at him in a friendly manner.

Du Xiaoling smiled back at them in return.

"Originally, we planned to train here, but did not expect that we would become targets to train. In these past few days, we have fought with many of their Black Hairs Human s, and they have completely treated us as targets to train with." Fan Shixin laughed bitterly: "If it wasn't for them thinking that we are still of some value, they would have already ruthlessly attacked us. If it really comes to that, maybe we would have perished together with them."

Pan Yuan sighed, "Chen Xiang, you're still the best. Not only did you manage to escape with the three palaces, you can even save us."

Regarding this, Fan Shixin and the others admired Chen Xiang from the bottom of their heart.

"I've already sent a message to Villa Owner Fan, and a traitor has appeared among your disciples." Chen Xiang said, "These two traitors were sent by the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. I also learned from them that the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and the Black Hairs Human have allied themselves, and that the fact that the Black Hairs Human can awaken and evolve is probably all the doing of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family."

Fan Shixin frowned: "The moment we left the palace, we were followed. And when we left far away, they started to attack us, trapping us inside that barren mountain. At that time, we felt like we were being ambushed."

"I never thought that there would be a traitor within us. This is not something the three of us can handle now, we can only return quickly and inform the Great Landlord. We'll have to leave this to them."

Chen Xiang said a little embarra.s.sedly: "I killed those two spies, and they wanted to kill me secretly. The first time I tried to hide, I also planned to let you guys handle it, but after they failed, I didn't expect that it would happen a second time, and then I would finish them off."

"It's fine, let's go back and explain everything to Great Landlord." Fan Shixin laughed, Chen Xiang had helped them greatly this time, if not they might all die, which was not a small loss for the three native bank.

Although the Black Hairs Human continued to chase them from behind, Chen Xiang was not afraid of them. His speed was also much faster than the Black Hairs Human's, and in a short while, he arrived at the edge of the Devil Wasteland.

This time, although Fan Shixin and the others encountered a large setback when they entered, their gains were not small, which allowed them to have a better understanding of the power within the Devil Wasteland. But at this time, the Devil Wasteland and the Devil Wasteland had already merged.

Right now, all they could do was to let the big cities strengthen their defenses, just like the cities in the profound Wasteland.

After leaving the Devil Wasteland, the three manor masters headed towards the Sacred Wasteland, while Chen Xiang took Du Xiaoling to the Beast Wasteland.

The atmosphere in the Beast Wasteland, on the other hand, was very different. The beasts here seemed to be very peaceful, as if they didn't know that the Black Hairs Human was about to rush out.

Returning to Du Xiaoling's underground Poison Palace, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally rescued Fan Shixin and the others.

"How is it, is Devil Wasteland fun?" Xia Bailing ran over and asked anxiously.

"Not fun, it's hidden inside." Du Xiaoling laughed, then patted Xia Bailing's face. "Your impenetrable has improved quite well."

"Of course. I will definitely do what I need to do seriously." Xia Bailing said proudly.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, do the beasts in this Beast Wasteland know about the affairs of the Black Hairs Human?" Chen Xiang asked: "The beasts at the top of the mountain all feel quite friendly, do you want to inform them and have them be on their guard?"

"Don't worry about them. They are very powerful." Du Xiaoling laughed: "I've told you before, I'm here to avoid harming many people, if my poison makes any mistakes here, the beasts above will sense it ahead of time and can quickly avoid it."

"The perception of beasts is much stronger than humans."

If there was any disaster, then the beasts would know a lot earlier than humans. Furthermore, it was a very powerful beast.

Du Xiaoling continued to stay and guide Bai Ziqian and her, while Chen Xiang went to Heavenly Dragon City.

The defenses of Heavenly Dragon City and Hundreds of Flowers Village could be said to be extremely strong. Inside Hundreds of Flowers Village, Xue Xianxian and the others were extremely proficient in all kinds of big formation enchantments, and after receiving Long Jiuxiao's guidance, their advancement had become even more powerful. Long Jiuxiao could only mock himself for not having anything to teach them.

Long Jiuxiao was from the Heavenly Divine Lord's previous life and was already a powerful being. Now, he was also a Dao Sovereign and in this era, he could lead a large group of dragons.

Just as Chen Xiang was talking about the matters inside the Devil Wasteland with Long Jiuxiao, Long Shuangru and Xie Qiaoyan walked in.

"Chen Xiang, you are here too. I thought you were in Devil Wasteland." Xie Qiaoyan said.

"Dad, Qiao Qiao is here to get the medicinal materials." Long Shuangru said: "The place in Heavenly Dragon City is big, and the herbs it cultivates are more than the one in Hundreds of Flowers Village."

"Currently, many medicinal fields are growing medicinal herbs used to refine profound Dao king Dan. Currently, profound Dao king Dan are also in urgent need." Long Jiuxiao said, because cultivating the heart of the profound way was an urgent matter, it could effectively kill the Black Hairs Human.

Long Shuangru brought Xie Qiaoyan to get the medicinal ingredients, and Chen Xiang then told Long Jiuxiao about the Nine Yang Divine Dao Heart, as well as showing the fruits of his cultivation.

"Seems like Chen Xiang you have a method to cultivate the Mind Souls faster." Long Jiuxiao laughed: "Do you think that when the Black Hairs Human attacks us, even we old fellows will be able to cultivate our mind?"

"At least two pills for each of you. Of course, I will first let you cultivate them." Chen Xiang said. Long Jiuxiao was a Dao Sovereign, and a powerful dragon at that, allowing him to cultivate his mental strength. When he used the Jiuyang Dao power, his killing power would increase even more.

"Alright, I'll wait for your pill." Long Jiuxiao said: "After we take care of Black Hairs Human, we can go deal with him. At that time, we will know their real purpose. These guys are very sinister."

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