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Seeing how Du Xiaoling was able to easily kill off those very powerful Black Hairs Human, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that these Black Hairs Human were not that scary after all.

"Don't let your guard down, all these Black Hairs Human were the Natural Law Guardians back in the day. There was a mistake later on, but their strengths are still there. It's not a coincidence that they know how to evolve themselves." Du Xiaoling said in a serious voice, "I think there must be some kind of power behind this power that is supporting these Natural Law Guardians to complete their evolution."

Chen Xiang controlled the Six Realms mirrors to continue flying, he only wanted to find Fan Shixin and the rest quickly.

Fan Shixin and Chen Xiang's relationship was not bad, and could be considered to be taking care of Chen Xiang. Now that he was in trouble, Chen Xiang would not sit by and do nothing, so he anxiously wanted to save Fan Shixin.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, wait a moment. If I meet another one of those strong fellows, can I capture him alive?" Chen Xiang said: "I feel like they will be here very soon. I want to ask them if they are really my friends."

Du Xiaoling nodded his head: "No problem, at that time I will leave you the strongest."

Sure enough, just as Chen Xiang had guessed, after that wave of Black Hairs Human s had been exterminated, another wave quickly appeared.

Du Xiaoling immediately took action, but this time the poison she released was not the demonic spirit poison from before, but a large group of golden wasps.

These bees were not that big, and were just like ordinary bees. The only difference was that their outer bodies emitted a golden glow, which didn't seem to be poisonous at all.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, is this not a problem? These bees can easily be killed." Chen Xiang was a little worried. After all, this was something raised by Du Xiaoling.

"I won't."

Du Xiaoling laughed lightly. After the golden hornet swarm flew over, they attacked one of the Black Hairs Human s with a ball of black Qi, seemingly carrying a very powerful force. Just as it was about to envelop the golden hornet swarm, the horde suddenly disappeared.

He himself was an expert in the use of spatial energy, but just now, he did not feel any spatial energy at all.

"Go … "Where did he go?" Chen Xiang looked around carefully, and then asked in surprise.

"It's inside that guy's body." Du Xiaoling gave a sweet smile, "You'll know once you keep watching."

The Black Hairs Human who was attacking the swarm of bees earlier was wearing a set of armor and looked a little strange. He actually turned around and rushed towards one of his comrades, and then, he punched his companion.

Just now, Chen Xiang had seen very clearly that when that Black Hairs Human punched, the golden light emitted by his fist was the same as that of a swarm of bees. That golden light was extremely corrosive, and anything that the light touched would melt, so that fist could easily pierce through a Black Hairs Human's thick armor and pierce through his body.

The other Black Hairs Human s felt that something was amiss and started to attack in succession. It was also at this moment that the Black Hairs Human who had killed his comrades suddenly exploded, and as it exploded, a golden light flashed, and a swarm of bees gushed out from the Black Hairs Human's body and burrowed into the bodies of the other Black Hairs Human s.

"Alright, they are all under my control now." Du Xiaoling laughed.

Chen Xiang had yet to react, but he could guess what it was. Those golden wasps had a special kind of power that allowed them to drill into their bodies and control that person.

"What the h.e.l.l is going on?" Chen Xiang still didn't understand, especially when the swarm of bees disappeared, it was as if he had teleported.

"This is the Poison Heart G.o.d Bee that I raised. The large group of wasps that you saw are all illusions. The Poison Heart G.o.d Bee is actually very small." Du Xiaoling opened her jade palm, only to see a very, very small grain, like an extremely small grain.

This will confuse the enemy, and will allow them to attack freely. However, the true Poison Heart G.o.d Bee has already drilled into the enemy's heart, and then entered the Divine Sense Sea from the enemy's heart, thus controlling the enemy. "Su Yun said in a low voice. Du Xiaoling said.

"How amazing." Chen Xiang had already seen how powerful the Evil Demon poison was, and now that he saw such a novel thing, he couldn't help but praise it.

The Six Realms mirrors flew to the side of one of the Black Hairs Human s and Chen Xiang asked, "Is there really no problem with that?"

Du Xiaoling nodded. These Black Hairs Human s had all been invaded by her Poison Heart G.o.d Bees and were already under her control.

Chen Xiang then used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on one of the Black Hairs Human s to search through its memories and quickly found any information related to Fan Shixin.

Fan Shixin and the rest were trapped in a piece of barren mountain, surrounded by Black Hairs Human, with tens of the more powerful ones among them.

As for Fan Shixin and the other two Villa Masters, they were not weak either. They could withstand those Black Hairs Human s, but they wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

Now, these dozens of Black Hairs Human s were all previously involved in surrounding and attacking Fan Shixin, but they were only sent to chase after him.

"I know where it is." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes." Du Xiaoling nodded her head, she then waved her jade hand, and all of the Black Hairs Human s suddenly released a golden light that shot into the jade case in Du Xiaoling's palm.

Du Xiaoling retracted the Poison Heart Divine Bee, and the dozen or so Black Hairs Human s that had turned into golden fog dissipated. They should have died.

"Why don't you control them?" Chen Xiang asked. He had already controlled the Six Realms mirrors and flew to the desolate mountain where Fan Shixin was.

"The Poison Heart G.o.d Bee is also very tired. If we keep controlling it like this, it will cause great harm to it and it won't last for too long." Du Xiaoling said.

Chen Xiang teleported a few times and he saw a barren mountain. There were thick, pitch-black clouds shrouding the entire mountain and purple lightning bolts were produced unceasingly, causing the desolate mountain to be shrouded in an extremely scary atmosphere.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A tremor suddenly came out from the desolate mountain, it was as though an intense battle had broken out. When Chen Xiang heard the noise, he immediately teleported over.

Just as they walked over, they saw Fan Shixin with his hair in disarray, holding a jade shining sword in his hand, fighting against the three Black Hairs Human s.

Fan Shixin's strength was very strong, and he could easily handle three of these Black Hairs Human s, while the other two Villa Masters were also like this. Currently, the three Villa Masters were fighting with the nine Black Hairs Human s.

"There are a lot of Black Hairs Human s here, looks like this is an experiential learning field." Du Xiaoling looked around at his surroundings, and said softly: "Hurry and bring them away."

Chen Xiang nodded his head and then secretly sent a sound transmission to Fan Shixin and the others, telling them to cooperate with him later.

At first, Fan Shixin and the others were worried, because Chen Xiang's cultivation was low, it was very dangerous for them to be here. However, they suddenly sensed a very powerful Qi, and it was coming from Chen Xiang's direction.

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