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Chen Xiang immediately sent a message to Fan Shixin, telling him that he had taken out the three palaces. He also told the elders inside to inform the experts of Sacred Wasteland, and asked them where to look for the location of the palaces at the same time.

Chen Xiang did not immediately receive a reply, the previous message was also from Fan Shixin a while ago, he could only receive it when he was near.

"This is big trouble, the Evil Wasteland and the Devil Wasteland actually merged together." Chen Xiang frowned, "How is that possible? To actually combine two Ancient Wastelands … this requires a very powerful strength to do so."

"It's made by a s.p.a.ce G.o.d." Du Xiaoling said: "Only spatial G.o.ds have such power. When the Ancient Desolation left previously, it was him and the Time G.o.d that joined hands."

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, I heard from the Natural Law Divine Spirit that among all the Divine Spirits, only your power remains. As a result of the Heavenly Dao, all the other Divine Spirits' power has weakened. Is that true?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's true, but the division of labor for each G.o.d is different. I am regarded as having no decline in power, mainly because the poison is still in my hands, and poison is my strongest power. Of course, my own power has not declined, and I don't know the reason why." Du Xiaoling said: "But from the looks of it, my power is not the only one that has not declined."

"s.p.a.ce G.o.d." Chen Xiang said: "What's going on with this guy, could it be that he doesn't share the same heart as you G.o.ds?"

Du Xiaoling shook his head, "No, the spatial divine spirit is a very special existence, I can only see him at every Divine Spirit gathering. Furthermore, he has been absent a few times, so the time divine spirit is not as mysterious as him."

The reason the Devil Wasteland and the Evil Wasteland were fused together was obviously to allow the combined power of the two ancient Black Hairs Human s to break the Sun Barrier as soon as possible.

"Is the spatial G.o.d helping the Black Hairs Human? It's obvious that he is helping the Black Hairs Human by doing so." Chen Xiang was a little angry.

"He can't do this kind of thing …" Du Xiaoling did not continue, but Chen Xiang understood what she meant.

Previously, Du Xiaoling was also unable to control himself, and this s.p.a.ce deity was now as well.

"The Heavenly Dao ordered him to do so." Chen Xiang looked at the dark gray sky.

"It should be said that it was meant to be balanced. After that, the Heavenly Dao caused him to do so. The Heavenly Dao no longer has any consciousness, it only knows how to balance. This balance is no longer the balance from before." Du Xiaoling said.

"Right now, there should be someone using this natural balance between the powers of the Heavenly Dao to do evil, right?" Bai Youyou suddenly said: "This is already very obvious. When the Heavenly Dao was first created, it had already set up a balanced law within the power of the laws, mainly to ensure the harmonious operation of the Heavenly Dao."

Du Xiaoling nodded his head, "Yes, but someone discovered the loophole, so they used this powerful force. No one could resist against this power, and in the end, the entire Heavenly Dao was destroyed."

"Could it be that this was done by the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family? Clearly, all of this was planned. The group of G.o.ds' powers were weak and immediately weakened. Even if they knew of their scheme, it would be useless." Chen Xiang frowned.

Chen Xiang controlled the Six Realms mirrors to fly in the middle of the Devil Wasteland, and its speed wasn't very fast either, because he wanted to find Fan Shixin and the others.


A shockwave suddenly came over, Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors shook intensely, and the invisible array formation covering the Six Realms mirrors also disappeared, meaning that they were now exposed within the Devil Wasteland.

"It's them." Chen Xiang saw the group of Black Hairs Human that were dressed in black armor, they had a unique and powerful aura.

"They just arrived. You've been discovered." Du Xiaoling said, she was not anxious at all, with a wave of her hand, she released a crystal clear powder.

Chen Xiang only saw a small amount of powder, but when the powder floated in the air, it actually increased continuously, in a few blinks of an eye, it was like a sandstorm that swept towards the group of Black Hairs Human, instantly enveloping them.

Chen Xiang looked at Du Xiaoling. Du Xiaoling was currently very serious, as if he was controlling something. Then, he looked at the large expanse of crystal powder that covered the sky and the earth.

"What is this thing? It's so amazing." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Evil Spirit Poison, it has a very strong corrosive poison power. Furthermore, after absorbing the evil spirit energy, it can quickly multiply and increase in power. The Devil Wasteland is filled with a very rich demonic energy, this is a good environment for the Evil Spirit Poison to grow." Du Xiaoling said: "And these Evil Demon and Spirit Poison were all raised by me using my blood, so no matter how much is produced, it is all under my control."

It was Chen Xiang's first time seeing such a strange poison, and his first time knowing someone used poison this way.

Du Xiaoling controlled the growing Evil Spirit Poison and attacked the group of Black Hairs Human.

Black Hairs Human's body emitted a black Qi upon being touched by the poison, and was completely corroded by it. Although the poisonous smoke that was constantly attacking them could dissipate a lot, once they absorbed the Evil Demon's power, the poison quickly increased in intensity.

Previously, the group of Black Hairs Human that Chen Xiang was afraid of had, in a few moments, been covered by the Spirit Poison that Du Xiaoling released, the Spirit Poison was like a white ball of light that emitted a transparent light, it looked extremely beautiful, and even Black Hairs Human who was inside did not know how she was doing.

Using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang was able to see that there were a lot of big Jin Xin s inside, but the light emitted by Jin Xin was weakening bit by bit, and was being corroded by the spirit poison.

Very quickly, those Jin Xin s had completely disappeared.

The sparkling Spirit Poison also dispersed, and the Black Hairs Human that was previously wrapped up by the Spirit Poison had already disappeared, but the Spirit Poison had increased in number.

Du Xiaoling took out a silver bottle and told Chen Xiang to put away the defensive array before controlling the spirit poison to enter the bottle.

Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva in shock. Just now, Du Xiaoling had only released a handful of this spirit poison, but now that he had retracted so many, it took him a whole moment to collect all of them.

"So powerful." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

Du Xiaoling laughed lightly: "This is my more ordinary poison, but it's very beautiful, I like to use it."

Chen Xiang shuddered. Previously, this Du Xiaoling had always given him a very innocent feeling, but now it seemed that he was naturally darkened.

"It's best not to let Sister Bai Ling know. This guy will definitely pester you to teach her." Chen Xiang immediately said: "Don't call her that. She likes to play so much, she will act recklessly."

"Mm, I know. Where is your friend? I haven't answered you yet." Du Xiaoling asked.

"I forgot to let you live. That way, I might be able to find a way to get their information from the Black Hairs Human." Chen Xiang never thought that Du Xiaoling would be able to kill off that group of powerful Black Hairs Human so quickly, to the point where not even dregs remained.

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