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Bai Ziqian also nodded his head: "This cannot be interrupted, if it is interrupted, then I will have to start from the beginning, those medicinal liquids were all concocted with great difficulty by Master."

Chen Xiang sighed helplessly. "Seems like I can only go by myself."

Du Xiaoling smiled slightly: "Bai Ling cannot go, but I can go with you. I can leave the matter of soaking the medicinal liquid to Ziqian.

Du Xiaoling was much stronger than him, upon hearing that, Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised, and immediately nodded his head. With Du Xiaoling following them, he was not worried about the strong Black Hairs Human team.

"Little Scoundrel, don't bully my master." Bai Ziqian glared at Chen Xiang and snorted.

"Only she can bully me, how can I bully her?" Chen Xiang laughed.

… ….

She said that she wanted to see the outside world. For the past few years, she stayed here all the time and rarely went out, but now that she had broken free from that shackle, she could finally go out and take a look. Although she was one of the Natural Law Divine Spirit, she had never seen this world, and had frequently visited and destroyed it.

If Chen Xiang wasn't in a hurry to go to Devil Wasteland, he would have definitely flown there all the way, in order to let her see more of the scenery. But right now, he was in a hurry.

Even so, Du Xiaoling was still very happy.

When he was near the Devil Wasteland, Du Xiaoling frowned slightly: "The atmosphere ahead is really depressing, is that the Devil Wasteland?"

Chen Xiang had also told her about the Black Hairs Human before, and she had learnt about it from him.

"En, there are not only many Black Hairs Human inside, but they are also very scary. Once they come out, the New Eight Wastelands outside will definitely be annihilated." Chen Xiang sighed, he was already outside the Devil Wasteland, as long as he pa.s.sed through the barrier, he would be able to enter the Devil Wasteland.

His current entrance was not the same place as last time, there were many strong Black Hairs Human s there, Chen Xiang would try his best to avoid them, he also did not want to see Du Xiaoling fighting and killing.

"This is a place that should release the poison the most …" However, the Heavenly Dao is not so certain. " Du Xiaoling also felt very helpless.

Chen Xiang used the power of the White Tiger Dao mark and penetrated the barrier, once again entering the Devil Wasteland.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, I might have to trouble you for what's coming next." Chen Xiang said: "The Black Hairs Human in here are extremely powerful, even if I am to hide, they will find out."

Chen Xiang was currently controlling the Six Realms mirrors to release a barrier, this barrier had made them transparent, and also concealed the Qi inside the barrier. If not for his strong perception, it would be difficult to detect him.

"Alright, I understand." Du Xiaoling nodded.

Chen Xiang had also used Counter Power a bit, allowing the array formation released by the Six Realms mirrors to have a better effect of concealment.

"Chen Xiang, have you used the poison I gave you before?" Du Xiaoling suddenly asked.

"I've used Drunken Heaven Powder." Chen Xiang laughed: "The effect is not bad, with just a little bit, you already knocked out two Dao Zong realm people."

"The Drunken Heaven Powder is rather mild. It's best to use both the Heart Devouring Bone Poison and the Heaven's Divination poison as much as possible." As Du Xiaoling said this, he took out a red box and smiled, "This is Heaven's Drunken Wine, I think this box is easier to use, let me give it to you for a bit more."

"Thank you, Elder Sister Xiao Ling." Chen Xiang accepted it, and immediately smiled in grat.i.tude.

In the past, Chen Xiang had also used this type of unique poison, called Drunk G.o.d magical poison, which was refined using Drunk G.o.d flower s. However, he rarely used it later on, because it was very difficult to increase the poison level in Drunk G.o.d flower s.

But that kind of Drunk G.o.d flower, Chen Xiang still retained this.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, I used this kind of poison frequently in the past. It was refined using this kind of flower." Chen Xiang took out the beautiful Drunk G.o.d flower.

Du Xiaoling took it and placed it on his nose to smell it, then laughed: "Drunken Sky Powder is also made with this kind of flower."

Chen Xiang was shocked, and said: "How is that possible, this flower is already very difficult to cultivate. I had previously planted it for a period of time, but I did not make any progress.

Not just the Drunk G.o.d magical poison, but the other strange poisons were like this as well.

Du Xiaoling laughed: "That's because you don't know how to grow flowers, and there are three growth processes for these flowers. You were at the peak of the first process of growth previously, so you were unable to let the flowers pa.s.s that stage, thus there was no progress."

"Of course, this poisonous flower is different from the medicinal herbs used to forge pills. It is difficult to overcome bottlenecks in cultivation, and I haven't planted many of these flowers in the past few years." Du Xiaoling said.

"I have the creator's well. This shouldn't be a problem, right?" Chen Xiang said.

"That won't do. I was able to condense the Creation G.o.d's Spring, but it was still very difficult for me to cultivate it. So it's impossible for you to cultivate it in bulk." Du Xiaoling shook his head: "If you need it, then come find me. I have it here."

As he said that, Du Xiaoling took out a very red flower and gave it to Chen Xiang, saying: "This is the Heaven Sinking Strange Flower, the fragrance is extremely strong, there are other people in your Divine Sense Sea World, it's best not to plant them, it'll harm them."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Now, he understood why the box that held the Drunken Heaven Powder was red in color.

Recalling the many strange things he had obtained before, a kind of G.o.d-eclipse powder thing appeared in Chen Xiang's mind, it was something that was refined using the leaf tree juice on top of the Broken Soul Tree and so on.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, have you heard of Broken Soul Tree?" Chen Xiang took out a piece of a Broken Soul Tree's branch.

"I've never heard of it, but I'm very familiar with it. Do you have any leaves?" Du Xiaoling looked at the branch that Chen Xiang handed to her, and she could smell a faint scent.

Chen Xiang took out a few more leaves.

"So it's the Eclipse Tree, I didn't expect you to have such a thing." Du Xiaoling was a little surprised: "But your Heaven Eclipsing Tree is still too tender."

Chen Xiang had not had any special cultivation in a long time, and it was also because he had been careless because he had a lot of things to do.

"What level of power do you need?" Chen Xiang immediately asked: "I used to use the things on this tree to refine something called a G.o.d-eclipse powder, it's very powerful."

"This Heaven Eclipsing Tree is also a type of poison. I used to have it, but it was planted to the end and destroyed." Du Xiaoling said: "At the very least, it needs to be planted to attract the attention of the Heavenly Tao Doom s. It's not easy to pa.s.s the Heavenly Tao Doom s, you will know after you have planted it."

Chen Xiang nodded, then had Chu Hongqing move the Heaven Eclipsing Tree from a corner to a place close to the Creation Divine Well to cultivate it.

After entering the Devil Wasteland for a while, Chen Xiang took out a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper.

"Chen Xiang, what's the situation over there, have you moved out of the three palaces yet? It's getting more and more dangerous inside, and I don't know why, but the Evil Wasteland and the Evil Wasteland are fused together." This was Fan Shixin's voice.

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