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Chen Xiang's strength had suddenly increased by a lot, causing many disciples to be confused. Previously, when they saw that Chen Xiang was still relatively weak, they could only kill the Black Hairs Human s one by one. But now, they could kill them one by one, it was obvious that their abilities had increased by a lot over the past few days.

Chen Xiang stood on top of the palace, as long as a Black Hairs Human came over, he would immediately shoot them. His shooting speed was very fast, and his aiming was very accurate, in just a short moment, he had already shot through several waves. Ybdu.

"I wonder how long it will take before we can stop. There are so many of these fellows, and their overall strength is very strong as well. If we do not have an effective way to deal with them, then with so many Black Hairs Human s running out, the consequences can be imagined!" Chen Xiang was already able to meet the Devil Wasteland's barrier. After it was broken, what would it be like for these Black Hairs Human s to run to the New Eight Wastelands?

The surrounding Black Hairs Human were all shot and killed by the Nine-Soaring Sky Divine Bow, so the leader of the Black Hairs Human seemed to have sensed something, because there were no news of the waves that they had sent out.

Chen Xiang waited for an hour, but no Black Hairs Human came over. It was clear that he knew of the situation here, which meant that he would need to send even more powerful Black Hairs Human over.

"I wonder if there will be a leader or something." Chen Xiang was a little worried, the Black Hairs Human leaders were all cultivators.

Of course, the defenses of these three palaces were also very strong, and even the leaders would be able to hold on for a while.

"Those three manor lords might not be able to protect themselves right now. If there's nothing else, you should go to the Sacred Wasteland and call for reinforcements. You must not go look for them." Bai Youyou said. At this time, she had already understood the dangers of Devil Wasteland and she definitely could not let Chen Xiang take the risk.

Chen Xiang nodded, and said: "I know, my duty now is to protect these three palaces well!" After all, these disciples were here to gather experience, and could be considered to be a relatively outstanding group of the Three Great native bank s. It was just that because there was a traitor amongst them, they miscalculated.

Originally, they had only planned to come here secretly, and it would be safer this way since they were right next to the barrier. However, the traitor had snitched on them, causing the three palaces to be surrounded and attacked by a large number of Black Hairs Human s.

Chen Xiang took out the Communication jade Symbol paper and sent a message to Fan Shixin: "Villa Master Fan, how can I turn these three palaces into small rooms? This way, I can bring them out too. My side is already much better now, even Black Hairs Human was killed by me. "

He had only waited a short while, before Fan Shixin gave him a reply.

"If you want to make the palace smaller, you need to know a spell. I can teach you." Fan Shixin then pa.s.sed down three incantations to Chen Xiang, and asked: "How were your Black Hairs Human killed?"

"We'll talk about this later, I'll get the three palaces out first." Chen Xiang said before he entered a secret room in the palace. To enter this room, he also needed to chant an incantation.

Chen Xiang chanted an incantation, and the door opened. Then, he entered and chanted that incantation again.

After he teleported out, he saw a small room made of jade. It was a miniature palace. He picked it up and entered a neighboring palace.

He came to the palace, notified the disciples inside, and then shrunk the palace …

Very quickly, the three palaces were turned into small houses by him, he immediately took out his Six Realms mirrors and rode it towards the barrier.

Now he was a lot more a.s.sured, at least the people in these three palaces would not die.

However, when he neared the Spirit Formation, he suddenly felt a very strong spatial fluctuation behind him, then a very terrifying aura came.

"Leader?" Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately channeled the power of the White Tiger Scar and executed a long distance White Tiger Leap.

It was also in just an instant, and he had already jumped out of the barrier. But at this moment, he turned around, and realised that a very large pit had appeared in the place he was standing just now, and above the hole floated a Black Hairs Human dressed in black armour. His entire body was releasing a powerful and terrifying aura, and the killing intent and death aura that he emitted could actually penetrate the barrier, made Chen Xiang feel a little afraid.

"That was close!" Chen Xiang was panic-stricken, if he was slightly slower, he would have died inside.

"He's probably not a leader, but his group are similar to Dao Sovereigns. They are also a team." Bai Youyou said. From within the You Yao Mountain Villa, she could feel the aura coming from the barrier.

Chen Xiang had even planned to stroll around the Devil Wasteland, but now that he saw this group of people, he didn't dare go back immediately.

Although he knew that these twenty odd Black Hairs Human s were unable to pa.s.s through the barrier, he was still stared at by more than twenty pairs of eyes, and inwardly felt gooseb.u.mps all over his body.

He rode on the Six Realms mirrors and sped up his teleportation to leave this place … …

After running for a while, he finally reached the Three Money Divine City!

The three Third Masters were currently in the Devil Wasteland, Chen Xiang felt that they were all either trapped or in a difficult situation.

Chen Xiang went to the Three Money Divine City, found an open s.p.a.ce, and released the three palaces. After that, he told a few elders to go there, those were all elder-type characters, and told them to go to the Sacred Wasteland to contact the three great native bank s to get stronger people. Otherwise, the three manor lords would die there.

"What's next?" Are you still going to the Devil Wasteland? " Bai Youyou asked.

"Of course I'm going. If I were by myself, I would definitely be safer, and I don't know when the other strong warriors of the three native bank s will make their move. I don't want to wait for them, so I'll go in and take a look." Chen Xiang said.

"Then you must be careful, I feel that the perception of the Black Hairs Human s are also very strong." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang, who was about to take action, suddenly stopped in his tracks. Recalling the Black Hairs Human team that almost killed him, he felt fear in his heart.

"I'm going to find Sister Bai Ling!" Chen Xiang said.

Xia Bailing was still there, and he quickly arrived at Du Xiaoling's underground Poison Palace. He saw Xia Bailing playing with a red spider.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived, Xia Bailing immediately threw the palm-sized spider towards him.

Chen Xiang was afraid of these furry spiders the most, so he quickly avoided them.

"Little Scoundrel, it's not long now, and you're already at the sixth level of Dao Po realm. So fast, did you eat some kind of miracle medicine?" Xia Bailing chuckled.

"Isn't it still eating Shipo Dan?" Chen Xiang said: "Sister Bai Ling, can you follow me to Devil Wasteland? I have a friend who was trapped inside, I almost died inside."

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Xia Bailing laughed: "Are you afraid now, and do not dare to go in by yourself?"

Chen Xiang curled his lips, then nodded: "I'm afraid of death, so I came to find you. Can you come with me now?"

Just then, Du Xiaoling walked out from the small hut and said: "Bai Ling needs to bathe in my medicinal bath everyday, she needs to cultivate her impenetrable's physique, so she cannot go!"

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